Ms Wendy Britt Research Ethics Officer 0266203611
Associate Professor Raina Mason Associate Dean (Education)
Mr Robert Baglin Technical and Laboratory Manager 07 5589 3220
Mr Roger Murphy Elearning System Support Officer
Dr Joanne Bradbury Senior Lecturer +61 7 5589 3244
Dr Kath Fisher Adjunct Fellow
Professor Dirk Erler Professor 66203256
Professor Sandra Speedy Emeritus Professor
Dr John Haw Chair of Discipline (Management) 07 5589 3175
Ms Elicia Kunst Lecturer (Teaching Scholar) 07 55893250
Mr Darren Bryant Lecturer (Teaching Scholar)
Dr Zachary Crowley-McHattan Senior Lecturer (02) 66 203 166
Associate Professor Annie Mitchell Chair of Discipline (Creative Arts) 02 66203910
Mr Kurt Otto Centre Systems Coordinator
Ms Julia Watson HR Business Advisor +61 2 6620 3178
Miss Jane Plint Senior Planning & Operations Officer-Timetables 02 6626 9353
Professor Colleen Cartwright Emeritus Professor
Ms Jenny Barron Professional Experience Coordinator 02 66593657
Mr Sjordi Finlayson Senior Technical Support Officer 0266203528
Emeritus Professor Peter Baverstock Emeritus Professor 02 6620 3010
Mr Andrew Woods Lecturer (Teaching Scholar) 6620 3304
Mr David Duverge Senior Client Support Officer 02 6626 9346
Mr Jesse Perkins Team Leader, Desktop Services +612 66203536
Mr Kris Saville Technical Team Leader (Agriculture & Compost) 02 6620 3678
Professor Lexi Lasczik Professor 07 55893132
Dr Patrick Gillett Course Coordinator +61 7 5589 3039
Dr Louise Horstmanshof Senior Lecturer 0412051721
Professor Peter Harrison Distinguished Professor 02 6620 3774
Mr Brian Smith Senior Technical Officer 02 6620 3678
Associate Professor Michael Charles Associate Professor
Mrs Bronwen Graydon Administrative Coordinator 02 6620 3194
Mr Michael Moynihan Senior Technical and Laboratory Officer
Mrs Sarah Driussi Future Students Enquiries Officer 02 6626 9609
Dr Mieke Witsel Senior Lecturer
Mrs Judy De Vries Professional Experience Coordinator
Ms Julienne Holt Lecturer
Ms Mary Cullen Education Collaborations Manager
Emeritus Professor Peter Saenger Emeritus Professor 02 6620 3772
Dr John Orr Lecturer 02 6620 3111
Dr Scott Niblock Lecturer +61 7 5589 3098
Ms Sonia Davis Student Counsellor 66269131
Professor Erica Wilson Pro Vice Chancellor (Academic Innovation)
Ms Fiona Lotherington Technical and Laboratory Team Leader 0266269222
Professor Scott Johnston Professor (Research Scholar) +61 2 6620 3407
Professor Anja Scheffers Professor
Associate Professor Joanne Oakes Associate Professor (02) 6620 3092
Ms Nicole Cooper Project Coordinator +61 (0) 2 6626 9591
Dr Anna Scott Senior Lecturer 0266598123
Dr Erika Kerruish Senior Lecturer 07 5589 3172
Mr Duncan Blair Senior Technical and Laboratory Officer (02) 6659 3064
Ms Alison Graham Executive Officer 0266203148
Mrs Jubilee Smith Associate Lecturer (Teaching Scholar)
Ms Therese Conlon Shared Services Advisor 02 6659 3301
Mr Stephan Soule Manager, Education and Outreach +612 6659 8118
Ms Lindy Hodgkinson Executive Assistant to Vice President (Engagement) 0266269129
Dr Golam Sorwar Senior Lecturer
Mr Andrew Jones Associate Lecturer (Teaching Scholar)
Mrs Joanne Cooper Professional Experience Coordinator 02 66203154
Ms Colette Giltrap Digital Technologist (07) 5589 3368
Dr Aidan Ricketts Lecturer 02 66203781
Dr Sharen Nisbet Senior Lecturer (Teaching Scholar) 07 5589 3052
Dr Leigh Carriage Senior Lecturer
Mr Graham Lancaster Senior Manager, Commercial & Research Operations 02 6620 3678
Dr Mervyn Shepherd Senior Research Fellow 02 6620 3412
Dr Tom Round Lecturer 07 5589 3056
Associate Professor Ross Goldingay Associate Professor 02 6620 3776
Mr David Sanders Associate Lecturer(Teaching Scholar) 0266203869
Mrs Kayleen Wardell Team Leader, Client Services 02 6626 9408
Professor Amanda Reichelt-Brushett Professor 02 6620 3250
Ms Margie Pembroke Team Leader, Systems, Copyright and Repository 02 6620 3714
Professor Anne Graham Professor of Childhood Studies 02 66203613
Emeritus Professor Barry Conyngham Emeritus Professor 02 6620 3703
Associate Professor Jennifer Nielsen Associate Professor 0436805944
Ms Kim Overton Application Delivery & Support Administrator 02 6626 9137
Associate Professor Adele Wessell Chair of Discipline (Humanities) 61 2 6620 3946
Dr Jennifer Harrison Senior Lecturer 07 5589 3064
Mr Troy Schmidt Senior Technical and Laboratory Officer 02 6620 3207
Associate Professor Paul Orrock Associate Professor 0408995253
Dr David Newell Senior Lecturer 02 6620 3448
Ms Sue White Executive Assistant 0755893365
Professor Jerry Vanclay Professor
Dr Julia Caldicott Lecturer 02 6659 3620
Mrs Libby Pownall Library Officer 02 6620 3539
Associate Professor Doland Nichols Associate Professor 02 6620 3492
Dr Simon Wilde Lecturer 07 5589 3040
Ms Jeanti St Clair Lecturer 02 6620 3126
Mr Alan Hughes Technical and Laboratory Team Leader
Professor Ed Burton Professor (Research Scholar)
Ms Danielle Conlan Student Liaison / Administrative Officer
Mr Don Johnston Manager, Reporting and Analysis 02 6620 3176
Mr Anthony Olive Team Leader - Indigenous Australian Student Services 02 6620 3956
Associate Professor Gail Moloney Associate Professor 02 6659 3191
Mr Bernard Thomas Principal Technical Lead 02 6620 3535
Ms Alex Parks Library Technician
Mr Iain Alexander Technical Team Leader (Commercial and Research Operations) 0266203496
Mr Peter Bligh-Jones Technical and Laboratory Officer 02 6620 3561
Ms Alison Bundock Design and Quality Coordinator
Miss Leonie Hunter Digital Designer
Ms Maya De Nardi Application Delivery & Support Coordinator 07 5589 3500
Mr Simon Hartley Associate Lecturer 02 6620 3251
Mrs Vicky Baxter-Wright Policy Advisor 02 6620 3702
Miss Bronwyn Kohlman Coordinator, Library Services 02 6620 3727
Ms Maria Bass Applications Delivery and Support Coordinator 66269400
Mr Peter Mouatt Technical Officer 02 66203368
Mrs Terry Kosack Inclusion Support Advisor 0266 26 9514
Mrs Cindy Harvey Faculty Manager
Ms Genni Cadonetti Transaction Services Officer, (Payments) 02 6620 3069
Mr Ashley Dowell Technical Manager (ARL) 6622 3211
Ms Melinda Lindop Senior Project Manager 02 6626 9146
Dr Geoffrey Lamberton Senior Lecturer 0755893201
Ms Sophie Kemm Director, Academic Portfolio Office
Ms Natasha Mercy Applications Delivery and Support Administrator
Ms Kellie Shepherd Technical Team Leader 02 6626 9181
Mrs Robyn Lynch Senior Client Support Officer 02 6659 3083
Mr Craig Taylor Technical and Laboratory Officer 02 66269203
Mr Bill Llewellyn Student Advisor
Miss Sonia Weiss Administrative Coordinator (Research) 02 6620 3124
Ms Kazia Lombardo Manager, Insurance and Risk +61 2 6620 3696
Ms Shelley Odewahn Inclusion Support Coordinator 02 6620 3349
Ms Vivienne Roberts Senior Student Management Officer 02 6620 3130
Ms Stephanie Jarvis Manager, HR Operations +61 7 5589 3017
Professor Bradley Eyre Professor 02 6620 3773
Mrs Liz Key Administration Officer (Research) 0266203393
Ms Val Murray Coordinator, Library Services
Mr Geoff Cottee Manager, Capital and Minor Works 66203743
Mrs Kim McDonogh Administration Officer
Miss Emily O'Connor Student Advisor
Dr Ken Wojcikowski Senior Lecturer 0755893388
Ms Sally Donnelly Team Leader, Content & Discovery 02 6620 3998
Mrs Nancie Hall Library Technician 02 6620 3181
Ms Britt Kerr Manager, Corporate Finance 02 6620 3188
Mrs Katrina Duley Digital Designer
Ms Yen Lin Ho Finance Business Partner 02 6620 3662
Ms Rose Rosolen Technical Officer
Miss Colleen Cunningham Senior Client Support Officer
Mr Phil Pryor Senior Client Support Officer
Mr Shane Garrett Senior Programmer Analyst
Mrs Jenny Sykes Transaction Services Officer (Assets)
Ms Kerry Riley Administrative Officer
Mr Philip Loadsman Senior Client Support Officer 02 6620 3533
Mr Dan Munro Team Leader, Service Desk 61 2 6626 9218
Mrs Tiffeny Byrnes Technical Officer (02) 66203442
Dr Marie Hutchinson Professor
Ms Leane Wells Senior Procurement Officer 02 66203579
Miss Toni Ledgerwood Team Leader, Digital Technology
Ms Victoria Drury Manager, Equity and Inclusion 02 6626 9201
Ms Joanne Olive Shared Services Hub Advisor 07 5589 3011
Ms Sharon Farquhar Director, Human Resources +61 2 6620 3667
Mr Simon Evans Grounds Supervisor 02 66203222
Miss Kay Johnston Team Leader, Financial Operations 02 6620 3745
Ms Emma Evans Grants Officer 0421 662 192
Mr Rodney Douglass Technical and Laboratory Officer
Ms Rachel Lynwood Lecturer (Teaching Scholar) 02 6620 3415
Mrs Karen Moore Administrative Assistant 0755 893329
Mrs Sandra Kenny Professional Experience Team Leader
Mr Tiernan Angel System Analyst (Student Enablement)
Ms Julie Saxon HR Advisor (Shared Services) (02) 6620 3838
Ms Kara Morris Team Leader, Infrastructure (02) 66269138
Ms Ruth Flower Senior Student Management Officer 02 6626 9454
Mr Colin Hutchings Technology Support Officer
Ms Helen Jewell Data and Reporting Analyst 02 6620 3420
Ms Christine Martin Director, Global Engagement +61266269150
Ms Susan Rochester HR Business Advisor 02 66203358
Ms Naomi Downs Chief Information Officer
Miss Sarah Sekulic International Student Advisor +61 7 5589 3022
Ms Katie Whitney Administrative Assistant 02 6626 9422
Mr Luke Walford Manager, Infrastructure 02 6620 3530
Mr Alistair Miller Analyst Programmer
Ms Cheryl Forrester Student Advisor 66203447
Mr Paul Austin Manager, Information and Communications Technology 02 6659 3389
Ms Louise Gordon Executive Assistant to Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research)
Mrs Tracy Manning Administration Officer 02 6626 9191
Ms Trish Chiselett Finance Business Partner 6620 3012
Mr Ryan Carter Applications Delivery and Support Supervisor
Ms Michelle Hartnett Library Technician 6626 9357
Mrs Liz Brett Library Technician
Ms Wanda De Verelle-Hill Digital Technologist 02 6620 3866
Mrs Virginia Ingham Administrative Officer 02 6620 3959
Emeritus Professor Don Scott Emeritus Professor 02 6620 3750
Miss Nadia Toppler Technical Manager (EAL) 0447011070
Mr Curt Williams Infrastructure Administrator 02 6620 3346
Ms Emily Marcon Admissions & Support Officer +61 2 6626 9306
Mr Scott May Technology Support Officer
Ms Julie Bull Applications Delivery and Support Coordinator
Mrs Alli Little Planning & Operations Coordinator 02 6626 9343
Ms Renee Parker Curriculum and Accreditation Coordinator 07 5589 3076
Dr Mitchell Longstaff Lecturer
Professor Symon Dworjanyn Professor
Professor Andrew Cashin Professor
Dr Frances Doran Senior Lecturer
Ms Marnya Flanagan Library Technician 02 66269297
Professor David Lynch Chair of Discipline (Postgraduate Teacher Education) 0755893429
Emeritus Professor Zbys Klich Emeritus Professor 02 6620 3000
Emeritus Professor Donald Gartside Emeritus Professor 02 6620 3624
Dr Matheus Carvalho de Carvalho Technical Specialist 02 6626 9565
Ms Amanda Simmons Graduate Research Officer 02 6626 9186
Emeritus Professor Paul Clark Emeritus Professor
Ms Karen Symonds Student Advisor 02 6620 3135
Ms Alyssa Taylor Manager, Student Advice 02 6620 3691
Ms Danielle Scott Senior Financial Analyst, Student Revenue and Reporting 02 6620 3046
Mrs Jill Townsend Senior Graduate Research Officer, HDR Examinations 0266269147
Professor Yvonne Brunetto Professor 07 5589 3066
Ms Meredith Kayess Lecturer (02) 6626 9635
Mrs Laurel Giles Administrative Assistant (02) 6620 3520 (ext. 73520)
Mr Matt Staines Senior Technical Officer
Ms Corina Piggott Transaction Services Officer, (Revenue) 02 6620 3550
Mrs Kylie Bennett Client Services Coordinator 02 6626 9571
Dr Wendy Boyd Associate Dean (Education)
Mr Callan Brine Educational Technologist 02 6620 3845
Mr Luke Davis Manager, Timetabling, Progression and Scholarships (02) 6626 9479
Mr Narin Tongmar Senior Technical Officer (02) 66269358
Emeritus Professor Bev Taylor Emeritus Professor 02 6620 3156
Professor Damien Maher Professor 02 66203577
Associate Professor Graham Jones Adjunct Associate Professor 02 66253009
Ms Helene Nygaard Student Counsellor
Mrs Cathy Lembke Lecturer 66203138
Ms Michelle Henry Regional Coordinator 02 6620 3288
Ms Marin Simpson Librarian 07 5589 3170
Ms Rachael Jones Student Counsellor 02 6659 3263
Emeritus Professor Jenny Graham Emeritus Professor 0417 272 946
Mr Stephen Dullard Lecturer (Teaching Scholar) 0420981430
Dr Matt Hill Senior Lecturer 0266203733
Mr Ross Callan Technical and Laboratory Officer 93240
Ms Roz Hagan Technical and Laboratory Officer 02 66209641
Professor Jim Jackson Emeritus Professor 02 6620 3369
Mr Greg Luker Adjunct Fellow 02 6620 3026
Ms Marie Phillips Transaction Services Officer (Payments) 6620 3767
Mrs Linda Duncan Future Students Enquiries Officer 026620 3817
Dr Melissa Carey Research Data Coordinator 02 6626 9170
Ms Asuka Kawamata Technical Officer 0266203442
Dr John Grant Lecturer 02 6620 3947
Mr Kane Shearer Applications Delivery & Support Coordinator
Mr Amadeus Bell-Todd Digital Technologist
Professor Robert Weatherby Adjunct Professor 02 6620 3671
Mrs Lisa Dooner Research Data Officer 66203881
Ms Carla Robinson Executive Assistant 07 55893207
Professor Peter Lee Emeritus Professor
Dr Daniele Cagnazzi Research Fellow
Dr Graeme Palmer Lecturer 0266203635
Ms Vanessa O'Rourke Work Integrated Learning Coordinator +61 2 6620 3302
Dr Owen Hogan Lecturer 07 5589 3037
Professor Andrew Rose Chair of Academic Board +61 2 6620 3189
Associate Professor Jacqui Yoxall Chair of Discipline (Allied Health and Midwifery) 02 66269768
Dr Gregory P Smith Senior Lecturer 0401 083 462
Mrs Rachael Henderson Manager, HR Shared Services +61 2 6620 3387
Ms Debbie Lisetto Manager, HRIS and Analytics +61 2 6620 3516
Ms Tanya St Clair Honey Manager, Client Services 02 6620 3715
Professor Mark Hughes Professor 0405 386 976
Dr Lachlan Yee Senior Lecturer +61 2 6620 3624
Associate Professor Stuart Barlo Dean, Gnibi College of Indigenous Australian Peoples 02 66203553
Dr Rohan Price Lecturer (07) 5589 3342
Dr Jean S Renouf Lecturer +61(0)2 6620 3895
Mr Ben Roche Vice President (Engagement) 02 6620 3150
Dr Michael Kortt Associate Professor 07 5589 3212
Ms Sharon Leslie Associate Dean (Education) 07 55893347
Ms Sharon Braby Records Assistant 02 66203264
Mr Matt Pocock Technical Team Leader (Waters & ICP) 02 6620 3678
Mr Paul Tainsh Application Delivery & Support Supervisor (Data Mgt) 02 6626 9522
Ms Renee Nuske Library Technician 02)6659 3237
Mrs Nicole Butler Student Graduation Coordinator 02 6620 3184
Mr Stephen Garvey Manager, Learning Experience Team +61 7 5589 3008
Mrs Vicki Wood Administrative Assistant English Language Programs 02 6620 3429
