Graham Lancaster

Graham Lancaster


Graham is the elected non-academic member of Council. 

Graham is a long-term professional staff member of the University and its predecessor institutions since the early 1990s.  In 1987 he commenced study in the Bachelor of Applied Science Coastal Management and then conducted Honours in 1990 in water and environmental chemistry.

Under the mentorship of Professor David McConchie (Dec.) Graham was instrumental in the establishment of the University‚Äôs Environmental Analysis Laboratory (EAL) in 1993 which was initially based in the School of Environment, Science and Management.  The EAL start-up concept was due to a lack of instrumentation funding available to a small regional university to support research, therefore commercial income was essential.  The EAL is now a successful research, teaching and environmental agricultural laboratory supporting over 40 staff and has a commercial income of almost $5m per year with continued national and international growth.  Graham has been Director/Manager of the EAL for over 25 years.

Graham is very active with the University Gym and running groups, in the community for regional tennis and international competitive waveski surfing.