The University recognises the important role of feedback from students, staff and members of the public to promote a healthy, safe and productive environment which engages with the local community.  Feedback can be provided at any time to the Office of the Vice Chancellor at ovc@scu.edu.au  

Formal Complaints

Complaints are an important part of feedback, and help the University to identify and implement preventative strategies to minimise recurrent or systemic problems.

To that end, the University will make relevant inquiries and try to resolve all complaints in a fair, impartial and timely fashion. The University takes all complaints seriously, and will ensure that complainants do not suffer any disadvantage or recrimination because they make a complaint.


Complaints and information arising from the handling of complaints is treated confidentially. The disclosure of information relating to a complaint will be strictly limited to as few people as possible, and only to those who are legitimately involved in the process of resolving the complaint.

How to Make A Complaint

Harassment, Bullying and Discrimination

The University is committed to ensuring all staff and students are treated fairly and with dignity and respect. An important part of this commitment is providing a University environment free from harassment, bullying and unlawful discrimination, thereby laying the foundation for a productive and positive workplace and educational setting.  The University strongly encourages the reporting of incidents of bullying, harassment and discrimination as a means of identifying and eliminating this behaviour from our work and learning environment.

All reports and complaints of harassment, bullying, vilification and unlawful discrimination will be treated seriously and dealt with promptly, impartially and confidentially.

To make a complaint related to harassment, bullying, vilification and/or unlawful discrimination click here.

Complaints Assistance Officer

If you are unsure where to direct your complaint, you can seek advice from the Complaints Assistance Officer:

Complaints Assistance Officer
T: +61 2 6620 3849
F: +61 2 6622 4171
E: complaints@scu.edu.au