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William MacNeil Dean and Head of School +61 2 6620 3375
School of Law and Justice Professor

Please contact via Assistant to HoS

Kim King (M/Tu/W)
Britt Dietrich (Th/F)

Phone: +61 2 6620 3375

All SLJ contacts LLB(Dal.), LLM(Lond), MA(Tor), JSD(Col) William LLB(Dal.), LLM(Lond), MA(Tor), JSD(Col) Lismore
Warwick Fisher Lecturer (Teaching Scholar) 02 6620 3169
School of Law and Justice Mr BEd(JCU), BLegS(MACQU) Warwick BEd(JCU), BLegS(MACQU) Lismore
Bee Chen Goh Professor 07 5589 3058
School of Law and Justice Professor Brief Biographical Details
A former Malaysian Rhodes Scholar, Professor Bee Chen Goh is a Fellow and Director of the Australian Academy of Law. She specialized in International Law at Cambridge, and is a Fellow of the Cambridge Commonwealth Society. She was a Visiting Researcher at the Harvard Law School in the Summer of 1993. Bee Chen is also a Fellow of the Society for Advanced Legal Studies, London.

Bee Chen was Head of School, School of Law and Justice at Southern Cross University (2006-2009). Currently the School Director of Research & Research Training, and Director of the Centre for Peace and Social Justice, Bee Chen is also a Member of the University's Inter-Faith Committee. She currently serves on the Queensland Rhodes Scholarship Selection Committee.

In the field of Chinese Negotiation (also the focus of her doctoral thesis), Bee Chen has published, and presented papers in Australia, New Zealand, the People's Republic of China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Norway. Bee Chen is well-versed in English, Mandarin, Malay/Indonesian and Hokkien (Taiwanese). Major Publications: Negotiating with the Chinese (1996, Dartmouth) (Hardback); Law Without Lawyers, Justice Without Courts - On Traditional Chinese Mediation (Ashgate 2002) (Hardback); Activating Human Rights and Peace: Theories, Practices and Contexts (Ashgate 2012) (Hardback) (Edited by Goh, Offord and Garbutt).

Areas of Expertise
Alternative Dispute Resolution
International Law of Peace
Law and Religion
Contract Law

Climate Justice

Areas of Teaching
Mediation and Dispute Resolution
Mediating Across Cultures
Contract Law
International Law

Research Interests
Alternative Dispute Resolution (with a focus on Sino-Western issues)
International Law of Peace
Law and Religion

Climate Justice

Fellow and Director of the Australian Academy of Law
Fellow of the Cambridge Commonwealth Society
Fellow of the Society for Advanced Legal Studies, London
Member of Queensland Rhodes Scholarship Selection Committee (2011-2014)
Director of Centre for Peace and Social Justice, Southern Cross University
Research Collaborator of Research Unit for the Study of Society, Law and Religion, University of Adelaide
Member of Southern Cross University's Inter-Faith Committee
Member of Women Lawyers Association of Queensland LLB(Hons)(Malaya), LLM(Camb), SJD(Bond) Bee Chen LLB(Hons)(Malaya), LLM(Camb), SJD(Bond) Gold Coast
Evgeny Guglyuvatyy Deputy Head of School, Teaching & Learning +61 7 5589 3139
School of Law and Justice Dr Dr Evgeny Guglyuvatyy has a degree in Law from the Chelyabinsk State University and he also holds a Master?s degree in Law from Nottingham University. His PhD from UNSW was a comparative study of the climate change policies focusing on potential applicability of carbon tax and emissions trading in Australia.

Evgeny's teaching and research experience spans over number of years at various Universities including: the University of New South Wales, the University of Technology Sydney and others. He specialises in commercial law, tax law, climate law and policy, corporations law, international law and international tax law.

Research Interests
Climate change law
Comparative taxation
Tax law
Commercial law

LLM (Nottingham)
LLB (Chelyabinsk)