Mr Steve Langan Coordinator, Library Services 07 5589 3077
Professor Leslie Christidis PVC Research Infrastructure 02 66593300
Mr Jacky Zhang Manager International Student Support Services +61 7 5589 3346
Dr Debra Stokes Lecturer
Dr Jackie Liu Lecturer 07 5589 3036
Mr Michael Assim Application Delivery and Support Supervisor Teaching & Learning a +61 2 66203751
Professor Kirsten Benkendorff Professor 02 6620 3755
Mrs Jane McLennan Curriculum and Accreditation Coordinator +61 7 5589 3174
Mrs Maree Crepinsek Lecturer(Teaching Scholar) +61 7 5589 3248
Ms Georgia Foley Administrative Coordinator (Research) 02 6659 8102
Dr Kolleen Miller-Rosser Lecturer (Teaching Scholar) ext 83903
Professor Graham King Professor 0266203410
Ms Donna Moffitt Director, Student Administration Services 0266203214
Mrs Fiona Eggler Curriculum and Accreditation Coordinator
Ms Mary-Anne Clark Senior Manager, Client Services 07 5589 3020
Ms Pauline Spinaze Applications Delivery and Support Officer 6620 3730
Mr Luke Hopkins Publications Officer, Web (02) 6626 9376
Mrs Cathy Cottee Administration Officer (Quality)
Mr Erich Wittstock Technical and Laboratory Team Leader 02 6620 3949
Associate Professor Grayson Cooke Associate Professor +61 2 6620 3839
Mr Raymond Blaich Lecturer (Teaching Scholar) (02) 66269338
Ms Mandy Ensbey Technical and Laboratory Officer 66593791
Ms Pip Davenport Administrative Assistant 026620 3348
Mr Matthew Lourey Technology Support Officer 93107
Dr Barry Hill Senior Lecturer
Dr Pascal Scherrer Senior Lecturer (02) 6620 3024
Dr Sally Ashton-Hay Lecturer (Teaching Scholar) 07 5589 3113
Miss Anna Foster Lecturer (Teaching Scholar) (07)5589 3236
Mr Allan Morris Vice President (Operations) +61 2 6626 9220
Mr Ken Crawford Senior Facilities Officer 02 6620 3521
Ms Erin Crandon Manager, Business Intelligence 0266203388
Professor John Hurley Professor 0266593688
Professor Sandra Grace Professor 02 66203646
Mrs Nikki Crowley Manager, Coffs Harbour Shared Services Hub 6659 3366
Ms Debbie Johnson Administrative Assistant +61 2 6620 3766
Professor Amy Cutter-Mackenzie-Knowles Executive Dean +61 07 5589 3130
Dr Liz Reimer Senior Lecturer 07 5589 3171
Ms Lara Reading Administrative Assistant (+61) 2 6659 8103
Ms Eleanore Lambley Technical Officer 73334
Dr Karina Hall Adjunct Associate Professor
Dr Melinda Coleman Adjunct Professor
Mrs Sharon Shelley Administrative Assistant 02 6620 3320
Ms Anna Poulsen Technical and Laboratory Team Leader 07 5589 3257
Mrs Toni Bedford Senior Manager, Planning and Operations 02 6620 3654
Associate Professor Renaud Joannes-Boyau Associate Professor +61 2 6620 3271
Ms Helen Jack Library Technician 02 6626 9159
Professor Terry Rose Professor 02 6620 3457
Ms Helen Wolton Manager, Graduate School 0266269426
Dr Jo Munn Senior Lecturer +61 2 6659 3323
Ms Jimzeena LeCerf Equity Programs Coordinator 02 6659 3643
Mr Nicholas Hyde Director, Office of the Vice Chancellor 02 6626 9179
Ms Maggie Scorey Lecturer 0417 344 104
Mr Travis Walker Vice President (Finance) 02 6620 3731
Professor Brendan Kelaher Professor +61 2 6659 8120
Dr Wes Hill Senior Lecturer 026620 3291
Ms Gayle Cooper Administrative Assistant 02 6626 9211
Ms Jessica Wynyard Reporting and Systems Coordinator 02 6626 9198
Ms Amanda Madden Administrative Assistant 07 5589 3253
Ms Liz Bartlett Curriculum and Accreditation Manager 0266269570
Dr Lynda Hawryluk Senior Lecturer 02 6620 3602
Dr Paul Butterworth Senior Lecturer 93152
Mrs Jenny Hopf Student Advisor 1800 005 687
Ms Ruby Dimmick HR Manager (02) 6626 9283
Dr Nicci Whiteing Associate Professor 02 66 203 782
Associate Professor Kai Schulz Associate Professor 02 6626 9551
Mrs Valerie Bezuidenhout Transaction Services Officer 02 6620 3351
Associate Professor Suzi Syme Associate Dean (Education) 02 6620 3002
Mr Marco Brunato Technical Lead (Data Platforms) x73856
Mrs Janelle Yuan Shared Services Advisor +61 7 5589 3280
Dr Paul Butcher Adjunct Associate Professor
Mr Richard Jones Director, Financial Services 02 6626 9121
Mr Ben Cummings Senior Technical Officer 02 6626 9414
Mr Tim Simaile Senior Technical Support Officer, Administrative Systems +61 2 6620 3221
Dr John Whitting Senior Lecturer +61 (0)2 6620 3989
Mrs Jacqueline Behan Finance Business Partner 0266203878
Mrs Renea Duignan General Manager, National Centre for Naturopathic Medicine +61 2 6620 3768
Mr John Giles Technical Officer
Dr Sue Muloin Lecturer 07 5589 3276
Mr Anthony Nind Facilities Officer (Carpentry Trade)
Professor Christian Sanders Professor (+61) 02 66598117
Dr Louise Whitaker Senior Lecturer 07 55893160
Mr Trent Scanlan Data Analyst 0266269621
Dr Christos Markopoulos Senior Lecturer (07) 5589 3101
Ms Kellie Stuart Team Leader, Customer Service 07 5589 3110
Mr Kevin McGlashan Analyst Programmer 02 6626 9549
Mr Paul Robinson Senior Manager-Student Management 02 6620 3213
Mrs Kristy Cocks Executive Assistant 02 6620 3557
Mr Sam Addison Infrastructure Administrator
Mr Matt Corden International Student Advisor 07 55893364
Dr Hanabeth Luke Senior Lecturer 02 66269601
Dr Michael Brickhill Associate Lecturer (Teaching Scholar) 07 5589 3709
Ms Belinda Atkinson Director, Governance Services 02 66203186
Mrs Emilee Devine Work Integrated Learning Coordinator 0266203603
Professor Thomas Roche Pro Vice-Chancellor (Academic Quality) 02 6626 9148
Mr Joshua McDonald Technical Officer
Professor Bronwyn Barkla Associate Dean (Research) 66203159
Ms Sam Sutton Curriculum and Accreditation Coordinator 0755893043
Mr Alex Terrill Lecturer (Teaching Scholar) (07) 5589 3339
Mr Wayne Ramsay Applications Delivery and Support Coordinator x73337
Dr Elizabeth Emmanuel Senior Lecturer 07 55893238
Mr Brad Inglis Student Counsellor
Mr Simon Gibson Applications Delivery and Support Coordinator
Dr Douglas Tait Senior Researcher 66203493
Mrs Louise Scheibel Administrative Assistant 02 6626 9129
Mr Mark Dixon Director, Governance Services (02) 6620 3454
Ms Rebecca Moore Grants and Contracts Officer +61 2 66203736
Miss Alice Brown Executive Assistant to VP(S)&R 07 5589 3374
Miss Ceylena Holloway Scientific Project Officer + 61 2 66598133
Mr Rick Frkovic Manager, Financial Operations (02) 6626 9416
Mrs Rebecca Gilroy Lecturer (Teaching Scholar) Podiatry 07 5589 3185
Ms Narisu Zaetta Regional Manager-China and South East Asia + 61755893189
Ms Rebecca Lever Work Integrated Learning Unit Manager 0484 564 829
Dr Joshua Smith Technical Team Leader
Ms Bimbi Gray Lecturer (Teaching Scholar) 02 66203948
Dr Suman Sen Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Donna Smith Student Management Officer-Indigenous Australian Student Services 0266203377
Dr Melinda Muir Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Roberto Roschel Pereira de Sousa Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Alison Adams Professional Experience Coordinator 07 5589 3126
Mrs Denise Perkins Quality Assurance Coordinator 02 6620 3966
Ms Theane Theophilos Lecturer (Teaching Scholar) 02 6626 9453
Dr Chris Stevens Chair of Discipline (Human Sciences) 02 6659 8036
Ms Elaine Booth-Barker Manager, Project Office 02 6626 9111
Associate Professor Lynne McPherson Associate Professor 61 7 55893168
Mrs Emma Lowe Financial Accountant 02 6626 9497
Mrs Carlene Grace Finance Business Partner 02 6620 3226
Mrs Melissa Friend Fit To Practice (FIT) Officer 02 6659 3027
Dr Chris Chapparo Adjunct Associate Professor
Dr Alex Barwick Lecturer (07) 5589 3332
Professor Peter Hassmen Professor +61266598040
Associate Professor Christina Aggar Associate Professor 5589 3316
Mrs Jo Pethick Administrative Assistant 02 6659 3647
Ms Sophie Andrews Manager, Workplace Health and Safety 02 6620 3651
Mr Jun Ren Principal Technical Lead (Network Transformation Project) 07 5589 3386
Miss Sharolyn Gough Student Advisor
Mr Simon Coates Senior Client Support Officer (Audiovisual) 0266594055
Dr Jessica Browne Lecturer 0755893395
Mrs Yvette Whitney Planning & Operations Coordinator 02 6620 3259
Ms Jessica Fraser Future Students Conversion Coordinator 02 6626 9521
Mr Scott Finch Team Leader, Student Advice (02) 6620 3356
Mrs Debbie McEwan Technical and Laboratory Officer 66593907
Ms Kim Drinkwater Library Technician Library 6620 9407
Mrs Lorraine Gordon Director, Strategic Projects
Dr Kathomi Gatwiri Associate Professor 07558-93114
Mr Chris King eLearning Designer
Mrs Lucy Shinners Lecturer (Teaching Scholar) 07 5589 3476
Mrs Donna Shipway Educational Designer
Professor Matt Broadhurst Adjunct Professor
Mrs Narelle Edwards Manager, Application Services 02 6620 3698
Dr Carolyn Seton Lecturer (07) 5589 3284
Miss Laura Robson Work Integrated Learning Coordinator 02 6659 3628
Dr Kathryn Thomson Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Robbie Macfarlane Manager, Technical Services 02 6659 3230
Ms Carlee Powell Inclusion Support Assisant 0266269514
Mrs Julie Young Associate Lecturer 0755893235
Mrs Penny Hewlett Student Counsellor
Miss Tayla Wood Fit To Practice (FIT) Officer 02 6626 9585
Ms Nicole Craig Partnership Officer
Ms Michelle Windeyer Manager, Travel Services T: (07) 5589 3277  ext 93277
Ms Kylie Graham Administrative Assistant 07 5589 3252
Ms Jacoba Van Crugten Senior Technical and Laboratory Officer 07 5589 3254
Mr Callum Lancaster Technical Officer
Dr Vinh Bui Lecturer 07 5589 3059
Ms Rae Rafferty Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Dr Nedeljka Rosic Senior Lecturer 07 5589 3437
Dr Chamindra Vithana Adjunct Fellow
Ms Zoe Hayes Work Integrated Learning (WIL) Officer 0755893230
Professor Richard Smith Adjunct Professor
Ms Paula Steffensen Technical and Laboratory Officer 6620 3660
Dr Nabeel Niazi Adjunct Associate Professor
Dr Bev Joffe Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Associate Professor Suzanne Broadbent Adjunct Associate Professor 66203394
Mr Brett Coleman Infrastructure Administrator
Professor David Battersby Adjunct Professor
Associate Professor Sally Sargeant Associate Professor 07 5589 3060
Ms Carmel Morrison Contracts Officer
Dr Kerstin Hockmann Adjunct Lecturer
Mrs Emily Pather Assistant to Dean 07 5589 3360
Dr Judy Atkinson Emeritus Professor
Associate Professor Steven Purcell Associate Professor int +61 2 6659 8124
Ms Stefanie Kocon Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Earle de Blonville Adjunct Professional Fellow
Ms Sedina Hill Travel Officer 02 6620 3218
Mr Greg Hughes Applications Delivery and Support Administrator 02 6620 3091
Professor Colleen Cartwright Chair, SCU Human Research Ethics Committee
Dr Kitty Foley Senior Lecturer 07 5589 3385
Miss Abbie McPherson HR Advisor (Recruitment) 02 6626 9493
Mr Shane Moylan Application Delivery & Support Officer 73079
Dr Desiree Kozlowski Senior Lecturer 02 6659 3655
Associate Professor Christian Swann Associate Professor 0266593063
Ms Laura McLeod Library Technician 0755893044
Mr David Graham Sport, Health and Wellbeing Coordinator 02 66203818
Ms Junee Boyd Student Engagement & Retention Advisor 02 6620 3141
Ms Helen Coleman Senior Manager Student Outreach 6620 3428
Mrs Sue Dennis Administration Officer 02 6620 3940
Mrs Karly Murray Student Engagement & Retention Advisor 07 5589 3009
Ms Bianca Pizzol First Year Advising Coordinator
Ms Penny Leonard Project Manager, Student Engagement and Campus Re-activation 07 5589 3247
Professor Betty Weiler Emeritus Professor
Dr Shane McIntosh Research Fellow 0408400194
Mr Wes du Plooy ICT Audio Visual Services- Support Officer
Dr Jackie Wolstenholme Team Leader, Client Services 02 6620 3547
Dr Mike Climstein Associate Professor 07 5589 3330
Ms Natasha Old Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Jenelle Benson Lecturer 07 5589 3392
Professor Tobias Kretzschmar Professor
Dr Nick Ward Technical Team Leader (Acid Sulfate, Physical, Soil Carbon, LECO) +61 2 66269360
Ms Kate Giles Technical and Laboratory Manager 0266598022
Ms Elise Boardman Technical and Laboratory Officer 0755893118
Ms Talli Allen Librarian (07) 5589 3471
Mr Peter Roberts Casual Academic (Teaching) 0412927766
Ms Tayla Smith Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Lewes Peddell Lecturer +61 7 5589 3279
Mrs Jacqui Hayter Administration Officer (Commercial and Research Operations) 02 66 203 335
Dr Andrew Read Adjunct Associate Professor
Mrs Nicole Graham Adjunct Professional Fellow
Dr Daniel Burns Adjunct Fellow 02 6620 3569
Dr Austin Curtin Adjunct Associate Professor
Mrs Sonia Gardner-Hillgrove Technical and Laboratory Officer 07 55893226
Mr Mike Mills Network Engineer, Infrastructure Platforms
Mrs Sherryn Bailey Lecturer (Teaching Scholar) 02 66593984
Mr Daniel Cook Facilities Assistant
Mr Joel Stevens Facilities Officer (Plumber)
Mr Tomas Henry Facilities Officer (Electrician)
Ms Karen Chapman Manager, Counselling Services 02 6620 3329
Mr Blake Rogers Facilities Officer (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning)
Professor Peter Vize Adjunct Professor
Mr Glen Ramsay Applications Delivery and Support Administrator 02 6620 3698
Mr Steve Spinks University Lawyer 02 6620 3954
Ms Vicki Tillott Lecturer (Teaching Scholar) 02 6659 3790
Dr Wally Franklin Adjunct Fellow 0418 797 326
Dr Trish Franklin Adjunct Fellow +61 418 797 326
Dr John McKinnon Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Ms Sara Pasquariello Application & Delivery Support Officer 02 6620 3698
Ms Kylie Richmond Application & Delivery Support Officer
Ms Julie Flanigan Administrative Assistant 02 6659 3341
Ms Katrina Austen Lecturer 0266593294
Dr Luke Del Vecchio Lecturer
Professor Tyrone Carlin Vice Chancellor and President
Professor Tim Smith Adjunct Professor
Dr Natalie Herold Adjunct Fellow
Ms Willa Maguire Associate Lecturer (Teaching Scholar)
Professor Rita Irwin Adjunct Professor
Ms Zoe Hancock Lecturer (Teaching Scholar) 02 6620 3378
Dr Kyle Bennett Lecturer 02 6659 3183
Dr Zan Hammerton Adjunct Lecturer
Professor Jeff Wilks Adjunct Professor 5589 3383
Mr Gavin Heath Lead ICT Engineer
Mr Josh Dowling Payroll Services Officer 02 6620 3737
Mr Nick Simmons Campus Coordinator 02 6659 3007
Professor Nigel Patrick Thomas Adjunct Professor
Associate Professor Richard Lakeman Associate Professor +61 7 55893354
Dr Rosemary Craig Adjunct Professional Fellow
Mr David Rousell Adjunct Lecturer
Professor Mary Spongberg Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research and Academic Capability) 07 5589 3083
Dr Liz Goode Lecturer 02 6659 3157
Ms Kylie Day Indigenous Research Academic 02 66203245.
