Strategic Plan Goals 1-5

Goal one

We will equip our students for diverse futures and global careers that enrich society.

SCU understands that in the 21st century, effective higher education is facilitating and co-creating learning rather than simply delivering content. We work side-by side with our students to ensure they develop skills to be life-long learners who are agile in adjusting to futures and technologies they never imagined, and the values to be responsible global citizens. We will inspire our students by being nimble and innovative. It is vital we adopt radically new ways of facilitating learning, from the flipped classroom, to digital and interactive content delivery, to more relevant forms of assessment.

Goal two

We will strategically grow our research profile, building a sustainable culture of research excellence.

We must foster a strong research culture which is responsive to external drivers. Achieving this culture requires a clear strategy which encourages research excellence. A core theme of our strategy for growth is ongoing investment in building specialist research capacity, which underpins overall growth and innovation.

Goal three

We will pursue targeted growth to ensure a sustainable future.

While SCU is strongly connected to place, we are not constrained by it. We will achieve growth by adopting a multi-pronged strategy: protecting our regional markets, continuing to expand in the Gold Coast Tweed region, reaching new geographic and discipline markets, and diversifying our sources of income. Central to ensuring a sustainable future for the University will be providing both a rich and vibrant on-campus experience and high quality online learning.

Goal four

We will create distinctive opportunities for engaged learning and research, as a hallmark of the SCU experience.

SCU fosters great connectivity with its communities and enterprise partners. We will harness this connectivity to create and grow distinctive, mutually beneficial learning and research opportunities.

Goal five

We will transform our service delivery, building a culture among our professional and academic staff of providing the highest level of flexible support.

It is vital we meet the challenge to deliver high quality and cost effective service, across all areas of the University. We must achieve a balance between standardised processes while allowing enough flexibility to meet our students' expectations, given the financial and time resources they invest in their learning. Transforming our service delivery, from front line learning activities to back-of-office administration tasks, will require a paradigm shift of our professional and academic staff cultures.