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Szabolcs Lehoczki-Krsjak
Dr Szabolcs Lehoczki-Krsjak
Current Appointment: Research Fellow
Organisational Unit: Faculty of Science and Engineering

Location: T
Campus: Lismore
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Dr Szabolcs Lehoczki-Krsjak is a Research Fellow in Rice Breeding and Genetics at Southern Cross Plant Science. Szabolcs completed his PhD studies in Hungary in 2013, working on Fusarium head blight pest management of wheat. During his research he engaged with plant breeding and since then he worked on pre-breeding, commercial breeding and every aspects of marketable product development of wheat, field corn and sweet corn.



Szab’s research focuses on the genetics, pre-breeding and breeding activities of pigmented rice varieties with the aim to develop locally adapted black rice varieties for Northern NSW. The establishment of a new aerob rice breeding program with the characterisation of genetics resources, understanding the genetic factors behind rice grain pigmentation and the incorporation of agronomically beneficial traits to support farmers needs are his main interests.