Areas of Teaching
Currently, Evgeny teaches corporations law. Beyond corporations law, he has also lectured in tax law, climate law and carbon markets, contract law and commercial law. LLM(University of Nottingham), PhD(UNSW) Evgeny LLM(University of Nottingham), PhD(UNSW) Gold Coast
Bede Lipman Course Coordinator, SCU Online 02 66 203542
School of Law and Justice Mr Course Coordinator - SCU Online Master of Laws (Business Law) and Master of Business Law - School of Law and Justice. BA(Curtin), LLB(Hons)(SCU) Bede BA(Curtin), LLB(Hons)(SCU) Lismore
Geoff Manion Senior Lecturer (Teaching Scholar) 07 5589 3706
School of Law and Justice Mr BA(hons)(Syd), LLB(Syd) Geoff BA(hons)(Syd), LLB(Syd) Gold Coast
Jennifer Nielsen Associate Professor 02 6620 3081
School of Law and Justice Associate Professor Jennifer is a long-term member of the School of Law and Justice's academic team, and former Dean/Head of School (2009-2011) and Director of Research and Research Training (2011-2013). She is an active researcher and teaches at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. Before joining Southern Cross in 1994, she practised as a solicitor in New South Wales and Victoria, and worked in academic positions with both the Monash Orientation Scheme for Aborigines and the Faculty of Law at Monash University.

Research Interests/ Expertise
Jennifer?s research focuses on discrimination and employment laws, and applies critical race and critical whiteness studies so as to expose the normative standards within Anglo-Australian laws that privilege `white? interests in preference to those of Australian Aboriginal peoples, and other `non-white? groups. She also worked on a national project that developed law curriculum to prepare and attract lawyers and other legal professionals for legal careers in rural and regional Australia.

Critical race and whiteness studies, colonialism and postcolonialism
Discrimination law, employment law and workplace issues
Social justice and Indigenous peoples
Social justice in rural, regional and remote communities

Recent publications
`The Problem with Research?, in Dorota Gozdecka and Anne Macduff (eds), Feminism, Postfeminism and Legal Theory: Beyond the Gendered Subject (Routledge, 2019) 117-136
Marcelle Burns, Simon Young and Jennifer Nielsen, ` ?The Difficulties of Communication Encountered by Indigenous Peoples?: Moving Beyond Indigenous Deficit in the Model Admission Rules for Legal Practitioners? (2018) 28(2) Legal Education Review,
Marcelle Burns and Jennifer Nielsen, `Dealing with the ?wicked? problem of race and the law: a critical journey for students (and academics)? (2018) 28(2) Legal Education Review,
`Working With Clients and Diverse Communities?, in Trish Mundy, Amanda Kennedy, and Jennifer Nielsen (eds), The Place of Legal Practice: Lawyering in Rural and Regional Australia (The Federation Press, 2017) 146-166
`Breaking the Silence: the Importance of Constitutional Change?, in Simon Young, Jennifer Nielsen, and Jeremy Patrick (eds) Constitutional Recognition of Australia?s First Peoples: Theories and Comparative Perspectives (Federation Press, 2016), 2-28

Equal Employment Opportunity
Professional Conduct
Law Placement
Race and the Law

Professional Memberships
Australian Critical Race and Whiteness Studies Association, 2006-current; See
Law and Society Association of Australia and New Zealand, 2013-present; See

NSW Law & Justice Foundation `Volunteer of the Year? (2001), awarded for long-term commitment to improving access to justice in the Northern Rivers region, particularly for socially and economically marginalised people.

See BSc(Monash), LLB(Hons)(Monash), PhD(Melb) Jennifer BSc(Monash), LLB(Hons)(Monash), PhD(Melb) Lismore
John Orr Lecturer 02 6620 3111
School of Law and Justice Dr Brief Biographical Details
John Orr is a lecturer in corporate law and Equity & Trusts at the School of Law & Justice, Southern Cross University. John has taken a Bachelor of Human Movement Studies from the University of Queensland and a Bachelor of Laws with First Class Honours from SCU. John is a university medallist and was awarded an Australian Postgraduate Award to undertake research toward a PhD to examine the lawfulness of Australian university corporations.

Current Teaching
I am currently a lecturer at the School of Law & Justice, Southern Cross University, Lismore, NSW where I am the unit assessor in the units LAW00004 - Company law, offered at an undergraduate level to non LLB students, LAW00527 - Corporations law, offered at an undergraduate level to LLB students and LAW00115 - Equity, offered at an undergraduate level to LLB students.

Current Research
Current research includes an analysis of law relating to higher education institutions as bodies corporate, including governance and regulation.

Research Interests
John?s research interests are in higher education law, corporate and insolvency law and equity & trusts and include the fiduciary principle and unreasonable remuneration of corporate directors, the quality assurance and legal liability of Australia?s transnational education arrangements, the GATS and higher education, universities and liabilities for controlled entities, insolvency issues involving Australian universities, and corporate and commercial law liabilities and issues for universities, such as the ultra vires doctrine, shadow directors and the legal rights of Australian university members.

