SCU Staff Directory

Anna Scott
Dr Anna Scott
Current Appointment: Senior Lecturer
Organisational Unit: National Marine Science Centre

Telephone: 0266598123
Location: NMSC, Room 3.14

Course Coordinator, Bachelor and Master of Marine Science and Management

Unit Assessor: Marine Systems Science and Management, Sustainable Use of the Marine Environment; National Marine Science Centre

Anna uses sea anemones and anemonefishes as model organisms to answer a variety of research questions throughout tropical and subtropical reefs of the Indo-Pacific. Her research has four main themes, which include: investigating the reproductive biology of host sea anemones, developing captive breeding techniques to support marine ornamental aquaculture, documenting the distribution and abundance of anemones and anemonefishes, and determining the impacts of bleaching and climate change on various aspects of the symbiosis.

Anna is a member of SCUs Marine Ecology Research Centre and is President of the Australian Coral Reef Society.