Overview of Complaints Framework

The University has a commitment to seeking feedback from students and staff, and acknowledges the right of students, staff or members of the public to complain if they are dissatisfied.

The University has established a Complaints Framework to provide for the timely and fair resolution of complaints. The Overview of Complaints Framework will help you to decide how to proceed with your complaint or concern.

Complaints Assistance Officer

If you are unsure where to direct your complaint under the Complaints Framework, you can seek advice from the Complaints Assistance Officer:

Complaints Assistance Officer
T: +61 2 6620 3849
F: +61 2 6622 4171
E: complaints@scu.edu.au

Informal Complaints

You are encouraged, where appropriate, to make your complaint informally, as many complaints can be sorted out with the staff member directly responsible.

For international students, SCU International is happy to assist you to resolve your complaint informally, or to help lodge a formal complaint.

Formal Complaints

If your complaint is not resolved, then you can lodge a formal complaint with the relevant University Officer. If you are unsure where to lodge your formal complaint, you can contact the Complaints Assistance Officer.

All formal complaints made under the Complaints Policy for University Students and Members of the Public must be lodged with the Complaints Assistance Officer.

Your formal complaint should set out:

  • What is the matter to be resolved
  • What steps you have already taken to try to resolve it
  • Why the outcomes are not satisfactory
  • What you are seeking
  • Any supporting documentation

Complaints Management Students Complaints Form
Complaints Management Members of the Public Complaints Form

Review of complaints


Students can access an external agency (e.g. NSW Ombud; Commonwealth Ombudsman) for review purposes. These arrangements provide for independent grievance handling/dispute resolution for students from overseas studying in Australia where the student is not satisfied by the University's internal complaints/appeals handling processes. They permit students to formally present their case and to be accompanied and assisted by a support person at any relevant meetings. Students will be given a written statement of the outcome of their appeal and the reasons for that outcome. The University is obligated to maintain a student's enrolment while an appeal is ongoing and to immediately implement any decision and/or corrective and preventative action required.

Members of the Public

If a member of the public believes that a formal complaint has not been resolved within a reasonable time frame, or is dissatisfied with the outcome of a formal complaint, then he or she may make a written request to the Vice Chancellor for internal review.