Dr Stuart Smith Adjunct Professor
Mr Stirling Bowen Technical Officer 02 66269358
Dr Alexandre Stephens Adjunct Associate Professor
Dr David Abrego Senior Lecturer 0266598112
Dr Jo Edney Executive Officer 0266203809
Ms Rosalba Courtney Adjunct Professional Fellow
Mr Brendan Webb Work Integrated Learning Coordinator 07 5589 3439
Dr Amanda Beasley Technical and Laboratory Team Leader 02 6659 8149
Dr Mandy Hughes Senior Lecturer
Mr Brett Vaughan Adjunct Professional Fellow
Mrs Charmaine McGrath Curriculum and Accreditation Coordinator 02 66203900
Mrs Jennifer Hollier Senior Technical and Laboratory Officer 73758
Mr Brendan Waters Audio Visual Production Coordinator 02 66 269476
Mr Jeremy Austin Creative Design Officer
Mr Eric Easton Technical Officer, Audio Visual
Mr Paul Brown Manager, Customer Service extn 83079
Ms Kim Sainsbury International Student Advisor +61 2 66203962
Ms Briony Leonard Student Safety Support & Wellbeing Coordinator 02 66269643
Ms Anita Johnston-Oost Senior Curriculum and Accreditation Coordinator 02 6626 9271
Ms Cortney Gray Finance Business Partner 07 5589 3428
Mr Spencer Hobbs Maintenance Supervisor (07) 5589 3031
Mr Evan Crandon Chief Marketing Officer 0266203364
Ms Kirsten Atkinson Student Management Officer-Indigenous Australian Student Services 02 6659 3796
Mrs Felicity Walker Lecturer
Dr Catherine Howlett Senior Lecturer
Mr Chris Corcoran Project Manager
Ms Lena Mager Events Officer +61 2 6626 9501
Professor Allan Curtis Adjunct Professor
Dr Thomas Davis Adjunct Lecturer
Mr Juan Arrieta Terreros Senior Technical and Laboratory Officer 0755893159
Professor Scott Smith Adjunct Professor +61 2 6620 3088
Ms Tina Van Eyk Project Officer
Dr Lachlan Forsyth Director, Centre for Teaching & Learning 0429395790
Ms Ellie Magee-Jessup Production Officer
Ms Amanda Wilkinson Executive Officer 02 6620 3669
Ms Lisa Couzens Associate Lecturer 02 6659 3977
Professor Nick Ashbolt Executive Dean
Ms Danika Head Vice President (Operations)
Ms Bridgette Hill Associate Lecturer (Teaching Scholar)
Professor Alan Borthwick Adjunct Professor
Dr Thomas Buckley Adjunct Professor
Dr Bruce Hodgson Adjunct Fellow
Ms Natasha Cook Administrative Assistant +61 2 6626 9255
Ms Raine Ellis International Student Support Officer 02 6620 3965
Ms Carlie Daley Librarian 02 6620 3538
Dr Gideon de Jong Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Rex Glencross-Grant Adjunct Associate Professor
Dr Daniel Harrison Senior Lecturer
Ms Janise Mitchell Adjunct Associate Professor
Ms Amy Coull Manager, University Events 07 5589 3129
Dr Hilton Swan Adjunct Fellow
Mr David Croswell ICT Engineer (Linux Platform and Services)
Mrs Paola Diaz-Willis Aquarium Guide
Associate Professor Sharon Parry Adjunct Associate Professor 02 6620 3672
Mr Justin Burford Technology Support Officer 07 5589 3389
Mrs Dima Nasrawi Lecturer 1800 626 481
Ms Cintamani Brown Team Leader, Client Services 07 5589 3079
Ms Lisa Charmer Lecturer 07 55893462
Dr Kachina Allen Lecturer
Mr Steve Law Technical and Laboratory Officer +61 2 6620 3879
Mr Chance Cruickshank Technical Assistant
Mr Simon Brown Faculty Manager 02 6626 9157
Dr Doug Somerville Adjunct Associate Professor
Ms Melissa Lucashenko Adjunct Professor
Dr Keith Skamp Adjunct Professor 02 66241690
Ms Karlyn Gibson Communications and Outreach Officer 6620 3068
Professor Nils Moosdorf Adjunct Professor
Dr John Ryan Adjunct Associate Professor
Mrs Kirsten Cameron Technical and Laboratory Officer 66593910
Ms Caitlin Zillman Communications and Development Manager 6626 9634
Ms Teri King Senior Manager, Student Care & Support 0266 269 110
Dr Rosalind Beavers Lecturer (Teaching Scholar) 66203499
Ms Erin Parrey Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Erin Stubbs CIO Executive Officer
Dr Peter Ampt Adjunct Professor
Dr Jess Oliver Director, Business Intelligence and Quality +61 7 5589 3472
Dr Lisa Siegel Associate Lecturer 02 6659 8014
Miss Fabiana Vieira Severino Financial Accountant 2 6626 9435
Dr Royce Willis Lecturer (02) 6659 8003
Mrs Gabby La Forest Casual Academic (Teaching) 07 55893226
Mr Robert Rollin Industry Experience Manager
Dr Marian Tubbs Senior Lecturer 02 66203897
Associate Professor Matthew Leach Deputy Director, Education +61 2 6620 3298
Ms Hannah Sunde Technical and Laboratory Team Leader 93469
Dr Rod Kavanagh Adjunct Associate Professor
Dr Michael Barry Adjunct Associate Professor
Mr Jono Freeman Adjunct Professional Fellow
Associate Professor Romy Lauche Foundation Director, National Centre for Naturopathic Medicine +61 2 6620 3362
Dr Cooper Schouten Lecturer
Ms Corrine Jordan Adjunct Professional Fellow
Mrs Amanda Isaac Associate Lecturer
Professor Darshana Sedera Associate Dean (Research)
Ms Julie Walker Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Patrick Bruck Associate Lecturer 07 55893467
Ms Kate Kelly Adjunct Professional Fellow 07 5589 3092
Ms Sarah Barrett Adjunct Lecturer
Dr Alicia Phillips Lecturer 07 5589 3466
Dr Curtis Champion Adjunct Lecturer
Dr Colin Black Adjunct Lecturer
Professor Jon Wardle Foundation Director, National Centre for Naturopathic Medicine 02 6620 3585
Mr Nathaniel de Heer Counsellor
Mrs Wan Bradridge Travel Officer 02 6626 9587
Professor Julie Jomeen Executive Dean
Mr Ryan Anderson Gym Attendant
Ms Jenni Jarrett Group Fitness Instructor
Dr Kylie Radford Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Dr Judith Wilks Adjunct Associate Professor
Professor Iain Graham Adjunct Professor 02 6620 3557
Mr Josh Harris Technical Officer 0438999488
Dr Marilyn Ahearn Adjunct Lecturer
Dr Roger Engel Adjunct Associate Professor
Mrs Sarah Rickard Administrative Assistant (Secretariat) (02) 6620 3456
Ms Aimee Andersen Educational Designer 0417739070
Ms Amy Pracilio Senior Project Officer
Dr Tobey-Ann Pinder Adjunct Professional Fellow
Professor Holger Cramer Adjunct Professor
Ms Inga Lie Field Education Officer +61 7 5589 3181
Dr Kieran Cooley Adjunct Fellow
Associate Professor Michael Gard Adjunct Associate Professor + 61 2 66203619
Associate Professor Ryan Bradley Adjunct Associate Professor
Mr David Forde Digital Producer and Designer 02 6659 8069
Mr Dean Gould Chief Marketing Officer 07 5589 3281
Ms Rhianna Poole Innovation Projects Manager 02 6620 3555
Miss Emma Rumble Marketing Manager 55893074
Ms Wendy Klaus Administrative Assistant 02 6620 3604
Ms Myeka Page Marketing Manager
Mrs Jessica Nelson Media Officer 07 55893024
Mr Stephen Harris Design Lead 02 6620 3144
Mrs Jemma Neylan Senior Manager, Partnerships and Alumni 0755893186
Ms Sharlene King Media Officer 02 6620 3508
Ms Lee Adendorff Head of Content 02 6626 9114
Miss Caitlin Lea Digital Marketing Coordinator 07 5589 3151
Dr Amie Steel Adjunct Fellow
Dr Francesca Panzironi Adjunct Fellow 0883550135
Dr Ros Derrett Adjunct Professor
Professor Tracey Bunda Adjunct Professor
Ms Angela Powditch Adjunct Fellow
Mr David Barnden Adjunct Fellow 03 9607 8300
Professor Jeanne Gaakeer Adjunct Professor
Mr Zenon Kowalczyk Data and Survey Coordinator
Mr Paul Wardrop Student Administration Officer
Mr Jacob Crisp Reporting Officer
Mr Jak Carroll International Student Advisor
Dr Andrea Bugarcic Senior Lecturer
Mr Gordon Barnes Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Richard Harris Adjunct Associate Professor 02 6620 3836
Mr Warwick Fisher Lecturer (Teaching Scholar) 02 6620 3169
Ms Helen Walsh Associate Dean (Education) 02 6620 3848
Ms Saffron Bond Executive Assistant +61 457 664 319
Ms Clarissa Hitchcock Associate Lecturer
Dr Angela Coco Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Ms Georgia Rowland Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Will Petrie Field Research Assistant
Mr Matt Sauer Digital Marketing Manager
Professor Colin Martin Adjunct Professor
Dr Basia Radlinska Adjunct Lecturer
Dr Jeff Thompson Adjunct Fellow
Mr Jay Finkelstein Adjunct Professor
Ms Clare Yopp HR Advisor (Shared Services) 02 6626 9279 (79279)
Dr Michael Stapelberg Adjunct Associate Professor
Professor Elizabeth Stephens Adjunct Professor 61 2 6626 9331
Dr Bryony Horton Adjunct Lecturer
Dr Lyn Ebert Adjunct Senior Lecturer 02 66593619
Dr Liza Oates Adjunct Fellow
Mrs Suzie Grissell Careers and Employability Consultant 02 66269523
Ms Leanne Baker Senior Manager, Careers and Employability 07 5589 3116
Ms Dot Armstrong Coordinator Academic Governance and Student Misconduct T +61-2-6620 3065
Ms Paola Bolzicco Executive Assistant to the Vice Chancellor 02 6620 3703
Ms Amanda Johnston Complaints Assistance Officer 66 203849
Ms Caitlin Burcher Careers and Employability Consultant 07 5589 3793
Ms Gina Werner Careers and Employability Consultant 02 6626 9530
Mr Joseph Donnelly Careers and Employability Consultant 02 6659 3975
Dr Paul Whitelaw Academic Director, Hotel School Partnership
Ms Louise Hardman Adjunct Fellow
Mr Dave Elmer Director, Financial Performance
Ms Leah Aboody Administration Officer 02 6620 3222
Dr Aaron Thornton Adjunct Associate Professor 0418438423
Associate Professor Steve Whalan Associate Professor (Research) +61 (02) 6620 3486
Dr Monica Gagliano Associate Professor (Research)
Ms Heather Grain Adjunct Fellow
Ms Margaret Faux Adjunct Fellow
Dr David Lloyd Adjunct Associate Professor +61 2 66269401
Associate Professor Rob Garbutt Adjunct Associate Professor 02 6620 3350
Dr Tess Boyle Adjunct Lecturer 07 55893225
Dr Tony Yeigh Adjunct Associate Professor
Professor Kevin Markwell Adjunct Professor 02 66269366
Dr Kay Dimmock Adjunct Senior Lecturer 02 6620 3981
Dr Rudi Meir Adjunct Associate Professor
Dr Beth Mozolic-Staunton Adjunct Lecturer 07 5589 3149
Dr Lesley Braun Adjunct Professor
Ms Jo Schaefer HR Advisor (Shared Services) +61 2 6620 3195
Associate Professor Helen Hall Adjunct Fellow
Associate Professor Niki Munk Adjunct Fellow
Dr Emma Thompson Brewster Lecturer
Ms Melissa Kemp Lecturer
Dr Robert Smith Adjunct Associate Professor
Mr Michael Grande Adjunct Lecturer 0447624472
Mr Andrew Allen Technical Officer 02 66203 098
Dr Kristin den Exter Adjunct Professional Fellow 0414223139
Mr Lance Jones Adjunct Fellow +61-414385420
Dr Terry Hutchinson Adjunct Professor
Associate Professor Simon Rosenbaum Adjunct Professor
Ms Maureen Bezanson Librarian, Systems, Copyright and Repository 02 6626 9483
Dr Reza Ghanbarzadeh Lecturer +61 7 5589 3477
Dr Jo Kijas Adjunct Fellow
Ms Bec Lipscombe Aquarium Guide 02 6659 8103
Dr Marine Gouezo Postdoctoral Coral Researcher
Mr Joe Howard Technical Assistant
Ms Katrina Campbell Lecturer
Dr Sue Hudson Adjunct Associate Professor 07 55893256
Mrs Katie Hotko Associate Lecturer
Ms Candice Richards Student Ambassador
Mrs Donna Wilson Lecturer 07 5589 3246
Dr Erica Russ Senior Lecturer 07 5589 3167
Ms Jacqueline Mitchelson Group Fitness Instructor
Professor Robyn Keast Professor
Ms Cassidy Baker Student Ambassador
Dr Habib Habibullah Adjunct Lecturer +612 6620 3253
Miss Catherine Kopp Technical Officer 0266203678
Ms Francine Gloerfelt-Tarp Technical Officer
Ms Heidi Lunn Technical Officer
Ms Amanda Serone Administrative Assistant 79644
Ms Selina Luhrs Technical Assistant
Mr Bendrik Baumeister Technical Officer
Mrs Tracy Codrington Technical Officer 6622 79377
Ms Georgi Savins Quality Assurance Officer 73080
Mr Nick Thompson Technical Officer 0266626366
Mr Tim Barnett Technical Assistant
Dr Dexter Dela Cruz Postdoctoral Coral Researcher
Mr Lance Jones Casual Academic (Teaching) +61-414385420
Miss Amy Mills Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Peter James Postdoctoral Research Fellow (02)66203143
Mr Codi Lower Future Students Officer 07 5589 3310
Dr Prithwi Chakraborty Lecturer 0755893195
Associate Professor Wendy Gilleard Adjunct Associate Professor
Mr Ben Scott Associate Lecturer 07 5589 3363
Associate Professor Kim Snepvangers Adjunct Professor
Ms Ellen Fleeton Student Orientation & Induction Coordinator
Mrs Sandra Davies Transaction Services Officer
Mrs Wendy Scott Acting Director, Research Data and Contracts
Ms Charmaine Bernie Senior Research Fellowship (Early Years Research Lab) (07) 5589 3455
Ms Ruth Henderson Casual Academic (Teaching) 0409151378
Associate Professor Kathryn Taffs Adjunct Associate Professor 02 6620 3045
Mr Peter Strain Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Dennis O'Brien Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Alex Lawrence Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Inga Lie Casual Academic (Teaching) +61 7 5589 3181
Ms June Colgrave Adjunct Lecturer 66593397
Ms Donna Simon Executive Assistant 0755893224
Mrs Dani Chittick CRM Campaigns Lead
Ms Rachel Ritchie Librarian 02 6659 3238
