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Mieke Witsel
Dr Mieke Witsel
MA(Amsterdam), PhD(SCU), Drs(Amsterdam)
Current Appointment: Senior Lecturer (Teaching Scholar)
Organisational Unit: School of Business and Tourism

Telephone: 02 66269193
Mobile: 0439719808
Location: R1.01B
Campus: Lismore
Personal Website

Mieke is a senior lecturer at the School of Business and Tourism at Southern Cross University. She has taught and lectured in interpersonal & business communication, tourism & leisure, and intercultural communication in Australia and Europe for more than 20 years, at various levels of education, ranging from undergraduate to postgraduate and corporate levels.

Her previous appointment involved six years as communications lecturer and course coordinator with Holland University's Amsterdam Management School for Tourism and Leisure, where she designed and taught subjects that highlighted the importance of effective communication and cultural sustainability in the successful management of tourism and leisure organisations.

The consultancy work has focused strongly on intervention and conflict resolution strategies, language and communication issues. Mieke's research focuses on positive psychology, education, intercultural communication, sustainability and international management issues.

Mieke has been a long term member of SCU Teaching and Learning Advisory Committee; and Emerging Technologies Advisory Group. She is the winner of SCU?s 2004 Vice Chancellor?s Award for Excellence and Achievement (Meeting student needs); and the divisional seeding grant for internationalisation of tourism education project. In addition Mieke received the 2007 Vice Chancellor?s Award for Teaching Excellence (Significantly reducing student attrition in a large common core unit).

Mieke's research focuses on positive psychology, intercultural communication and transnational education issues. As her masters' degree explored intercultural problems and solutions in higher education, Mieke was granted membership to the Australian College of Educators.

Main interest areas:

  • intercultural communication;
  • management;
  • higher education, teaching and learning strategies;
  • sustainablity in tourism

Shakespeare's adage about a rose by any other name notwithstanding, Mieke's name is spelled according to the spelling rule i before e except after c (the discerning reader will see no c in Mieke's name) and pronounced to rhyme with Eureka not Spikey.