Graduate: Sean Broda

Sean Broda and band,
Sean Broda

Sitting at a desk in Toronto, Canada during a frigidly cold January has nothing on walking the beach in Coolangatta, surfboard in hand, with the feeling of being cold a distant memory. After only five days of arriving at the Gold Coast Campus I had an apartment with my new buddy, Gary Birtch, with our third Canadian campadre, Tony Finelli, living right down the street. Being a two minute walk from campus and a five minute walk to the nicest beach on the East Coast, it's easy to say that I had made a major change in my life.

There were so many great memories living in Tweed Heads, NSW. It's really hard to narrow down one thing during my year stay down under. There was an easy bus ride up the coast to visit my friends in Surfers Paradise, watching the Quicksilver Pro surf competition right on our own beach, Thanksgiving break in Sydney Harbour and travelling the Coast in a Wicked Camper Van from Cairns back home. Even though seeing the country was an amazing experience during my off time from school, I'll never forget day to day life on campus and my experience teaching in local High Schools. These environments let me immerse myself in real Aussie culture and gain unforgettable life experiences that would help me as a teacher back home and also in an unforeseen direction I would soon take.

While attending school, my younger brother Dru was working as a bartender in Surfers Paradise. We are both musicians - me a guitar player and Dru a singer, but we had never really played music other than as a hobby. Dru and I had quickly written a number of songs and ignited a passion for starting a band and seeing what could come from our new endeavour.

After returning home at the end of 2008 my new degree has given me the opportunity to start a career as a High School Supply Teacher and have the means and time to travel the world with my band, Reverse Grip. We have toured Japan, Australia (returning to my second home!), Germany, France, Wales, Poland, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Netherlands and South America… amongst others I might not be recalling at the moment. Touring can be a bit of a blur!

Our main professors, Neville Jennings and Peter Wilcox gave us the guidance and freedom to grow as potential new young professionals and provided an environment that gave us confidence and practical skills you wouldn't gain in a lot of courses. I've since received a lot of support from Neville Jennings in my side career as a guitarist and can definitely say I've gained a fan as well!

Attending Southern Cross University wasn't just a regular educational experience, it was a journey that changed the course of my life in far more ways than I can explain here.

Sean Broda