Mrs Jodie Derrick Marketing Manager
Dr Matthew Tonge Adjunct Fellow
Professor Judy Cashmore Adjunct Professor
Dr Gopi McLeod Adjunct Professional Fellow
Professor Yang Liu Adjunct Professor
Miss Tegan Nichols Transaction Services Officer
Mr Nikola Kalamir Educational Designer
Ms Nicole Waller Curriculum and Accreditation Coordinator +61 2 6626 9618
Mr Mike Howarth Technology Support Officer
Mr Emile Goddard Educational Designer 02 66203 390
Ms Emma Babbage Casual Academic (Teaching) (02) 6620 3238
Mr Will Richardson-Davis Digital Designer
Miss Julie-Anne Nichols Payroll Officer 07 55893350
Mr Tim Millhouse Digital Producer and Designer 0266279268
Ms Ashley Filipe Digital Designer
Dr Nicol Moulding Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Marlon Jones Educational Designer
Dr Kerrie Stimpson Associate Lecturer (Teaching Scholar)
Dr Dylan Poulus Lecturer
Ms Suzanne Geraghty Manager, Future Students
Mrs Penny Bredenkamp Executive Assistant 07 5589 3463
Mr Paul Dunn Analyst Programmer
Dr Anne-Louise Carlton Adjunct Fellow
Mr Mark Whitten Group Fitness Instructor
Miss Claudia Evans Innovation Projects Manager 0418 414 426
Dr Szabolcs Lehoczki-Krsjak Research Fellow
Ms Prue Berry Faculty Manager 0417 769 201
Associate Professor Louise Phillips Chair of Discipline (Initial Teacher Education) 07 5589 3443
Dr David Cashman Adjunct Associate Professor
Dr Moya Costello Adjunct Lecturer
Associate Professor Lynette Stockhausen Adjunct Associate Professor 0755893146
Mr Michael Wood Adjunct Professional Fellow
Ms Michele Day Casual Academic (Teaching) 02 6620 3564
Dr Luke Jeffrey Research Fellow
Ms Sharon Sanders Digital Designer
Dr Dennis Richards Adjunct Fellow
Mr Hamish Laing Graduate Research Officer
Ms Laura Kelly Casual Academic (Teaching)
Miss Courtney Sousa Partnership Officer
Dr Jessie Seymour Adjunct Lecturer
Dr Martin Chatterton Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Dr James Baker Adjunct Associate Professor
Dr Polly Lai Lecturer
Ms Sarah Armstrong Adjunct Lecturer
Mr Peter Howlett Manager, Financial Performance & Analytics
Associate Professor Marilyn Chaseling Emeritus Professor
Professor Martin Hayden Emeritus Professor 02 6620 3160
Professor Bill Boyd Emeritus Professor
Professor Bee Chen Goh Emeritus Professor 07 5589 3058
Professor Stephen Myers Emeritus Professor 02 6620 3643
Dr Michael Whelan Adjunct Senior Lecturer 02 6620 3637
Mr Brendan Pearce Director, Human Resources 02 6620 3744
Mr Shaun Cooper Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Sumith Pathirana Adjunct Associate Professor 02 6620 3036
Mr Michael Karkkainen Workplace Health and Safety Advisor 02 6620 3094
Dr Alison Watts Adjunct Lecturer +61 2 6620 3000
Dr Bruce Knight Adjunct Professor
Dr Jake Madden Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Professor David Spendlove Adjunct Professor
Dr David Turner Conjoint Associate Professor
Ms Kaz Wilson Technical Assistant
Mrs Louise Casson Administrative Assistant +61 2 6620 3096
Ms Katie Crosby Gym Attendant
Professor Richard Light Adjunct Professor
Dr Girish Choppala Adjunct Fellow +61 2 6620 3258
Mr Adam Fitzgerald Facilities Officer
Dr Kit Bennetts Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Emily Howells Senior Research Fellow
Ms Jessica Taylor Clinical Trials Manager 02 6620 3071
Dr Christina Samios Adjunct Associate Professor 07 5589 3120
Miss Kate Currey Lecturer
Dr Geoff Smith Adjunct Associate Professor +61 (0) 2 6626 9238
Mr John-Paul Lo Giudice Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Isaac Byrne Content and Marketing Assistant
Dr Diarmuid Hurley Associate Lecturer
Ms Gabi Quigley HR Advisor (Recruitment)
Dr Liz Heagney Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Dr Donald McDowall Adjunct Fellow 02 62515477
Ms Clare Thorpe Director, Library Services 07 5589 3492
Ms Karin Mills Associate Lecturer (02) 66593642
Ms Eliza Walter HR Business Partner 0266593908
Professor Fiona Naumann Executive Dean
Dr Cherise Addinsall Adjunct Fellow
Mr Nicholas Catel Business Analyst
Mr Shaun Coleman Lecturer
Dr Naomi Wells Adjunct Lecturer
Mr Jarrod Watt Applications Delivery and Support Coordinator
Ms Moira Mallaby Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Julia McConnochie Research Development Officer
Mr Thomas Dinala Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Eric Brymer Senior Lecturer
Dr Uwe Terton Lecturer
Professor Gillian Gould Professor
Mr Bryan Mead Senior Technical Officer
Dr Paul Weeks Adjunct Senior Lecturer Not listed
Dr Helen Breen Adjunct Senior Lecturer +61 2 66203000
Professor Caroline Sullivan Adjunct Professor
Associate Professor Gail Wilson Adjunct Associate Professor 0428 677 572
Dr Ngoy Mutombo Adjunct Fellow
Mr Regan Barker Technical Officer
Ms Stefanie Kocon Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mrs Corinne Cribb Lecturer 0413180810
Dr Monica Seini Lecturer
Mrs Ashleigh Edwards Executive Officer
Associate Professor Ev Innes Adjunct Associate Professor (07) 5589 3224
Dr Jacqueline Williams Adjunct Associate Professor
Dr Victoria Cole Adjunct Lecturer
Dr Elaine Jefford Adjunct Associate Professor +61 2 6659 3973
Dr Liz Deschaseaux Research Fellow
Mr Isaac Jurjens Applications Delivery and Support Officer
Dr Daniel Waters Technical Assistant 6620 3443
Mrs Jennifer Williams Schools Engagement Coordinator 02 6659 3920
Mrs Renee Hogben Professional Experience Coordinator 07 5589 3491
Mrs Nicole Graham Lecturer
Miss Elle Moore Advancement Coordinator 02 6620 3644
Mr Henry Latimer Student Administration Officer
Miss Kate Mackell Administration Officer 02 6620 3214
Ms Liz Writer Student Management Officer
Mrs Marissa Green Student Management Officer
Ms Shannon Maguire Curriculum and Accreditation Coordinator (02) 6626 9383
Mr Lawrence Mercy Student Administration Officer
Miss Mandy Atkinson Student Administration Officer
Dr Morgan Disspain Adjunct Lecturer
Mrs Gill Matthews Senior Manager, Digital Experience
Ms Diana Hernandez Research Assistant
Associate Professor Michelle Donelly Adjunct Associate Professor 61 7 5589 3241
Ms Kim Fischer Senior Curriculum and Accreditation Coordinator 02 6620 3830
Mr Lance Jones Writer +61-414385420
Dr Aaron Thornton Senior Lecturer 0418438423
Dr Belinda Barton Lecturer
Mr Gareth Vanderhope Associate Lecturer
Ms Nidhi Syed Student Administration Officer 07 5589 3391
Ms Roz Santi Student Administration Officer
Ms Bec McFarlane Student Management Officer
Ms Rhonda Munro Counsellor 02 6626 9300
Professor Barbara Rugendyke Adjunct Professor
Mr Tim Mulholland Administrative Assistant 02 6620 3063
Dr Alexandra Ordonez Alvarez Research Associate
Ms Tracey McGuiness Receptionist, Counselling Services 0266269300
Ms Amy Christensen Student Administration Officer
Ms Lesley Bennett Student Administration Officer 02 6659 3900
Ms Christina Ma Student Administration Officer
Ms Aimee Ahu Team Leader, Shared Services Hub 07 5589 3018
Ms Chanelle Langham Student Administration Officer
Ms Sheree Janezic Administrative Assistant 0266203723
Ms Anitha Krishnaswamy Research Data Analytics Officer
Dr Noah Nielsen Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Ben Giles Technology Support Officer
Ms Kristy Ansell Manager, Client Services (Recruitment and Classification) 0450034553
Mrs Olivia Robinson Partnership Officer 0452 511 794
Professor Janet Taylor Emeritus Professor
Dr Shane McIntosh Research Engagement Manager 0408400194
Mr Gary Williams Grounds Officer
Mr Nelson Burgos Rodriguez Work Integrated Learning Coordinator 02 6626 9344
Mrs Janet Chappell Grounds Officer
Ms Megan Lee Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Professor Linda Rosenman Adjunct Professor
Ms Tanya Stewart Research Support Officer 07 5589 3457
Dr Mustafa Ucgul Senior Lecturer
Mr Adrian Martin Gym Membership & Programs Coordinator
Mrs Bronwyn Browne Technical Officer 07 55893158
Mr Jeremy Sullivan Grounds Leading Hand
Ms Chris Lawler Lecturer in Project Management
Dr Amina Khatun Technical Officer
Ms Kate Haines Administrative Assistant 02 6626 9480
Mr Ashley Hunter Technical Officer
Dr Annabelle Keene Technical and Laboratory Team Leader 02 6620 3076
Mr Peter Kurtz Manager, Infrastructure Provisioning 07 558 93488
Mr Tom Dick Casual Academic (Teaching)
Professor Maxime Aubert Adjunct Professor
Ms Sharon Erdrich Adjunct Fellow
Dr Ya-Ling Huang Lecturer 07 5589 3790
Ms Dani Edwards Future Students Conversion Coordinator
Mr Nelson Cheli Future Students Team Leader
Mrs Leah Fitzgerald Manager, Campus Services 0266593227
Mr Matt Collins Future Students Officer (Conversion and Enquiries) 02 6626 9608
Ms Lisa Heinemann Gym Attendant
Dr Vivianne de Oliveira Landgraf de Castro Technical Officer 0448049030
Mr Bill Key Marketing Manager
Mr Mark Payne Adjunct Fellow
Mr Jack Williamson Vice President (Strategy and Implementation)
Mr Brendon Nelson Vice President (Students) and Registrar
Mr Tony Coyle Technical and Laboratory Officer
Dr Ben Liu Senior Research Fellow 0266203293
Mr Lennard Garcia-de Heer Research Assistant
Dr Michelle Bissett Associate Professor
Mr Arron Stevens Lecturer 02 6659 3911
Ms Kaylene Barchetta Lecturer
Mr Donald Brushett Research Technician 79254
Dr Alejandro Tagliafico Guzman Technical and Laboratory Officer (02) 6659 8128
Miss Yasmin Nelson Digital Coordinator
Ms Sophie Diamandi Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mrs Paula Farrell Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mrs Ruth Orr Administrative Assistant 0484508622
Miss Yvette Millist Research Officer
Professor Reena Ghildyal Adjunct Professor
Miss Kayla Roberts Student Administration Officer 07 5589 3282
Mr Troy Shepherd Sampling Officer
Mr Joshua Targett Technical and Laboratory Officer 0266593249
Miss Julia Voelker Research Assistant
Mr Mathew Alexanderson Research Officer
Ms Nicole Stone Laboratory Assistant
Ms Amy Scoones Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mrs Kim Broom Client Services Coordinator
Miss Tahlia Forshaw-Brown Student Administration Officer
Mr Oliver Ferguson Student Administration Officer
Dr Antonia Canosa Research Fellow (07) 55893333
Dr Anu Khara Educational Designer
Miss Shelley Barfoot Technology Facilitator
Dr Eric Holgate Educational Designer
Dr Gina La Hera Fuentes Research Assistant
Dr Ratika Kumar Reearch Fellow
Ms Janette Ellis Educational Designer
Mr Dallas McLoon Lead ICT Engineer
Dr Simone Blom Project Manager (RAMP) 02 6620 3512
Ms Skye Ravenscroft Team Leader, Client Services 02 6659 3297
Mr Tim Magoffin Educational Designer/Technology Facilitator
Mrs Michelle Metanoia Technology Facilitator
Ms Meaghan Vosz Research Officer
Justice Steven Strickland Adjunct Professor
Ms Kate Seinor Aquarium Guide
Dr Angela Turner Adjunct Senior Lecturer 02 6659 3110
Mrs Suzie Grissell Casual Academic (Teaching) 02 66269523
Ms Karen Rose Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Femke Romeijn Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Lyn Ebert Associate Professor 02 66593619
Ms Kayla Baker Aquarium Guide
Dr Marilyn Clarke Academic Advisor 0403172824
Dr Darran Stonehouse Lecturer
Ms Abbey Sivewright Customer Service
Dr Yujie Wang Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Lana Kairey Research Assistant, Clinical Trials
Ms Madeleine Searson Casual Academic (Teaching) 0458761427
Ms Roberta Barbiellini Adjunct Professional fellow
Dr Peter King Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Mr Tobias Gebhardt Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Jess Simpson Student Ambassador
Ms Kim Drinkwater Research Data Officer Library 6620 9407
Ms Josie Cubitt Group Fitness Instructor
Ms Amanda Evans Educational Designer
Mr Erwin Tandayu Research Technician
Dr Abe Gibson Research Fellow
Dr Aspa Baroutsis Senior Lecturer +61 7 558 93227
Dr Simone Blom Associate Lecturer 02 6620 3512
Mr Mathew Alexanderson Project Developer, RAMP Project
Mr Adam Fitzgerald Property Services Officer
Dr Heather Winskel Adjunct Senior Lecturer +61 2 6659 3381
Mr Chris Bartels Adjunct Lecturer
Mr Blake Skuse Student Ambassador
Professor Jennene Greenhill Chair of Discipline (Nursing)
Ms Jane Mosco Adjunct Professional Fellow
Mrs Zoe Hunter Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr David Shaw Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mrs Selena Koning Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Maisie McNaught Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Brenda Allan SCU Health Clinic Manager
Dr Michael Smith Adjunct Associate Professor
Dr Razak Gyasi Adjunct Fellow
Ms Christine Smith Casual Academic (Teaching)
Miss Bindi Heldt Contractor Compliance Officer 02 6626 9505
Ms Krissy McArdle Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Mike Franks Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mrs Robyn Stewart Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Meri Oakwood Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Declan Forrester Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Lisa Palethorpe Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Kerrie Shepherd Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Kell Simpson Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Diane Coller Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mrs Teneille Clark Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Melissa Wolfe Senior Lecturer 0266593110
Ms Jen Ulichny Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Blyss Lowe Student Ambassador
Dr Maarten De Brauwer Adjunct Fellow
Miss Rachel Findlater Careers and Employability Consultant +61 7 55893095
Ms Nicole McNamee Student Ambassador
Mr Adam Fletcher Associate Lecturer
Mrs Sheela Waghmare Analyst Programmer
Mr Stuart Airlie Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Harpal Singh Technical Assistant
Dr Mitchell Call Research Fellow
Ms Nadia Di Martino Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Ana Munro Manager, Quality and Compliance
Ms Debby Morris Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Isaiah Koopmans Technical and Laboratory Officer (02) 66598129
Ms Lisa Carey Lecturer
Ms Phoebe McMillan Administration Assistant
Dr Lisa Chen Adjunct Lecturer +61 7 55893476
Ms Sharon Grellman Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Jill Parkes Librarian 07 55893094
Mr David Hardwick Adjunct Lecturer
Dr Emma Gentle Adjunct Professional Fellow
Professor John Page Adjunct Professor 61 2 6620 3058
Mr Connor Clare Data and Survey Coordinator
Associate Professor Stewart Vella Adjunct Associate Professor
Ms Keila Seaton Technical Assistant
Dr Michelle Neumann Associate Professor 07 5589 3501
Professor Sue Walker Associate Dean (Research) 07 5589 3495
Ms Kaitlyn McLeod Food and Beverage Attendant
Miss Nyomi Bodley Technical and Laboratory Officer +61 2 6659 8070
Dr Ernest Du Toit Technical Manager, ReCirculator
Mr Ramon Braga Research Fellow
Mr Liam Bolitho Research Fellow
Dr Marie-Chantale Pelletier Senior Lecturer +61 2 6626 9434
Ms Vicki Gersh Casual Academic (Teaching)
Professor Greta Bird Adjunct Professor 02 6620 3112
Professor Isaac Santos Adjunct Professional Fellow 02 6648 8138
Dr Niloofar Karimian Adjunct Fellow
Ms Kim Monteforte Research Assistant
Ms Joanna Merton Casual Academic (Teaching)
Professor Liz Mackinlay Director Higher Degrees Research
Ms Janet Souter Casual Academic (Teaching)
Miss Rebeka Piggott Transaction Services Officer
Mr Richard Allman Technical Assistant
Mr Rama Sagi Service Desk Officer
Mrs Karina Griffin Research Officer
Ms Lauren Hasson Laboratory Assistant
Mr Nehal Singh Service Desk Officer
Mrs Nirit Marchand Technology Support Officer (Audiovisual)
Ms Ashley Cram Technical Assistant
Mr Peter Marshall Administration Officer 02 6659 8116
Dr Bradley McEwen Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Ms Jeanette Simpkins Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mrs Fiona Stroud Educational Designer 07 5589 3019
Miss Claire Hutchinson Lecturer 0266593919
Mr Will Elrick Research Assistant
Dr Lily Guo Lecturer
Mr Jared Aquilina Technical Officer
Professor James Bennett-Levy Adjunct Professor
Ms Rikki Kelly Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Judith Rosentreter Research Fellow
Dr Feifei Tong Senior Lecturer (07) 5589 3205
Mrs Annie Alexander Student Counsellor
Mr Noah Mason Gym Attendant
Mr Mark Try Project Manager
Professor Stephen Smith Adjunct Professor +61 2 66598108
Mr Peter Butcherine Research Fellow
Ms Titanilla Iharzi Group Fitness Instructor
Dr Ruben Laukkonen Lecturer
Mrs Jodie-Anne Mak Future Students Officer
Mr James Sippo Research Fellow
Mr John Hancock Stakeholder Manager 0266203994
Associate Professor Daniel Bucher Emeritus Professor 0414864085
Ms April Cupitt Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Alain Touwaide Adjunct Fellow
Dr Emanuela Appetiti Adjunct Fellow
Mr Jack Roohan Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Cloe Jager Content Marketing Officer
Mr Nathan Kempshall Project Manager, Soil Research and Carbon Neutral Economy Project
Ms Raelene Webb Adjunct Professor
Mr Josh Wright Audio Visual Support Officer
Ms Janelle Mawhinney Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Silvia Caratti Casual Academic (Teaching)
Justice Brian Preston Adjunct Professor
Dr Linda Furness Lecturer
Mrs Simone Newman Senior library Coordinator 02 6659 3624
Professor Stephen Woods Adjunct Professor
Mr Michael Kirby Adjunct Professor
Dr Jacob Yeo Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Tina Marcoionni Senior Lecturer 0421440725
Dr Warwick Mules Adjunct Associate Professor
Dr Scott Goddard Unit Writer
Mr Nik Doves Digital Designer and Producer
Dr Ali Reza Alaei Senior Lecturer 07 5589 3065
Ms Helen Moors Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Kirsten Deutschmann Associate Lecturer
Mrs Morgan Pearson Associate Lecturer
Mr Callum Moore Senior Network Engineer (02) 6626 9388
Mr Mark Krnjaic Director, Organisational Development (02) 6626 9395
Mr Jason Shipway Applications Delivery and Support Administrator
Ms Jo Piggott Casual Academic (Teaching) 0478625947
Mrs Annie Zorzo Curriculum & Accreditation Coordinator
Mr Jack Taylor Student Ambassador
Ms Sophie Fischer Events Support Officer
Ms Lauren Maguire Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Pennie Durheim Student Ambassador - Events
Mr Grant Gordon Project Manager 02 6620 3681
Dr Nehemia Sugianto Lecturer
Dr Anna Praskova Adjunct Lecturer +61 7 55 893 394
Dr David Rohweder Adjunct Fellow
Ms Susan Lang-Lemckert Project Manager, ReCirculator
Dr Menka Tsantefski Associate Professor
Mrs Debbe Allen Project Officer 02 6620 3489
Ms Alba de Sadaba Alvarez Communications Officer
Mr Marcus Herstik Lecturer
Dr Kelly Menzel Senior Lecturer in Indigenous Knowledge
Ms Jessica Le Maistre Casual Academic (Teaching)
Professor Brenda Happell Professor
Dr Chithira Johnson Director, Student Support
Ms Steph Smith Associate Lecturer
Miss Coral Jeffries Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Tori Donnelly Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Kristy-Lee Campton Casual Academic (Teaching)
Miss Cezanne Laidlaw Website Experience Manager
Ms Jocelyn Tan Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Michael Darcy Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Quintin Meredith Technical Assistant
Ms Deborah Beckwith Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Lee Marshall Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Andrew Moloney Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Nick Pye Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Exhaussee Boukaka Technical Assistant
Dr Robert Lingard Adjunct Senior Lecturer 02 6626 9296
Dr Mary-Anne Kate Lecturer 02 6659 3304
Dr Emily Grace Project Coordinator
Dr Alan Fenn-Lavington Adjunct Lecturer
Dr Jeremy Hudson Adjunct Associate Professor
Professor Fraser Birrell Adjunct Professor
Mr Dylan Lee Student Ambassador
Dr Claire McLisky Adjunct Lecturer
Ms Danyel Herbert Student Ambassador
Dr Richard Hil Adjunct Professor
Ms Janelle Saffin Adjunct Professor
Ms Helen Clark Student Ambassador
Mr Jamie Hetherington Bioscience Technical & Laboratory Officer (02) 6620 3729
Mr Steven Doherty Research Fellow
Dr Steve Pudney Senior Lecturer
Mrs Kelly Hill Educational Designer
Ms Jessica Mills Educational Designer
Miss Alice Mann Technical Team Leader, Gas Chromatography
Professor Charles Lemckert Professor
Mr Christopher Gard Honey Bee Marketing and Economics
Dr Nicole Ryan Postdoctoral Research Manager
Ms Mellissa Kruger Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Rebecca Robinson Gender & Social Science Specialist
Dr Ken Doust Adjunct Senior Lecturer 02 6626 9716
Dr Steve Provost Adjunct Lecturer
Ms Luyan Hu Library Technician
Mr Andrew Gibson Adjunct Associate Professor 07 5589 3057
Dr Anne Bellert Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Mr David Heilpern Associate Professor and Chair of Discipline (Law)
Dr Qi Guo Research Fellow
Ms Julia Cook Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Alex Varela Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Haile Shishaye Adjunct Fellow
Dr Rachel Przeslawski Adjunct Professor
Dr Robert Manning Queen Bee Breeder Specialist
Dr Amy Johnston Adjunct Associate Professor
Ms Melissa Kervella Library Technician
Ms Ilma Imtiaz Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Mathew Vickers Research Fellow
Ms Esther Jones Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Shawn Wilson Adjunct Associate Professor +61 2 6626 9298
Mr Shane Wilson Head Chef
Dr Rikki Quinn Lecturer (Teaching Scholar)
Miss Lilly Murphy Technical Assistant
Miss Siobhan Starr Fit To Practice (FIT) Officer
Mrs Adriana Ikeda Administrative Assistant 07 5589 3359
Associate Professor Deb Massey Adjunct Associate Professor 07 55893448
Mr Thomas Valin Manager, Procurement Services
Ms Rowan Carew Aquarium Guide
Ms Anna Giles Aquarium Guide
Ms Kate Baltrotsky Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Charlotte Ringland Aquarium Guide
Mrs Jo Tubby Technical Assistant
Dr Chris Medcraft Postdoctoral Researcher
Mr Ian Banks Dive Co-ordinator ADAS
Mr Torsten Krause Research Assistant
Mr Lachi Crosbie Business Analyst
Ms Jaimee Moynihan Research Assistant
Dr Roslyn Franklin Adjunct Senior Lecturer 0755893123
Ms Louise Hunt Research Assistant
Professor Susan Nancarrow Adjunct Professor 07 5589 3082
Ms Melissa Tan Research Assistant
Ms Gina Lockton Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Catherine Hastings Adjunct Fellow
Mr Luke Harrison Laboratory Assistant
Ms Hoa Nguyen Administrative Assistant (Research) 0411024668
Ms Ana Banda-Marquez Aquarium Guide
Mr Gary Baker Research Assistant
Professor Patrick McGorry Adjunct Professor
Ms Frances Eliott Research Assistant 02 66203581
Dr John Stevens Associate Professor 02 6620 3306
Ms Lindsay Barnes Grants and Contracts Officer 0755893465
Ms Sarah Rogers Shared Services Hub Advisor +61 7 5589 3259
Ms Darlene Rotumah Lecturer 0755893124
Professor Geraldine Mackenzie Adjunct Professor 07 55893083
Professor Lesley White Adjunct Professor
Ms Amanda Scott Project Manager Knowledge Broker 02 6620 3020
Ms Danielle Brown Research Assistant
Ms Gabby Venn Student Ambassador
Dr Lyndon Brooks Adjunct Senior Lecturer 02 6620 3965
Miss Jumana Schriefer Events Officer (Graduation) 0266269280
Ms Tiffany Cutter Professional Experience Officer
Mr Michael Walker Applications Delivery and Support Administrator +61 416033302
Ms Narelle Hicks HR Advisor (Shared Services) 02 6620 3325
Ms Ayushi Modia Graduate Accountant 0266203067
Mrs Evelyn Barnes Data Coordinator
Dr Ian Southwell Adjunct Professor 0266281629
Dr David Zyngier Adjunct Associate Professor
Professor Andrew Clarke Adjunct Professor
Mr Israel Pinheiro Ruas Junior Service Desk Officer
Ms Ding Weng Service Desk Intern
Miss Laura Webb Alumni Experience Coordinator
Mrs Tara Hawkins Manager, Innovation and Delivery 0431474681
Professor Nicole Rogers Adjunct (07) 55893105
Mr Jacob Birch Research Officer
Miss Kate Summer Research Assistant 02 6620 3032
Dr Frances Larkey Adjunct Associate Professor
Ms Linda Collins Finance Business Partner
Mr Liam Cheffins Student Management Officer
Miss Namiah King Student Administration Officer
Mr Brad Christensen Partnership Officer 0452523361
Miss Rebecca Parker Student Administration Officer
Mrs Michelle Riley Student Management Coordinator
Dr Nell Cook Casual Academic (Teaching) 73790
Mr Nicolas Colbrelli Adams Student Administration Officer 1800 005 687
Ms Tiffany Phan Reporting Performance Analyst
Mr Nathan Whiting Technical and Laboratory Officer (Occupational Therapy & Osteopat
Mr Mark Payne Casual Engagement
Ms Manisha Thakkar Unit Writer
Ms Jaime Doumas Unit Writer
Ms Amy Coppock Research Assistant
Dr Ramil Mauleon Adjunct Senior Lecturer 0266203932
Dr Laura Grogan Visiting Fellow
Mrs Katie McDonough Learning and Organisational Development Coordinator (02) 66269386
Ms Loretta Cornale Administrative Assistant
Mr Jarrod Leu Cyber and Information Security Specialist 0266269385
Ms Mahikala Walakada Appuhamilage Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Michael Watson Unit Writer
Ms Mariah Kolesnyk Graduate Research Officer.
