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Robyn Keast Professor
School of Business and Tourism Professor Personal homepage: AssocDipComWel(TownsvilleCAE), BA(Curtin), MA(JCU), PhD(QUT) Robyn AssocDipComWel(TownsvilleCAE), BA(Curtin), MA(JCU), PhD(QUT) Gold Coast
Michael Kortt Associate Professor +61 7 5589 3212
School of Business and Tourism Dr

Brief Bio

Michael is an Associate Professor in the School of Business and Tourism at Southern Cross University. He holds a PhD in economics from the University of New England, an MS in public health from the University of Arizona, and an honours degree in economics from La Trobe University. Prior to joining SCU in 2011, Michael spent 10 years working in the government sector as a Director of Research and Policy for the Department of Veterans' Affairs, the Department of Social Security, and the Department of Health.

He currently has over 80 scholarly outputs, which includes over 70 refereed journal articles, book chapters and two research books. His publications have appeared in Administration & Society, Australian Journal of Public Administration, Economic Record, Local Government Studies, Public Administration Quarterly, and Public Management Review.

His principal research interest is in the area of public administration with a particular emphasis on local government economics. BEc(Hons)(LaTrobe), MS, PhD(UNE) Michael BEc(Hons)(LaTrobe), MS, PhD(UNE) Gold Coast
Geoffrey Lamberton Senior Lecturer 0755893201
School of Business and Tourism Dr Geoff was a corporate and chartered accountant before entering academia. He teaches ethics and sustainability and sustainable business management. His research interests include sustainability accounting and the ethical change required for the transition to a sustainable society. DipModLang(UNE), BCom(Melb), MBus(SCU), PhD(SCU) Geoffrey DipModLang(UNE), BCom(Melb), MBus(SCU), PhD(SCU) Gold Coast
Matthew Lamont Senior Lecturer 07 5589 3053
School of Business and Tourism Dr Dr Matt Lamont is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Business and Tourism. Matt?s research agenda addresses social impacts of leisure participation with specific focus on sports tourism and sport-based leisure. Development of leisure careers among amateur athletes and concomitant constraint negotiation processes are Matt's primary research interests. Informed by theoretical frameworks from the social sciences, Matt's research also extends to corporate social responsibility in the context of sport, tourism and leisure, with a particular focus on ameliorating negative impacts.

Link to personal researcher web page

Link to PhD thesis BBusTM(Hon)(SCU), BSTM(SCU), PhD(SCU) Matthew BBusTM(Hon)(SCU), BSTM(SCU), PhD(SCU) Gold Coast
Jackie Liu Lecturer 07 5589 3036
School of Business and Tourism Dr GradCertMgmt(UNE), PhD(UNE) Jackie GradCertMgmt(UNE), PhD(UNE) Gold Coast
Kevin Markwell Professor 02 66269366
School of Business and Tourism Professor Kevin is a geographer whose research interests include nature-based/eco/wildlife tourism as tools for nature conservation; heritage interpretation; zoos as tourist attractions; tourist attraction design; pet keeping; animals, leisure and tourism; and gay and lesbian identities, tourism and leisure. He has authored or co-authored four books, (Gay Tourism, Culture and Context, co-authored with Gordon Waitt, 2008; Snake Bitten, Eric Worrell and the Australian Reptile Park, co-authored with Dr Nancy Cushing, 2010; Slow Tourism: Experiences and Modalities, co-edited with Simone Fullagar and Erica Wilson, 2011; and Tourism: Understanding Diverse Relationships, 2015). He has also published 20 book chapters; almost 50 refereed journal articles; and presented more than 50 papers at conferences. Kevin has supervised 10 Honours students, 11 PhD students and is currently supervising 2 PhD students and 2 Masters students. Kevin's leisure interests include collecting natural history books, herpetology/herpetoculture, gardening, travel and bushwalking. BA(Hons)(N'cle), BEdSt(N'cle), MA(N'cle), PhD(N'cle) Kevin BA(Hons)(N'cle), BEdSt(N'cle), MA(N'cle), PhD(N'cle) Lismore
Raina Mason Senior Lecturer 07 5589 3194
School of Business and Tourism Dr The best way to contact Raina is via email or Skype (username: rainascu).

Raina is the IT Discipline Leader, the Course Coordinator of the B. Info. Tech and a researcher, researching in the School area of "Interacting with Technology".

She is passionate about making introductory programming more achievable by students, and encouraging more females into computing - particularly programming. Currently conducting research into the application of Cognitive Load Theory to teaching introductory programming; the programming environments and languages currently being used in Australasian universities; and factors impacting the attraction and retention of females in information technology courses.