? Member and director of the Australia and New Zealand Education Law Association, (ANZELA). ANZELA is the peak Education law body in Australia and New Zealand.
? Member of the Australasian Law Teachers Association (ALTA)
? Member of the Corporate Law Teachers Association (CLTA).

? Member of the Insolvency Academic Network (IAN).

Areas of Expertise
? Higher education law
? Corporate law
? Insolvency law; and
? Equity & trusts BHumanMvSt(UQ), LLB(SCU), PhD(QUT) John BHumanMvSt(UQ), LLB(SCU), PhD(QUT) Lismore
John Page Deputy Head of School, Research 61 2 6620 3058
School of Law and Justice Professor John Page is an Associate Professor in the School of Law and Justice. John was previously a Lecturer at the University of New England - from 2004 to 2010, and an Assistant Professor at Bond University - from 2011 to 2013. Prior to 2004, John was a practicing lawyer for 18 years.

Research Interests
John's research interests focus on property plurality, and comparative, historic and inter-disciplinary perspectives on property. He has published internationally and within Australia on topics ranging from the nature of property rights in public resources, the intersection of property and the environment, public property theory, modern common property, and property's relationship to landscape and community.

Current research
The implications of property diversity; public property theory; property and ecosystem services; property and calamity.

Selected publications
Property Diversity and Its Implications (Routledge 2016)
Australian Land Law in context (Oxford University Press 2012) with K Mackie & E Histed
'The Curious Untidiness of Property and Ecosystem Services: A Hybrid Method of Measuring Place' (2015) 32 Pace Envtl. Law. Rev. 756 with A Brower & J Welsh
'Of Earthquakes, Red Zones and Property Rights: The Quake Outcasts Case' (2014) 26 New Zealand Universities Law Review 132 with A Brower
'Towards an Understanding of Public Property' in Modern Studies in Property Law (Hart Publishing, 7th ed., 2013)
'When the Law is Silent, Trespassers W: Law and Power in Implied Property Rights' (2012) Environmental Law Reporter 10242 with A Brower
'Reconceptualising Property: Towards a Sustainable Paradigm' (2011) 1 Property Law Review 86
'Common Property and the Age of Aquarius' (2010) 19 Griffith Law Rev. 172
'Grazing Rights and Public Lands in New Zealand and the western United States: a comparative perspective' (2009) 49 Natural Resources Journal 403

PhD (UQ)

Areas of Teaching
Property Law
Wills and Estates

Professional Organisations
Australian and New Zealand Law and History Society
Solicitor of the Supreme Courts of NSW and Queensland
International Outreach Committee, Association of Law Property & Society BA(UQ), LLB(Hons)(UQ), GradCert(HigherEd)(UNE), LLM(UQ), PhD(UQ) John BA(UQ), LLB(Hons)(UQ), GradCert(HigherEd)(UNE), LLM(UQ), PhD(UQ) Lismore
Alessandro Pelizzon Senior Lecturer 02 6620 3369
School of Law and Justice Dr

Italian by birth and Australian by choice, Alessandro completed his LLB/LLM in Law in Italy specializing in comparative law and legal anthropology. His thesis comprised a field research project on pre-Colombian family protocols in the Andes of Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador. Alessandro has been involved in Indigenous rights since his university years, when he established a research group with which he participated in and supported the drafting of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples in Geneva. His PhD thesis, conducted at the University of Wollongong, focused on native title and legal pluralism in the Illawarra. Over e decade ago, Alessandro began to explore the emerging discourse on rights of nature, Wild Law and Earth Jurisprudence. His main area of interest in this field is the intersection between this emerging discourse and different legal ontologies, with a particular focus on Indigenous legal structures. Alessandro is one of the founding members of the Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature and of the Australian Earth Laws Alliance. Alessandro?s main areas of research are legal anthropology, legal theory, comparative law, sovereignty, Indigenous rights, ecological jurisprudence and international environmental law.


Legal anthropology
Legal theory
Comparative law and legal pluralism
Research methodology
Sovereignty and Indigenous sovereignty
International Indigenous rights
Ecological jurisprudence


Wild Law, Earth Jurisprudence and the Rights of Nature
Ecological Jurisprudence and Indigenous legal ontologies
Aboriginal sovereignty in Australia
Sovereignty and the Doctrine of Discovery LLB(Torino), LLM(Torino), PhD(UOW) Alessandro LLB(Torino), LLM(Torino), PhD(UOW) Lismore