Mr Vimukthi Jayawardene Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Deborah Colaso Business Intelligence Developer (Power BI)
Dr Melisa Rangitakatu Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Mandy Shircore Associate Professor
Dr Carla Valerio Lecturer 07 5589 3154
Mr Ryan King Service Desk Officer
Ms Jessica Wood Unit Writer
Mr Jacob Harmon Service Desk Officer
Mrs Brooke Bingon P E Coordinator
Mr Timothy Rice Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Peter Vervaart Adjunct Professor
Mrs Dani Braganca Regional Manager
Ms Camille Lansom Student Ambassador
Mr Vaughan Sandral Student Ambassador
Ms Miranda Altice Project Officer
Ms Juliane Haag Petasny Student Ambassador
Mr Conor Hendrickson Research Assistant - FAO
Mr Mark Goolmeer Drone Pilot
Dr Jena Buchan Lecturer 0421486874
Dr Jodie Cochrane Wilkie Senior Lecturer (07)55893155
Mrs Rebekah Jacobitz Work Integrated Learning (WIL) Officer
Mr Christopher Brooks Dive Co-Ordinator ADAS
Ms Sharni Carberry Project Engagement Officer
Dr Jos Mieog Research Fellow in Plant Breeding & Genetic Resources
Ms Teresa Hargrave Technical Officer
Dr Denise N Rall Adjunct Fellow 02 6620 3477
Dr Elaine Nuske Casual Academic (Teaching) 07 5589 3167
Mr Geoffrey Dunlevy Ajunct Professor
Ms Mekhala Adhikari Egodawele Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Penny Cooke Research Fellow
Mr Roderick Martin Adjunct Professional Fellow
Dr Noah Nielsen Lecturer
Ms Freyja Hooper Student Administration Officer
Ms Laura Carnovale Curriculum and Accreditation Coordinator
Dr David Harasti Adjunct Associate Professor
Ms Sophia Gerontakos Research Assistant, Clinical Trials
Mrs Amanda Hazlett Student Administration Officer
Ms Petra Nowak Student Administration Officer
Dr Courtney McGowan Lecturer 0432281288
Dr Karlah Norkunas Lecturer
Ms Stefanie Kocon Unit Writer
Mr Brian Fabian Casual Academic -Eng Lang Prog
Ms Sarah Logan Casual Academic -Eng Lang Prog
Ms Annie Long Casual Academic -Eng Lang Prog 0755893366
Ms Sarah Reid Casual Academic -Eng Lang Prog
Mr Greg Collins Casual Academic -Eng Lang Prog
Mr Nicholas Beloff Casual Academic -Eng Lang Prog
Dr Sydur Rahman Technical Officer +612 6620 3056
Dr Jay Anderson Senior Lecturer 0429 685 724
Dr Marianne Wallis Associate Dean Research
Ms Rebecca Lollback Communications Officer 0401758667
Ms Lenore Jones Food & Beverage Attendant
Ms Nichola Palazzi Library Technician
Ms Linda Watson Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Rachel Finneran Research Assistant
Ms Hollie Robards Student Ambassador
Mr Cameron Lloyd Student Ambassador
Dr Hannah McGuigan Unit Writer
Mr Daniel Matthews Research Officer
Mr John Mclean Manager, Facilities operations and Contractors 02 6626 9534
Dr Graeme Browne Adjunct Professor +61 2 6626 9333
Ms Debra Hendry Payroll Officer
Mr Jacob Daley Senior Technical Officer 02 6620 3198
Mrs Bronwyn Browne Casual Academic (Teaching) 07 55893158
Ms Priscilla Jenkins Project Manager
Dr Ana Sierra Padilla Visiting Fellow
Dr Sam Lapkin Associate Professor
Mr Paul Stevenson Adjunct Professional Fellow
Mr John Broomfield Technical Lead (Data Platforms) 0451659665
Mrs Rima Priyen Jinjuvadia Work Integrated Learning Coordinator 07 5589 3439
Ms Vinessa Trikeriotis Client Services Coordinator
Mr Damian Brooks Student Administration Officer
Dr Alana Gall Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Brian Moore Adjunct Lecturer
Ms Jenny Luethi Librarian
Miss Rachael Goddard Future Students Enquiries Officer
Dr Priya Borpatra Gohain Laboratory and Field Assistant
Mr Mario Santini Web System Administrator
Ms Supriya Dubey Applications Delivery and Support Supervisor
Ms Isabella Herington Student Administration Officer
Mr Tristan Barnett Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Adi Brown Casual Academic (Teaching) 0432255169
Ms Naomi Watson Student Ambassador
Mr Wade Ellis Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Chanelle Whithorn Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Alison McGeary Project Coordinator
Ms Roberta Querin Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Adam Smith Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Adrian Doss Airborne Scientific Instrumentation Technician
Mr Ernie Tye Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Vijaya Sadasivam Analyst Programmer
Mr Andrew Walbaum Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mrs Hayley Saul Transaction Services Officer
Mr Duncan Fawkes Analyst Programmer
Dr Vini Fernandes Cruzat Lecturer in Anatomy and Physiology
Mr Daniel Sullivan Casual Academic (Teaching) 0416232952
Ms Annika Craven Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Ellen Dyke Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Archie Avionie Project Business Analyst 02 6620 3980
Miss Maia Osborn Research Assistant
Dr Meri Oakwood Writer
Mrs Joanne McKay Student Administration Officer
Mrs Jess Scheibel Student Administration Officer
Professor William Doherty Adjunct Professor
Ms Shimay Clark Technical Assistant
Dr Michael Reading Postdoctoral Researcher
Mr Brendan Cox Research Officer 5.1
Mr Mike Sharrott Project Manager 02 6659 3202
Mr Benjamin Gray Research Assistant
Ms Hanna Wood Research Assistant
Ms Merinda Davies Project Officer 07 5589 3405
Mr Coedie McCarthy Fieldwork Videographer
Ms Poppy Walker Project Manager
Miss Rebecca Brown Casual Academic (Teaching) 07 5589 3336
Dr Atta Rasool Research Fellow in Environment Geochemistry & Mineralogy +61483225383
Ms Alyce Polak Student Ambassador
Mr Michael Dignan Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mrs Gayle Pooley Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Eric Mark Technical Assistant
Mr Eugene Abramov International Student Advisor 07 5589 3103
Mr O'Jay Moka International Student Support Officer 61 7 5589 3192
Dr Rebecca Allen Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Jacqui Holmes International Student Advisor 0755893182
Ms Megan O'Donnell Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Danie Smallwood Casual Academic (Teaching) 0424234350
Ms Margaret Oehlmann Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Michelle Gordon-Cooke Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Penni Anderson Administrative Assistant
Ms Toni Jensen Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Peta Tauchmann Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Ryan Shaw Technical Assistant
Mr Charlie De Salis Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mrs Rebecca Redmond Associate Lecturer
Mrs Melissa Jurd Librarian 02 6659 3226
Dr Catharine Simmons Research Fellow 07 5889 3445
Ms Sienna Bennett Orientation Senior Leader
Ms Ann-Maree Wilkinson Student Experience Assistant 02 6620 3889
Professor Carlo Leifert Adjunct Professor +61-(0)2-66-203-443
Mr Lee Kearney Research Officer
Ms Karley Simmons Administrative Assistant 02 6620 3187
Ms Shaka Gleeson Student Induction Assistant 02 6626 9262
Ms Kate May Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Stephen Sorrensen Casual Academic -Eng Lang Prog
Mr David Eiler Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Daniel Hawkins Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Liddy Harding Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Di Gunther Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Julian Guy Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Chris Kinch Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Phil Budgeon Casual Academic (Teaching) 02 66203179
Ms Jennifer Richards Casual Academic -Eng Lang Prog
Ms Bec Ellis Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Peter Karathanasis Library Rover
Mr Graham Anderson Library Rover
Ms Erin Barnes Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Miranda Laidlaw Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Jessica Greig Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Shomari Rosalska Library Rover
Mr Leon Erdrich Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Aleasa Kermode Research Assistant
Ms Jess Dunphy Travel Officer
Ms Alannah Ryan Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Charlotte Shelton Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Peter Foley Casual Academic -Eng Lang Prog
Dr Janette Norman Senior Research Fellow
Mr Dean Hardy Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Deborah Calleja Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Jess Gillies Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Andrew Welsh Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Barry Pagotto Finance Business Partner 0266203413
Ms Pema Choki Library Rover
Ms Sophie Szumowski Library Rover
Ms Gemma Adamou Library Rover
Ms Kirsten Parton Travel Officer
Mr Jack Pearce Library Rover
Ms Kristen Enderby Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Lauren Brocki Research Assistant
Dr Tess Boyle Associate Researcher 07 55893225
Dr Johanna Nieuwoudt Senior Lecturer (Teaching Scholar) 07 5589 3285
Dr Kate Neale Project Officer
Ms Cynamon Thomas Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Neville Walker Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Daniel Hawkins Unit Writer
Ms Laura Bynge Cafe and Catering Manager
Dr Mellie Green Lecturer
Professor Nigel Andrew Chair of Discipline (Science) 02 6620 3665
Miss Stella O'Toole Lecturer
Ms Kell Simpson Associate Lecturer in Education
Miss Brianne van Rhyn Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mrs Trish May Student Administration Officer
Miss Emma Sydes Executive Coordinator, Academic Portfolio Office 0439 783 749
Dr Michael Whelan Quality Assur and Compliance Office 02 6620 3637
Mr Christopher Oliver Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Mr Craig Saad Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Manisha Thapa Technical Assistant
Miss Emma Shannon Administrative Assistant
Ms Chelsea Croawell Library Technician
Ms Mikala Bearman Orientation Senior Leader
Ms Juliane Haag Petasny Orientation Senior Leader
Ms Jazmin Bertuzzi Future Student Enquiry Conv Officer
Dr Penny Cooke Research Fellow
Miss Marian Bailey Orientation Senior Leader
Ms Jodie Brown Shared Services Advisor - GC hub
Ms Sharna Jackson Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Aleksandr Taylor-Gough Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Alicia Forbes Research Assistant
Mr Phil Braddick Aquarium Guide
Mr Nelson Ludeke Future Stud Enquiry Conver Officer
Ms Faith Butcher Student Administration Officer
Mrs Megan Rodgers Writer
Mrs Gayle Pooley Writer
Ms Teleah Woodward Orientation Senior Leader
Ms Sophie Luscombe Casual Academic
Ms Bianca Harfield Orientation Senior Leader
Ms Natasha Gadsden Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Yvette Holt Lecturer
Ms Ali Shackell Future Students Officer
Miss Lily Martin Administration Assistant
Mrs Kylie Avery Student Management Officer 0266203537
Ms Kathrine Unwin Manager, Admissions
Mrs Linda Ball Student Management Coordinator 21156
Miss Natasha Maslen Student Management Coordinator 66203170
Ms Elly Baker Student Ambassador
Mr Jaume Pirie Student Ambassador
Ms Olivia Cregan Student Ambassador
Ms Emily Sullivan Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Alanah Osborne Student Ambassador
Mrs Michelle Pradhan Student Administration Officer
Miss Maggie Cottee Student Administration Officer
Ms Julia Hoon Director, Admissions
Mr Kyle Holland-Sewell First Year Adviser 02 6659 3997
Ms Johanna Constable Student Administration Officer
Dr Angeline Leece Postdoctoral Researcher
Ms Rebekah Jones Student Management Coordinator
Ms Celine De Bellis Project Coordinator, Engagement and Retention 02 6626 9221
Mrs Samantha Bruggy Manager, Enrolments, Fees & Reporting 02 6620 3467
Mr Wayne Grossfeldt Student Management Coordinator 1800 005 687
Ms Kate Walton Student Engagement and Retention Advisor
Mr Nick Dyason Project Officer 02 6620 3103
Mr Isaac Hawkins Student Ambassador
Mr Matt Ashton Student Ambassador
Mr Henri Cheverton Student Administration Officer
Ms Nicole Green Student Administration Officer
Ms Olivia Noffke Student Ambassador
Ms Kachina Maple Student Ambassador
Mr Mick Hidden Student Management Coordinator 0266203666
Miss Stacie Goulding Student Administration Officer
Mr Kyle Chaplin Student Administration Officer
Mrs Debbie Bailey Student Administration Officer
Mr Jake Brown Service Desk Officer
Ms Rachel Callahan Project Officer
Ms Helen Sargison Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Christopher Brooks Diving Officer
Mr Toby Shapiro Ellis Technical Assistant
Ms Jess Simpson Orientation Senior Leader
Ms Lauren Hasson Research Assistant
Miss Lauren Temple Student Administration Officer
Ms Penny Lee Orientation Senior Leader
Ms Jane Sayabath HR Project Manager
Ms Meaghan Vosz Research Officer
Associate Professor Nasim Salehi Adjunct Associate Professor +61 2 66203167
Mr John Palencia Student Ambassador
Mr Riley Flynn Library Rover
Ms Miso Ju Student Ambassador
Mr Nathan Lancaster Student Ambassador
Mrs Stephanie Caterson Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Ania Ziemski Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Danny McShane Audio Visual Technical Officer
Ms Jane Hosking Student Ambassador
Mr Christopher Klaas Research Assistant
Mr Benjamin Dixon Student Ambassador
Ms Charlotte Ringland Student Ambassador
Mrs Gabby La Forest Unit Writer 07 55893226
Mrs Bernadine Romero Lecturer (Teaching Scholar)
Ms Georgia Robertson Student Ambassador
Associate Professor Rosanne Coutts Adjunct Associate Professor
Ms Shirilee Wilson-Clark Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Symone Harrod Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Isabella Glue Laboratory Assistant
Ms Greta Lancashire Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Anni Malinen Research Assistant
Mr Jonathan Harlen Lecturer 0403 145 522
Ms Lisa McGahey Project Manager 02 6659 3177
Ms Linda Atkinson Project Business Analyst 02 6626 9339
Mrs Carrie Thomson-Casey Lecturer
Mr Richard Nakane Emmerson Associate Lecturer (Teaching Scholar)
Ms Kubra Chambers Director, Business Intelligence and Quality
Dr Ade Adeyinka Digital Research Analyst
Professor Ebi Cocodia Professor
Mr Luke Austin Student Ambassador
Mr Dylan Berger Student Ambassador
Ms Amy Knott Student Ambassador
Mrs Danielle Bull Associate Lecturer (Teaching Scholar)
Ms Genna Guy Student Ambassador
Mr Jeff Braby Project Officer 0266269144
Mr Paul Kelly Purchasing Officer 02 6626 9390
Dr Liza Oates Lecturer
Ms Maddison Norton Research Assistant
Mr Zen Collins Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mrs Angela Sweet Orientation Senior Leader
Mr Jalen Fitzgerald Casual Food & Beverage Attendant
Ms Sandy Candy Laboratory Assistant
Ms Lucinda Power Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Ilma Imtiaz Research Assistant
Miss Katie Finch Casual Academic (Teaching) 6659 3676
Ms Oriana Watts Student Ambassador
Mr Mason Drew Student Ambassador
Ms Linda Wasiela Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Simone Jenkinson Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Claire O'Meara Student Ambassador
Mr Jaiden Hull Student Ambassador
Ms Liz McCall Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Bec Samuels Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Conrad Gilbert Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Jennifer Watson Casual Academic
Ms Mikala Bearman Student Ambassador
Mr Sebastian Pilon Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Callum Rayner Student Ambassador
Mr Mark Wellard Associate Professor (07) 5589 3053
Mr Mark Wilson Casual Academic
Mr Arpan Kuwar Library Rover
Ms Lisa Donaldson Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mrs Kyren Neverling Food and Beverage Attendant
Ms Debra Carter Food & Beverage Attendant
Mr Noah Luthi Technical Assistant
Mr Marty Oliver Grounds Officer
Mrs Jess Bryen Administration Assistant
Ms Kerianne Williams Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Trent Rippon Financial Accountant
Ms Imogen Sprowles Food and Beverage Attendant
Mrs Sarah Remm Lecturer (Teaching Scholar)
Ms Pauline Allin Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Kate Steele Writer
Ms Julie Clements Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Darren White Technical Officer
Mr Michael Jacobson Communications Officer
Ms Ruby-Jane Barry Research Assistant
Ms Kelly Barlow Inclusion Support
Ms Lucy De Wolf HR Advisor (Shared Services)
Ms Endang Jamal Research Assistant
Dr Lana McCarthy Senior Lecturer (07)5589 3139 ext 93139
Dr Liberty de Rivera Vice Chancellor Research Fellowship
Dr Grant Andrews Lecturer (Teaching Scholar)
Mrs Tazuko McLaren Casual Academic -Eng Lang Prog
Dr Aidan Coleman Senior Lecturer 07 5589 3516
Dr Jessica Bayes Maurice Blackmore Research Fellow
Miss Dani Cutler HR Advisor (Recruitment)
Ms Jamie Treanor Casual Academic (Teaching)
Miss Alison McMillan HR Business Partner 0455 843 501
Mr Micha Nebel Laboratory Assistant
Mr Blake Toohey Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Tony Yeigh Research Associate
Ms Suzanne Rienks Research Assistant - Health 66598038
Ms Bec Lipscombe Casual Academic (Teaching) 02 6659 8103
Ms Zoe White Research Assistant
Ms Lee Marshall Field Education Officer
Mr Michael Ingram Research Assistant
Dr Mick Rose Associate Professor
Ms Aleasa Kermode Research Associate
Dr Antony McCardell Technical Officer 02 6620 3847
Mr Simon Payne Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Bruce Knight Research Assistant
Mrs Thilinika Wijesinghe Research Fellow
Mr Adam Burn Technical Assistant
Dr Simon Williams Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Lucas Skoufa Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Max Hickey Student Ambassador
Mr Gurpreet Singh Student Ambassador
Ms Ana Banda-Marquez Research Assistant
Ms Pam Cordingley Casual Academic -Eng Lang Prog
Dr Babu Pillai Lecturer
Dr Tracey Firth Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms India Gibson Student Administration Officer
Ms Isabel Halse Outreach & Engagement Lead
Mr Aaron Chai Research Assistant
Ms Hannah Esslemont Student Administration Officer
Mr Luca Peters Lismore Region (Node) Manager
Ms Rachel Scicluna Service Desk Intern
Ms Rosy Kim Service Desk Intern
Ms Jamelia Harris Service Desk Intern
Dr Helen Widdop Quinton Research Associate
Ms Kelly Andriske Casual Academic (Teaching)
Miss Maddie Ringland Student Ambassador
Mr Scott Gartshore Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Laura Rodriguez Castro Vice Chancellor Senior Research Fellowship
Ms Merridy Godwin Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Benny Green Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Leisa Hofstetter Technical Assistant
Mrs Jo Collier Future Students Officer
Mr Michael Bence Casual Academic -Eng Lang Prog
Ms Carolyn Ezzy Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Adam Canning Lecturer
Ms Hannah Murphy Research Officer
Dr Georgina Dimopoulos Senior Lecturer +61 7 5589 3052
Dr Danielle Griffani Lecturer in Engineering