Recent and selected publications:
Mason, R., & Cooper, G. (2012). Why the bottom 10% just can?t do it - Mental Effort Measures and Implication for Introductory Programming Courses. In Proceedings of the Fourteenth Australasian Computing Education Conference (ACE2012) (Vol. 123, pp. 187?196). Melbourne, Australia: Australian Computer Society, Inc. Retrieved from

Mason, R., & Cooper, G. (2013a). Distractions in Programming Environments. In A. Carbone & J. Whalley (Eds.), Proceedings of the Fifteenth Australasian Computing Education Conference (ACE2013) CRPIT (Vol. 136, pp. 23?30). Adelaide Australia: Australian Computer Society, Inc. Retrieved from

Mason, R., & Cooper, G. (2013b). Mindstorms Robots and the application of Cognitive Load Theory in introductory programming. Computer Science Education, 23(4), 296?314.

Mason, R., & Cooper, G. (2014). Introductory Programming Courses in Australia and New Zealand in 2013 - trends and reasons. In J. Whalley & D. D?Souza (Eds.), Proceedings of the Sixteenth Australasian Computing Education Conference (ACE2014) (Vol. 148, pp. 139?147). Auckland, New Zealand: ACS. Retrieved from

Mason, R., Cooper, G., & Comber, T. (2011a). Girls get IT. ACM Inroads, 2(3), 71?77.

Mason, R., Cooper, G., Simon, & Wilks, B. (2015). Using Cognitive Load Theory to select an environment for teaching mobile apps development. In D. D?Souza & K. Falkner (Eds.), Proceedings of the 17th Australasian Computing Education Conference (ACE2015) (Vol. 160, pp. 47?56). Sydney, Australia: ACS. Retrieved from

Mason, R., Seton, C., & Cooper, G. (2016). Applying cognitive load theory to the redesign of a conventional database systems course. Computer Science Education, 1?20.

Mason, R., Simon, Cooper, G., & Wilks, B. (2016). Flipping the Assessment of Cognitive Load: Why and How. In Proceedings of the 2016 ACM Conference on International Computing Education Research (pp. 43?52). Melbourne, Australia: ACM Press.

Seton, C., & Mason, R. (2016). Decreasing the digital divide: analysing the UI requirements of older Australians. In Proceedings of the Australasian User Interface Conference (AUIC2016) (pp. 1?10). Canberra, A.C.T.: ACM Press.

Bower, M., Wood, L. N., Lai, J. W. M., Howe, C., Lister, R., Mason, R., ? Veal, J. (2017). Improving the Computational Thinking Pedagogical Capabilities of School Teachers. The Australian Journal of Teacher Education, 42(3). Retrieved from BMM(Hons)(SCU), PhD(SCU) Raina BMM(Hons)(SCU), PhD(SCU) Gold Coast
Stephen Mason Lecturer (Teaching Scholar) 02/66593189
School of Business and Tourism Mr BBus(RMIT) Stephen BBus(RMIT) Coffs Harbour
Silvia Nelson Lecturer 0755893035
School of Business and Tourism Dr GradCertAP(SCU), MBA(CQU), MHRM(CQU), PhD(GU) Silvia GradCertAP(SCU), MBA(CQU), MHRM(CQU), PhD(GU) Gold Coast
Scott Niblock Lecturer +61 7 5589 3098
School of Business and Tourism Dr Dr Scott Niblock is a lecturer with the School of Business and Tourism (SBaT), Southern Cross University (SCU). He holds a Bachelor of Business with First Class Honours and a Doctorate of Philosophy in Finance from SCU. Dr Niblock is the academic lead in financial services within the School and teaches undergraduate and postgraduate courses (both domestically and internationally), such as investments and portfolio management, behavioural finance, corporate finance, and derivatives and financial risk management. He is also actively involved with Higher Degree Research supervision. His research is driven by financial econometrics using time-series data and other empirical approaches, and is particularly passionate about asset pricing, capital market efficiency, funds management performance, superannuation, financial wellbeing, responsible and impact investing, and equities and options trading strategies. Dr Niblock also holds the positions of SCU ASIC RG146 representative, SBaT Research Committee member and UniSuper Consultative Committee 'Academic' member. Dr Niblock has also worked as a private client advisor and wealth manager in the stockbroking industry, gaining high level Australian stock and derivatives accreditation. He has traded in and advised on shares, CFDs, options and warrants during his career. BBus(Hons)(SCU), PhD(SCU) Scott BBus(Hons)(SCU), PhD(SCU) Gold Coast