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Anne-Marie Alexander Student Counsellor
Student Care and Support Mrs BSc(Psych), MSc(EducPsych), MSc(PsychTherPrimCare) Anne-Marie BSc(Psych), MSc(EducPsych), MSc(PsychTherPrimCare) Gold Coast
Iain Alexander Laboratory Technician 02 6620 3496
School of Environment, Science and Engineering Mr Iain Lismore
Katrina Alexander Manager, Learning Experience Team 66203765
Student Outreach Ms BClinSci(SCU), BSocSc(CSU) Katrina BClinSci(SCU), BSocSc(CSU) Lismore
Youness Alizadeh Senior Lecturer 02 6620 3811
School of Business and Tourism Dr Youness has been teaching the management accounting units since he joined Southern Cross University in 1989. He has also held the position of the distance education coordinator for the MBA-Specialist Stream in Small Enterprise Management and Entrepreneurship in addition to his other face-to-face and long distance teaching duties in undergraduate courses.

Prior to his appointment at Southern Cross University, Youness held the position of auditor in a major international accounting practice in Iran, affiliated with McLintock Main Lafrentz International (NY, USA). For more than 5 years he lectured in accounting and international business at the Centre for International Studies, Schiller International University and University of Southern California in Spain. Youness was also an export consultant for major Spanish companies trading in the Middle East and South America.

Since his arrival in Australia, Youness has been involved in a small enterprise management training programs for Motor Trader's Association members, New Enterprise Incentive Scheme participants in New South Wales, as well as the integrated management development program conducted by the Faculty for Telstra. Youness is also a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia.

Youness is interested in small enterprise entrepreneurship and management control systems and has been researching the impact of networking on the successful management of small enterprises, ethnic and non-ethnic entrepreneurship, family enterprises and quality management in small enterprises. Youness has published monographs, study guides, case studies and articles concerning small enterprise entrepreneurship in refereed journals and has made many presentations in local, national and international seminars and conferences. DipFinMgt(NE), BA(IAATeheran), MBA(StJohnsNY), MEc(UNE), DBA(SCU) Youness DipFinMgt(NE), BA(IAATeheran), MBA(StJohnsNY), MEc(UNE), DBA(SCU) Lismore

Anne Allan Casual Academic (Teaching)
School of Arts and Social Sciences Ms BSocWrk(UQ) Anne BSocWrk(UQ) Gold Coast
Andrew Allen Technical Administration Officer 02 6620 9261
Southern Cross Plant Science Mr Andrew Lismore
Dale Allen Food and Beverage Attendant - Cater
Catering and Unibar Ms Dale Gold Coast
Debbe Allen Administration Officer 02 6620 3489
Office of Vice President (Engagement) Mrs Administration Officer, Strategic Projects, including Regenerative Agriculture Alliance and Farming Together DipFinSvs(TAFE) Debbe DipFinSvs(TAFE) Lismore
Kachina Allen Lecturer
School of Health and Human Sciences Dr BSci(Macq), PhD(SYD) Kachina BSci(Macq), PhD(SYD) Gold Coast
Noel Allen Technical Officer
Environmental Analysis Laboratory Mr Noel Lismore