Miss Gabrielle Pires First Year Adviser 02 6620 3179
Ms Rebecca Rich Grants and Contracts Officer 02 6620 3471
Dr Shelley Thornton Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Mujib Abid Casual Academic (Teaching)
Miss Paula Muscat First Year Adviser 07 5589 3534
Mr Chris Hannigan First Year Adviser 0755893540
Ms Genna Guy Food & Beverage Attendant
Mrs Kelly Roberts Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Abby Butler Student Ambassador
Ms Belinda Lord Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Marshall Chang Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Matthew McGhee Food & Beverage Attendant
Ms Kerri-Ann Crouch Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Benjamin Exton Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mrs Kristie Dullat Casual Academic (Teaching) 07 5589 3000
Mrs Vicki Greer Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Tim Barringham Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Alex Grantham Casual Academic (Teaching) 6620 3520
Dr Steve Provost Casual Academic (Teaching)
Miss Coral Jeffries Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Mohammadreza Sedighi Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Emma Somerville Writer 66203599
Mr John Ward Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mrs Charmaine Backhouse Casual Academic (Teaching) 07 5589 3158
Ms Daniela McCann Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mrs Tracey Foster Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Gail Jenkins Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Courtney Du Plessis Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Karin Ness Writer
Mr Roger Lock Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Brooke Stephens Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Peter Irving Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Melanie Hockings Research Assistant
Miss Anunaki Holmes LIbrary Rover
Mr Adam Vrandich Research Assistant
Ms Barbara Johns Research Assistant
Dr Nick Mattingly Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mrs Robyn Edwards Casual Academic (Teaching) 0408432757
Miss Jo Butler Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Ali Van Der Graaf Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Marie Mathieson Casual Academic -Eng Lang Prog
Ms Lisa Boyd Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Alan Foster Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Tim Sladden Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Louise Davis Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Ramona George Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Daniel Evans Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Malcolm Wood Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Denae Nicholls Study Support Officer (Indiv)
Ms Zoe Davidson Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mrs Pam Knowles Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Bonnie Winchester Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Kait Harris Research Assistant
Ms Petra Stevens Casual Academic -Eng Lang Prog
Miss Maddie Ringland Orientation Senior Leader
Ms Sophey Crawford Student Ambassador
Ms Melanie Turner Writer
Dr Basia Radlinska Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Scott Goddard Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Andy Downer Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr David Proudfoot Casual Academic (Teaching) 0266740856
Dr Thi Le Tran Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Warren Lake Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mrs Gayle Pooley Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Ryan Linneman Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Lauren Brocki Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Teresa Carapeto Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Kelli-Anne Price Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Amy Halpin Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Amy Alexander Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Aleasa Kermode Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Mary Gregory Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Claire Lusted Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Asheek Shimul Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Ihssane Zouikr Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Gino Orticio Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Cassy Read Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Hannah McGuigan Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Louise Nizette Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Sharon Robinson Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Kim Turton Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Scott Hills Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Jasmine Hawkins Student Ambassador
Ms Emma Andrews Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Angela Slattery Writer
Dr Jacinta Arellano Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Meredith Wray Casual Academic (Teaching) 07 5589 3061
Dr Vinathe Sharma-Brymer Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Ron McAndrew Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Lucy Morgan Casual Academic
Ms Allyce Fitzgerald Casual Academic
Ms Kristy Buist Lecturer
Mr Daniel Matthews PAL Mentor
Miss Jaye Purea Events Officer
Ms Sue McIntyre Administrative Assistant
Ms Maria Chetcuti Events Officer (Graduation) 0266269280
Ms Trish Dunmill PAL Mentor
Ms Rachel Denis PAL Mentor
Ms Montana Harvey PAL Mentor
Ms Stella Vassiliou PAL Mentor
Mr Mathew O'Keefe Technical Officer
Ms Georgie Allen PAL Mentor
Dr Renee Punch Adjunct Professional Fellow
Dr Alison Bowling Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Margaret McMurdo Adjunct Professor
Ms Tamara Smith Adjunct Professor
Mrs Gen Gilligan Transaction Services Officer
Ms Lisa Frisken Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Emily Yee Student Ambassador
Dr Graeme Browne Research Academic +61 2 6626 9333
Ms Yasmeen Daniels PAL Mentor
Mr Steve Hoskin Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Zoie Symons PAL Mentor
Professor Bill Boyd Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mrs Gretel Jones Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Ande Cummings PAL Mentor
Ms Annette Tayler Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mrs Sara Edwards Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr David Reilly Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Ana Rodrigues Uliana Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Danyel Herbert Future Student Enquiry Officer
Mr Stephen Van Vorst Writer 07 5589 3236
Mr Chris Mamouzelos Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Jayne Kinley Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Tilia O'Donnell-Barber Pal Mentor
Mr Brendan Cox Project Coordinator
Mr Ernie Tye Academic Oversight Placement
Ms Ava O'Brien PAL Mentor
Ms Rochelle Banks Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Monico San Juan Pal Mentor
Mr Julian Sheppy Laboratory Technician
Dr Mahmudur Rahman Technical Assistant +61266223211, Extension 73784
Mrs Jayne Dennis Technical Assistant 07558993226
Miss Keyarrah Sweetwater-Delauney Casual Inclusion Support
Mr Ethan Penny Technical Officer 02 66593907
Ms Leanne Bates Technical Officer
Mr Chris Vennell Casual Inclusion Support
Mr Alec McKenzie Technical Assistant
Ms Georgia Page Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Declan Forrester Campus Sport Assistant
Ms Lisa Frisken Writer
Ms Kirsty Duck Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Emma Pittaway Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Alex Hendry Lecturer 0755893205
Mr Karl-Heinz Schott Academic Oversight Placement
Mr Gavin Tinning Adoption and Extension Officer 0490008067
Ms Rochelle Laidlaw Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Alexandra Kennedy Technical Assistant
Ms Deanna O'Neill Casual Academic (Teaching) 0408497003
Mrs Olivia Donnini Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Nicholas Elvish Technical Assistant
Ms Bonnie Evans Research Assistant
Ms Lauren Curtis Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Joss Pollock Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Angela Slattery Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Cassie Williams Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Sandra Nixon Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Rochelle McAllister Technical Assistant
Mr Nathan Portelli Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Bev Joffe Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Karen Bryant Technical Officer 66269694
Mr Gurpreet Singh Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Krystal Sayer Technical Assistant
Ms Kristy Barker Technical Officer 07 5589 3159
Dr Susan Sharpe Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Renee Mickelburgh Research Assistant
Mrs Sady Mohammadi Technical Assistant
Ms Rasa Bertulyte Service Desk Intern
Ms Christiana Boutros Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Charlotte Hellmundt Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Joshua Targett Casual Academic (Teaching) 0266593249
Mr David Hoffmann Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Kate Steele Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Jai Molloy Library Rover
Ms Emily Horton Research Assistant
Ms Marina Fenwick Administration Assistant
Ms Shannon Everest Research Associate
Mrs Stacey Berry Casual Travel Officer 0266203013
Ms Kellee Foster Fit to Practice Officer (02) 6626 9163
Ms Nicola Dolan Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Tabitha Sutton Student Ambasador
Mr Fraser Thurlow Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Philip Bingham Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Michelle Israel Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Karen Thorpe Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Andy Baker Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Toni Byrne Casual Academic (Teaching)
Miss Jordanna Hinton Website Officer
Ms Maddison Norton Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Maejoy Obach Study Support Officer (Indiv)
Ms Jacqueline Kraus Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Lachlan Suter Technical and Laboratory Officer
Ms Melissa Kane Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Lucy Nuzum Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Leesa Hoysted Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Erin Monro Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Brianna Trudgen Casual Inclusion Support - Note Tak
Ms Linda Browne Administrative Assistant
Ms Kay Kennard Service Desk Intern
Ms Deborah Beckwith Research Assistant
Mr Michael Ingram Research Assistant - Health
Ms Samantha Ferguson Research Assistant +61429777161
Mr Rob Cumings Counselling Receptionist 02 6626 9300
Dr Josephine Browne Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mrs Carrie Thomson-Casey Casual Academic (Teaching)
Miss Keely Elliott Workplace Relations Specialist
Ms Pauline Graham Administration Officer, RRAP 0400 001 519
Ms Melanie Mills Casual Inclusion Support
Mr Stephen Van Vorst Senior Research Facilitator 07 5589 3236
Dr Mary-Anne Kate Casual Academic (Teaching) 02 6659 3304
Mr Dylan Curnow Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Grant Cameron Research Assistant
Ms Sally Archer Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Christina Langley Research Assistant
Mr Jack Sargeant Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Kim Bell Administration Assistant - SCARS
Dr Aida Hurem Lecturer
Dr Paul Read Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Rogan Dickson Campus Sports Assistant
Ms Billie Hopkins Technical Assistant
Mr Juan Reyes Barragan Casual Academic (Teaching)
Associate Professor David Noble Adjunct Associate Professor 07 5589 3209
Dr Marianne Logan Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Mr David Ellis Senior Adjunct Lecturer 02 6659 3179
Dr Kathryn Bain Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Dr Sarah Crinall Lecturer
Mr Damon Ferris Executive Director, Global
Mr Matt Veness Technical and Laboratory Officer 0266203003
Ms Alexandra Walker Student Administration Officer
Professor Pasi Sahlberg Adjunct Professor
Ms Shannon Everest Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Madeleine Lawler Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Noah Mason Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Maddy Lawrence Student Ambassador
Ms Kitty Aho Student Ambassador
Ms Emma Tunstead Campus Sports Assistant
Ms Leah Wheeler Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Brandon Yee Student Ambassador
Dr Fahimeh Alaei Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Nigel Hayes Casual Academic (Teaching) 02 6620 3936
Ms Emma Russell Casual Academic (Teaching)
Professor Jon Hill Executive Director, Academic Development
Ms Samantha Ferguson Casual Academic (Teaching) +61429777161
Ms Kathryn Roach Casual Academic (Teaching) (08) 9334 7142
Dr Emily Hindman Casual Academic (Teaching) 02 66593008
Ms Ainsley Skye Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Barbara Kinder Study Support Officer (Indiv)
Dr Sally Hourigan Casual Academic (Teaching)
Miss Tanietta De Launey Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Frankie Zheng Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Megan Jones Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Paris Naday Digital Designer
Ms Prenisha Pather Project Business Analyst
Mr Jeremy Bradley Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Dr Emily Hindman Adjunct Senior Lecturer 02 66593008
Ms Tahlia McCully Future Student Equiry Conv Officer
Mr Jed Townsin Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Veronika Folkmanova Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Bridget Burton Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Tamara Sivewright Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Aharon Factor Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Siegi Edward Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Louisa Chambers Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Christopher Ralph Laboratory & Field Assistant
Ms Kimy Silveira Future Students Officer
Ms Natasha Parkinson Casual Inclusion Support Worker
Dr Cathy Avila Adjunct Lecturer 02 6626 9183
Mr Daniel Matthews Student Ambassador
Ms Ellen Mason Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Eric Badu Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Adam Coates Production Crew
Miss Georgia Rodrigues Serpa Transaction Services Officer
Miss Shelley Barfoot Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Laurance Katsaras Adjunct Professional Fellow
Ms Lisa Costa Bir Adjunct Fellow
Mr Ely Summerfield Technical Assistant
Ms Roni Burton Student Ambassador
Ms Mrisha Upadhyay Student Ambassador
Ms Alyce Mills Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Zoey Zhao Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Daniel Matthews Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Patrick Eggers Casual Inclusion Support
Ms Marie Nyssen Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Emily Schafer Student Ambassador
Mr Cameron Van Hooft Student Ambassador
Ms Rhianna Pahor Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Lucas Flood Gym Attendant
Ms Mya Hurst Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Andrew Linton Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Emma Hegerty Research Assistant
Miss Celia Campenet Casual Academic -Eng Lang Prog
Ms Alana Bryant Casual Academic -Eng Lang Prog 0434622326
Ms Kate Nightingale Technology Facilitator
Dr Leon Cowen Adjunct Fellow
Ms Christie Meys Food & Beverage Attendant
Ms Annette Ryan Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Teresa Lee-Winser Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Natalie Moore Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Dasni Fonseka Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Nicole Thompson Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Ros Walpole Casual Academic -Eng Lang Prog
Ms Emma Somerville Casual Academic (Teaching) 66203599
Ms Sam McLeod Administrative Assistant
Dr Emily Burch Lecturer
Ms Penny Lee Student Ambassador
Ms Komal Rani Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mrs Teresa de Gee Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Cath Walsh Technical Officer
Mr Dean Maddock Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Julia Caldwell Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Robyn Porter Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Luke Hancock Production Crew
Ms Lou Hensby Partnership Officer
Mr Alako Myles Production Crew
Ms Andria Cozza Student Ambassador
Ms Lauren Hankinson Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Stephanie Banks Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Emma Babbage Writer (02) 6620 3238
Dr Nell Cook Casual Academic (Teaching) 73790
Dr Mandy Hughes Research Officer
Dr Liz Rix Casual Academic (Teaching) 02 66203594
Mrs Jennifer Hollier Casual Academic (Teaching) 73758
Ms Emily Munro Librarian 07 55893513
Mr Michael Sydes Senior Project Development Lead (02) 6626 9569
Miss Suzie Fawcett Peer coordinator Program 02 6626 9188
Ms Silvia Caratti Writer
Ms Colleen Rodd Research Assistant
Mr Locedie Mansueto Research Assistant
Ms Tomasina Darling Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Michael Robbins Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Shelley Robinson Research Assistant 026626 9336
Ms Melissa Tait Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mrs Thilinika Wijesinghe Research Assistant
Miss Marian Bailey Research Assistant/Technician
Miss Tess McLennan Contractor Compliance Officer
Ms Lauren Carn Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Paula Muraca Research Assistant
Ms Julia Meyers Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Eunjae Park Research Assistant
Mr Marco Lassandro Service Desk Intern 0456441403
Mr Peter Bedford Activities Officer
Mr Cameron Curtis Casual Academic -Eng Lang Prog
Ms Samara James Research Assistant
Ms Tanya Nelson Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Hannah Jeffers Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Michelle Mckinnon Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Shayleigh Walker-Jones Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Sand Paulus-Lawson Research Assistant
Mrs Sandy Tomkins Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Peta Crawford Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Melinda Banks Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Amanda Salmon Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Kristy Shore Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Susan Abel Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mrs Bernadine Romero Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Ruby-Jane Barry Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Dan Etheridge Director, The Living Lab Northern Rivers
