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Rohan Price
Dr Rohan Price
Current Appointment: Lecturer
Organisational Unit: Faculty of Business, Law and Arts

Telephone: (07) 5589 3342
Mobile: 0401 590 649
Facsimile: (07) 5589 3701
Location: C 6.24
Campus: Gold Coast
Personal Website

Rohan Price authors works of biography, comparative legal history and political philosophy including the acclaimed Going Native: The Passions of Philip Jacks (2016, Australian Scholarly) and Reading Colonies: Property and Control of the British Far East (2016, City University Press of HK).

Rohan's current manuscript Violence and Emancipation in Colonial Ideology asks: if, when and how was anti-colonial violence justified? How and why were nationalist movements criminalised by colonial, and neo-colonial powers? Using the insurrection by the Malayan Communist Party (1948-60) as an example, the book argues that resort to violence sped up the decolonisation of British Malaya by forcing its colonial administration to invent Malay nationalism and pursue ameliorative social policy among the Chinese diaspora community in a manner clearly derived from the MCP's platform. Yet this was not the same as giving the country economic emancipation from the expectations of neo-colonial rule. Using an Althusserian assumption, the book asks: if a late colonial state was subjective, how did it claim a sufficiently objective mantle to rule and how did ideological techniques enable this?

Reading Colonies is available on and google play. Going Native is stocked by Abbey's and gleebooks (Sydney), Readings (Melbourne) and Fuller's Bookshop (Hobart) or any one of ten libraries around the country:

Rohan writes serial fiction about Republican China as well as academic works. His serial the parrots is available here: