Deputy Vice Chancellor (Students)

Professor Nan Bahr

Professor Nan Bahr DVC (Students)

Professor Nan Bahr — Deputy Vice Chancellor (Students)

The Deputy Vice Chancellor (Students) portfolio offers an array of student support services, innovation and student experience that provides a positive authentic student experience.

The portfolio’s vision is for every Southern Cross University student, regardless of their profile to:

  • have a positive growth experience
  • feel connected and engaged with the University community and their studies
  • reach their academic and professional potential

Workgroups of the portfolio are clustered into three areas:

Deputy Vice Chancellor (Students) Work Group Organisational Chart

The Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Students)

The Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Students) liaises with Student Associations and provides administration support to the Student Representation Committee Chaired by the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Students). Projects initiated and designed for improvement of the student experience and the design and implementation of data capture and analysis approaches are undertaken by a dedicated projects and data crew.

Also reporting to this office is The University Student Advocacy crew who provide free and confidential representation, advocacy and support for students with matters concerning academic and procedural rules and regulations of the University.

Student Outreach

The Student Outreach workgroup provide programs of student activity and support in areas ranging from sporting life, safety and wellbeing, residential life and brokering of accommodation and approaches and resources that support learning and assessment.

The Sport, Health and Wellbeing crew provide comprehensive and multimodal proactive and reactive support for health, wellbeing and student safety as well as providing a comprehensive suite of inter and intramural sporting and recreational opportunities for students and run the University’s Elite Athlete Support Program.

The induction crew consider the holistic first year experience and provide targeted activities, resources and general positive messaging to assist students to confidently adapt to life as a successful student. Visit the Orientation web page to find out more. 

The Learning Experience crew provide a range of peer to peer, staff to student and self-help offerings to support a student’s learning experience. Learning coaches assist students to become self-managing and self-regulated in their learning.

Student Care and Support

The Student Care and Support workgroup provide professional care and direct support to students who self-identify and/or require personal wellbeing support or bespoke assistance to access their learning.

The Student Equity and Inclusion crew lead initiatives that have a direct impact on the establishment of a University community that respects and supports student diversity and enables access to learning for disadvantaged groups and individuals. The team also provides comprehensive support for differently abled students to assist them to fully engage with their learning program.

The Chaplaincy crew provide pastoral care and religious support within a holistic, multi-faith framework.

The Counselling crew provide student counselling services and provides direction to the University on the best approach to support student mental health and wellness and collaborate with other portfolio crew to provide proactive approaches to student wellness.

The Deputy Vice Chancellor (Students) portfolio - Student’s CrewThe DVC(S) portfolio Student’s Crew