Ms Peta Tauchmann Writer
Ms Lyn Reardon Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Sam Mitchell Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mrs Kimberly Knight Manager, University Events 07 5589 3129
Dr Ben Stewart Research Technician
Ms Amarah Fiori Lab Assistant
Dr Sherif Gouda Writer
Mr Arthur Hyde Writer
Professor Simon Marsden Professor
Mr Ethan Taylor Student Ambassador 0476263470
Ms Megan Louis Project Manager, Design and Delivery
Mr Henry Luutu Research Assistant
Ms Asia Hatton Technical Assistant
Mr Paul Collins Project Administration Manager 07 5589 3398
Mr Brett McLennan Team Leader, e-Learning +61 7 5589 3019
Ms Janelle Schafer Adoption and Extension Officer
Mr Tahir Nagji Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Renee Gullo Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Zerina Millard Program Administration and Engagement Coordinator
Ms Sharon Hensby Careers & Employability Consultant Extn 93711
Mrs Fiona McFadden Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Nathania Sutanto Production Crew
Ms Robyn Fletcher Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Clancy Holloway Laboratory Assistant
Mrs Ellie Baldwin Legal Assistant and Privacy Officer
Dr Sarah Tillott Senior Lecturer
Mrs Rebecca Hyland Senior Project Manager
Ms Tania Wilson Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Keiran O'Reilly HR Business Partner
Mrs Lena Greene Transaction Services Officer 02 6620 3070
Mr Brendan Taylor Adjunct Fellow
Ms Alexandra Wolfers Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Melissa Ruttley Admin Assistant
Ms Sarah McGuigan Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mrs Jane Ravesteyn Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Alison Watts Casual Academic (Teaching) +61 2 6620 3000
Ms Jondy Edmed Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Tania Goodman Careers and Employability Consultant 07 5589 3384
Ms Michelle Chiang Adjunct Professional Fellow
Ms Jaime Doumas Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr David Ellis Casual Academic (Teaching) 02 6659 3179
Miss Sam Hall Library Technician
Mrs Bernadine Romero Lecturer
Ms Hope Foley Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Helen Bremert Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Ally Stokes Student Ambassador
Mr Lachlan Cooper Research Assistant
Mr John Pitt Research Assistant
Mr Ken Boomsma Casual Academic (Teaching) 0427899348
Ms Karin von Behrens Communications Officer VP-E 02) 66269680
Mrs Alira Bayndrian Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Fiona Lotherington Casual Academic (Teaching) 0266269222
Dr Catharine Simmons Casual Academic (Teaching) 07 5889 3445
Ms Paula Steffensen Casual Academic (Teaching) 6620 3660
Ms Emma Hegerty Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Scott Gartshore Research Assistant
Ms Endang Jamal Technical Assistant
Ms Kate Seinor Receptionist - NMSC
Mrs Angela Sweet Pal Mentor
Ms Bianca Harfield Student Ambassador
Mr Adam Gow Technical Assistant
Mr Chamara Benthotage Technical Assistant
Ms Therese Carew Technical Assistant
Ms Marian Cavanagh Pal Mentor
Ms Amanda Rush Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Mila Ashman Pal Mentor
Ms Jacinta McInally Pal Mentor
Ms Natalie Ryan Pal Mentor
Ms Galaxa Dowse Pal Mentor
Ms Rin Adachi Aquarium Guide
Ms Chloe Briscoe Student Ambassador
Mr Michael Hennessy Food and Beverage Attendant
Dr Peter Ayriss Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Eva Brenner Pal Mentor
Dr Michelle Olivier Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Georgiana Siaxiates Casual Academic
Ms Maiko Sharp Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mrs Shauna Boyle Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Margo Burl Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Heidi Zimmer Adjunct Fellow
Ms Cath Walsh Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Mark Boulle Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Narell Powers Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Katherine Moore Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Hansika Badhuge Student Ambassador
Ms Laura Irvine Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Hassan Abedi Sarvestani Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Samantha Palmer Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Melissa Smith Pal Mentor
Mr William Neville Student Ambassador
Mr Matt Veness Technical Officer (CSO) 0266203003
Ms Amanda Rush Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Louise Ward Associate Professor
Mr Jack Caldow Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Hayley Townsin Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Naomi Simpson Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Shrey Kale Future Students Officer
Dr Guoyang Fu Lecturer in Engineering
Mr Chris Kinch Lecturer
Miss Vanessa Jackson Student Administration Officer
Mr Rob Edwards Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mrs Erica Blake Student Administration Officer
Mrs Kirsty Sakran Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Joanne Phythian Casual Academic (Teaching) 02 6659 3618
Mr Jordan Norris Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mrs Andressa De Meneses Floriano Student Administration Officer
Mr Christopher Martin Facilities Officer
Ms Hannah Sunde Casual Academic (Teaching) 93469
Mr Neil McRudden Casual Academic -Eng Lang Prog
Mr Joshua Marr Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Deborah Donoghue Casual Academic (Teaching) 61 2 6620 3168
Professor Philip West Adjunct Professor
Ms Cath Garvan Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Shane White Senior Lecturer
Mr John Wilkie Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mrs Maryann McAndrew Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Leeanne Hodgson Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Dusty McLean Research Assistant
Ms Naomi May Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Mikaela Mao Library Rover
Ms Sharna Keldie Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Emily Hatzis Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Kristin Zerna Pal Mentor
Dr Michelle Braunstein Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Kath Fisher Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Alec McKenzie Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Shekh Rubaiyat Writer
Ms Tine Christensen Technical Assistant 0755893016
Ms Olivia Howard Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Olivia Jamieson-Rogers Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Iona Clarkson Student Ambassador
Ms Kim Gestro Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Maxwell Linardos Research Assistant
Ms Suzanne Gannon-Wheatley Casual Academic (Teaching) 02 6620 3211
Ms Kylie Gibson Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mrs Liz McQueen Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Paloma Eglington Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Riley Barrett Pal Mentor
Ms Tahneya Vizintin Student Ambassador
Ms Charu Maini Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Robyn Baglin Technical Assistant
Ms Kim Ritchie Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Louise Cook Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Shana Dyer Technical Assistant
Ms Holly Aitken Research Assistant
Ms Georgia Rowland Study Support Officer (Indiv)
Mrs Jane Ravesteyn Study Support Officer (Indiv)
Dr Scott Goddard Research Fellow
Ms Charmaine Imlah Study Support Officer (Indiv)
Ms Linda Worthington Administration Assistant 02 6626 9245
Ms Alana Bryant Associate Lecturer (Teaching Scholar) 0434622326
Ms Peta Tauchmann Work Integrated Learning Coord
Ms Susan Lang-Lemckert Casual Project Officer
Mrs Barbara Harrison Research Officer 02 6620 3779
Mr Chris Ashton Executive Director, Stakeholder Strategy and Relations
Ms Calista Roeder Pal Mentor
Ms Susanna Freymark Study Support Officer (Indiv)
Ms Nadja Northey Study Support Officer (Indiv)
Dr Michelle Braunstein Study Support Off PhD (Ind)
Mrs Jules Thomas Student Administration Officer
Ms Annie Vanderwyk Lecturer
Dr Andy Bullock Casual Academic (Teaching) 6659 3694
Ms Treena Henderson Pal Mentor
Ms Jessica McKendry Student Engagement & Retention Advi 0266203317
Ms Anna Scheuringer Project Manager
Mr Jonas Johann Service Desk Officer
Ms Maria Claassen Study Support Officer (Indiv)
Ms Johanna Byrne Study Support Officer (Indiv)
Miss Sara K C Student Administration Officer (Admissions)
Ms Sian Lewis Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Olivia Cropp Service Desk Intern
Mrs Simone Gardoni Student Administration Officer
Miss Tanietta De Launey Study Support Officer (Indiv)
Mr Joshua Marr Study Support Officer (Indiv)
Dr Megan Jones Study Support Off PhD (Ind)
Mr Christopher Ralph Technical Assistant
Dr Caitilin de Berigny Casual Academic (Teaching)
Professor Joe Zhou Adjunct Professor 02 6620 3991
Dr Helen McGregor Research Fellow
Mrs Roselyn Sawtell Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mrs Carrie Maddison Study Support Officer (Indiv)
Ms Sophia Ellis Research Assistant
Ms Kristy McLeod Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Jesse Hewitt Study Support Officer (Indiv)
Ms Jade Fredericks Study Support Officer (Indiv)
Ms Kyoko Yamahara Student Administration Officer
Ms Rhonda Munro Study Support Officer (Indiv) 02 6626 9300
Ms Gurmeet Matharu Study Support Officer (Indiv)
Ms Suzanne Rienks Learning Advisor 66598038
Mr Conor Hendrickson Research Assistant
Ms Jodi Duval Adjunct Fellow
Mr James Moylan Study Support Officer (Indiv)
Dr Genine Hook Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Allison Hart Admin Assistant
Ms Sofia McCarthy Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Julia Caldwell Adjunct Fellow
Mr Julian Sheppy Research Assistant
Ms Leslie Kirk Casual Academic (Teaching) 66203155
Professor Garry Egger Adjunct Professor
Ms Paula Longbottom Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Emily Coleing Library Technician
Mr Ty Kingdon Research Technician - Engineer
Mrs Louise Macqueen Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Karen McFadyen Associate Lecturer
Ms Elizabeth Keen Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Harrison Cant Research Assistant
Ms Jodie De Bruyn Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Tara Malone Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Helen Wallace Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Hugh Campbell Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Roslyn Franklin Casual Academic (Teaching) 0755893123
Ms Belinda Dolan Casual Academic (Teaching) 0402006573
Ms Debra Timms Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Jodie Jarratt Study Support Officer (Indiv)
Ms Phillipa Trickett Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Juliano Fonseca Soares Research Assistant
Mr Shane Jackson Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Connor Rice Student Ambassador
Mrs Mel Roberts Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Karlye Williamson Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mrs Theresa Crawford Work Integrated Learning Coordinator
Dr Steve Provost Research Assistant
Dr Marilyn Clarke Project Trainng Lead 0403172824
Dr Sue Hudson Casual Academic (Teaching) 07 55893256
Mr Mathew O'Keefe Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Julian Sheppy Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Taylah Macaskill-Auld Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Tijs Joling Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Anneliese Austin Research Officer
Mr Michael Spargo Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Janice Diamond Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Karen Heap Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Gabrielle Kearney Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Julie Donald Study Support Officer (Indiv)
Ms Maya King-Prime Casual Academic -Eng Lang Prog
Ms Britte van Haastregt Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Christopher Graham Food & Beverage Attendant
Ms Evangeline Manassakis Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Lorraine Beveridge Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Tommy Dahlseng Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Travis Paterson Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mrs Henrietta Chang Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Peter Murphy Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Lori Pearman Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Aparajita Alam Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Andrea Abel Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Mousa Hadipour Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Anne Bibo Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Daniel Corcoran Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Benny Lai Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Sebastian Litchfield Research Assistant
Ms Isabella Smith Placement Officer 07 5589 3390
Dr Melinda Muir Writer
Mr Matt Collins Study Support Officer (Indiv) 02 6626 9608
Ms Evangeline Wood Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Peter Ayriss Casual Academic (Teaching)
Miss Georgia Rodrigues Serpa Contracts Officer
Ms Ella Hegh First Year Adviser 0266203850
Dr Anand Kumar Pothula Lecturer
Ms Brenda Fischer Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Ilja Nastjuk Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Saliya Nugawela Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Chrys Gunasekara Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Anna Cotroneo Administration Assistant
Mrs Cody White Student Administration Officer
Mr Mathew Henderson Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr John McKenzie Adjunct Professional Fellow
Ms Leah Cooper Adjunct Professional Fellow
Ms Elizabeth Shatrov Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Graeme Hacker Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Yasmyn-Shay Parkinson Study Support Officer (Indiv)
Ms Binti Jones Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Andrew Binns Adjunct Professor
Ms Fiona Brock Study Support Officer (Indiv)
Ms Reine DuBois Adjunct Professional Fellow
Ms Felicia Limmer Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Lauren Schneider Contracts Strategic Officer (02) 6620 3458
Professor Michael Ewing Executive Dean
Dr Samantha Goyen Adjunct Fellow
Ms Jacqueline Morrison Student Ambassador
Dr Anand Kumar Pothula Lecturer in Engineering (Mechanical Engineering - Mechatronics)
Mr Rafael Panerio Technical Officer 73576
Ms Jennie Weinheimer Study Support Officer (Indiv)
Mrs Yuka Nguyen Administrative Assistant
Ms Leandra Martiniello Study Support Officer (Indiv)
Dr Annabelle Keene Casual Academic (Teaching) 02 6620 3076
Ms Sand Paulus-Lawson Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Juliane Haag Petasny Student Administration Officer
Ms Erin Barnes Writer
Ms Colleen Rodd Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Deborah Calleja Writer
Miss Vanessa Robson Student Administration Officer 07 5589 3434
Ms Tanika Shalders Research Assistant
Mr Jack Sargeant Research Assistant
Ms Tanika Shalders Receptionist - NMSC
Ms Pennie Durheim Student Ambassador
Dr Susan Arentz Adjunct Fellow
Dr Jennifer Hunter Adjunct Associate Professor
Ms Isabel Cunningham Professional Experience Officer
Dr Ahmed Sheta Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Sunnie Miao Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Aimee Dickinson Casual Support Worker
Ms Tara Evans Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Kirstine Shrubsole Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Ms Liza Twohill Adjunct Fellow
Ms Felicity Andrews Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Virginia Cook Casual Academic -Eng Lang Prog
Professor Richard Smith Research Associate
Mr Jamie Hetherington Casual Academic (Teaching) (02) 6620 3729
Dr Thi Le Tran Activity Coordinator
Mr Benjamin Dixon Food & Beverage Attendant
Mr Arthur Hyde Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Megha Madhav Nath Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Gabrielle Le Bon Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mrs Jess Sharp HR Advisor (Shared Services) +61 2 6620 3011
Miss Monique Dalli Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Camille Thomas Student Administration Officer
Mr Riley Flynn Casual Driver
Ms Esma Sasmaz-Ozpinar Casual Academic -Eng Lang Prog
Ms Morag Porteous Casual Academic -Eng Lang Prog
Mr Yaw Ofosu-Asare Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Nicholas Burton Casual Academic -Eng Lang Prog
Ms Susan Gong Casual Academic -Eng Lang Prog
Ms Hilda Horemans Casual Academic -Eng Lang Prog
Mr Cem Gulenc Casual Academic -Eng Lang Prog
Mr Patrick Micke Research Assistant
Ms Carolina Olivares-Martin Casual Academic -Eng Lang Prog
Mr Ewart Todd Casual Academic -Eng Lang Prog
Mr Greg Chaikin Casual Academic -Eng Lang Prog
Mr Leo Fitzgerald Food and Beverage Attendant
Dr Ismaeil Sherif Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Andrew Gibson Writer 07 5589 3057
Mr Luke Szabo Adjunct Professional Fellow
Ms Grace Hawkins Adjunct Professional Fellow
Dr Leon Cowen Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Ellen Dyke Writer
Mrs Sarah Remm Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Dorian Hanaor Writer
Dr Ahmed Sheta Writer
Professor Martin Hayden Team Leader 02 6620 3160
Dr Liz Rix Research Academic 02 66203594
Mrs Kylie Wilmen Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Juliano Fonseca Soares Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Sophie Gustafsson Myburgh Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Sara Zangana Writer
Mr Christopher Ralph Research Assistant
Mrs Kerry Fraser Garady Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Shaleen Prowse Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Michael Ingram Research Assistant
Mr Dinesh Jamarkattel Technical Assistant
Ms Melissa Cartes Executive Assistant 07 5589 3463
Ms Ros Walpole Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Colleen Friel Casual Academic (Teaching)
Mr Brian Fabian Lecturer
Mr Andrew Cleary Audio Visual and Conferencing Officer
Mr Danny McShane Technical Officer, Audio Visual
Ms Jenna Collier Administrative Assistant
Mr Adam Fitzgerald Facilities Supervisor
Ms Ree Higoe Administrative Assistant
Mr Marcus McCarthy Casual Academic (Teaching)
Dr Nell Cook Casual Academic (Teaching) 73790
Dr Janet Schloss Senior Lecturer +61 6620 3032
Ms Deb Smith Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Veronica Espin Diaz Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Melanie Schroder Casual Academic (Teaching)
Ms Alycia Dawes Casual Academic (Teaching)