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Sue Muloin



SCU College

07 5589 3276
[email protected]
Room C3.26, Gold Coast
Dr Sue Muloin


An experienced academic with over 20 years of experience working within higher education in Australia. I have taught into a number of disciplines, including Psychology, Sport, Recreation, Business, Tourism, Disability Studies and within Pathway programs at several universities. As a Course Coordinator for Diplomas in SCU College, I design units and curricula and represent the College on various university committees. I have also been involved in governance in my roles as Chair of College Board and Committee of Examiners, which involved sitting on both the Accreditation Committee and the Committee of Examiners. I am also the Academic Integrity Officer for the College. I believe that education is a transformative experience and am passionate about embedding principles of social justice and inclusivity within curricula and scaffolding student learning by taking a student lifecycle approach. I provide learning experiences that respect and value the diverse backgrounds, abilities, skills, and learning preferences of students.


2001      Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Tourism Program, School of Business, James Cook University, Australia

              Title of Thesis: Wildlife Tourism: The Psychological Benefits Experienced from

              Human-Wildlife Interactions

1988      Master of Arts in Recreation and Leisure Studies, Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada

              Title of Thesis: The Free Play Social Interaction of Children with Mental Handicaps            

1984      Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (four-year degree), Department of Psychology, Mount Allison University, New Brunswick, Canada