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Jean S Renouf


Adjunct Lecturer

Faculty of Business, Law and Arts

+61(0)2 6620 3895
Lismore campus; V2.07, Lismore
Jean Renouf


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Dr Jean S. Renouf is an academic, a firefighter and a dad. He also spent years working in war zones and natural disasters. All of this informs his interest for climate change, community regeneration and resilience, and non-traditional security.

At Southern Cross University, Dr Renouf is a lecturer with the School of Arts and Social Sciences. He teaches in the area of social sciences, and researches how climate change affects community security, national security and international security.

Dr Renouf has completed his PhD in International Relations at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE); his Masters degree at the Paris Institute for Political Studies (aka Sciences Po Paris) and his Bachelor of Law at the University of Paris-West. Jean has taught at several universities in Europe and Australia and led and completed large-scale research projects in Afghanistan, Haiti, Central African Republic and the Congo.

Prior to this, Dr Renouf worked as an international aid worker, leading and managing aid projects in the most challenging environments, including in Afghanistan, Congo, Iraq, Israel/Palestine, North Korea, Yemen, and more.


Dr Renouf's research interests focus on climate change, community resilience and regeneration, ethics, and international and non-traditional security. As a member of the academia, Dr Renouf has completed a PhD in International Relations, has published several papers, has taught at a number of universities in Europe and Australia. Dr Renouf has led and completed large-scale research projects in Afghanistan, Haiti, Central African Republic and the Congo.


Dr Renouf is interested in supervising students in the following research areas: Climate change, Emergency management, Community resilience and regeneration, International relations, and Ethical security.

Community engagement

Dr Renouf is actively involved in his community, as the founder of Resilient Byron and as a retained firefighter.

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