Alumni Award Winners 2021

[2021 Alumnus of the Year - Lisa Blair]
So behind me is actually the community's voice. The goal is to inspire individuals that we have the power to create change. It just starts with one small action.

[2021 Young Alumnus of the Year - Nic Brown]
About 30 per cent of young people that need to access support when it comes to mental health are actually reaching out and getting that support because the way that we speak about mental health needs to change. What I want to do with my life, and my time is to have as much impact as I possibly can.

[2021 Early Career Alumnus of the Year - Dr Cooper Schouten]
Something that really drives me in my work, something I'm really passionate about, is when I turn up some of these communities, and you can see the tangible changes in front of your eyes, so it's amazing you come back after a year later, and they've multiplied all their colonies they're selling honey their kids are going to school, and it just puts a smile on everyone's faces

[2021 International Alumnus of the Year - Neelkamal Darbari]
To me, each day is important you want to make that difference which will have an impact on the lives of the farmers we look at how best agriculture credit can flow to them at the same time link them up with markets.

[Community Impact Award - Hank and Sue Bower]
Then ecological renaissance essentially it's providing environmental flagship to how an environment can be managed and protected.