Professor Rod Treyvaud

Principal of the Northern Rivers College of Advanced Education

Professor Rod Treyvaud - Principal of the Northern Rivers College of Advanced Education

Dr E.R. Treyvaud was appointed Principal of the Northern Rivers College of Advanced Education (NRCAE) in July 1984. Prior to this appointment, Dr Treyvaud had been a consultant with the World Bank on educational projects in the Solomon Islands. He had also held positions with the Darling Downs Institute of Advanced Education (Dean of the School of Business) and the University of South Pacific (Director of Planning and Development).

In the first year of his appointment, Rod reduced the numerous committees (52) in the NRCAE down to a reasonable number.  He redesigned the budget approach and created cost centres which made people accountable for funding. He also created five schools, a postgraduate college and an Indigenous college.

The Institution grew from 900 EFTSL in 1984 to more than 4000 EFTSL by 1993.

Dr Treyvaud also recognised the need for the Institution to work with its communities and business; he secured several large training contracts including Telecom ($4 million), Corrective Services, Ansett Australia and the Solomon Islands government.

In 1989 the 'forced' amalgamation of NRCAE with The University of New England occurred. In the lead up to this amalgamation, Rod and several executives lobbied hard to ensure the legislation underpinning the amalgamated Institution reflected a federated network. This ensured that the campuses of the new Institution to a great extent retained their organisational and management structures.

During the amalgamation era of four years (1989-1993), Rod's vision and strategy included the introduction of the first course in tourism in any Australian university.  Other new courses included Contemporary Music, Paralegal Studies, Sports Science and Naturopathy.

Rod was appointed a Professor and Deputy Vice Chancellor, UNE Northern Rivers, for the period of the amalgamation and during this period, there were many robust discussions at the Governing Board and committees of the amalgamated Institution. In late 1992, there was a strong sense from both the Northern Rivers campus and to some extent the Armidale Campus that the amalgamation was simply not working. In March 1993 after extensive consultation, the Vice Chancellor of UNE network, proposed to the governing body that the Institution be dis-amalgamated.  Rod Treyvaud had played a strong hand in keeping the Northern Rivers campus relatively autonomous and the Minister, The Hon Virginia Chadwick consented to the separation in mid-1993. The new Institution was to be established on 1st January 1994 and was sponsored for five years by the University of New South Wales.

Rod Treyvaud had a strong influence in naming "Southern Cross University". A long list of possible names based on history, people, geography and topography was established with "Southern Cross" being selected.

As part of the dis-amalgamation process, the Minister directed that no senior executive staff of the UNE network were to be appointed to positions in the new Institutions.  In 1994, Rod returned to his educational consulting role. He passed away in 1997.

Professor Rod Treyvaud was an energetic, hardworking leader, whose strategic vision helped created the strong foundations upon which Southern Cross University was built.

A building on the Lismore Campus was named after Professor Rod Treyvaud in recognition of his significant contribution to NRCAE, UNE (Northern Rivers) and the preliminary planning and subsequent establishment of Southern Cross University.