SCU Staff Directory

Kaye Walker
Dr Kaye Walker
Current Appointment: Lecturer
Organisational Unit: School of Business and Tourism

Telephone: 02 6659 3615
Mobile: 0428 122766
Facsimile: 02 6659 3144
Location: School of Tourism and Hospitality Management
Campus: Coffs Harbour

Kaye's areas of research and professional expertise include: - marine wildlife tourism and management; - effective interpretion, its conduct, development and assessment; - guide development and coaching; - sustainable tourism and its role in building community capacity; - the Expedition Cruise Industry; and - environmental impact management of marine tourism operations. Kaye was brought onboard at the Coffs Harbour campus with her marine tourism expertise and research interests to begin developing regional marine resource and tourism sustainability projects via involvement with community, industry members, marine research and management agencies. Her interests include examining the role of tourism in regional sustainability, and in particular the role of the tourism guide and effective socio-environmental interpretation in building community capacity. She is currently exploring the use of qualitative analysis processes involving the Leximancer software with a means-end approach to survey methodology. Utilising a means-end approach to elicit personally significant value-based responses from participants in environmental and cultural interpretive tourism activities she has developed a new interpretive model and approach. These are referred to as the "Value Model of Interpretation" and the "Personal Insight Interpretive Approach". Kaye is currently further exploring the application and theoretical premise of these. Her lecturing experience and unit development skills at an undergraduate level include: - Cross-cultural management; - Customer and tourist behaviour; and - Operations Management. At a Masters level she has lectured an intensively delivered unit in Sustainable Enterprises, and contributed to the development of the Tourism Operations Management component of a Master of International Tourism program which included topics such as: - Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Innovation; - Service and Experience Management; - Ethics and Sustainable Tourism Management; and - Public Relations and Crisis Management. In 2011 she will be lecturing at the undergraduate level for units such as: - Tourism Theories and Practices; - Communication in Organisations; - Foundations in Visitor Interpretation; and - Human Resource and Workplace Management. Kaye's initial science degree with majors in marine biology and zoology, along with being the first Australian woman to gain Level III Commercial diving qualifications and supervisory status saw her involvement for many years in coral reef and cetacean research, and professional shipwreck excavation work (being involved with three Pandora expeditions). She was based in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park for nearly 20 years and worked with the GBRMPA in Environmental Impact Management specifically addressing the impacts and management of tourism operations. She has worked casually, and intensively at times as a marine wildlife guide since the age of 20 which allowed her to conduct her PhD research onboard Expedition Cruise Vessels, as well as accompanying numerous underwater documentary teams. She has a special interest in cetacean tourism and research.