My favourite Mangrove or Saltmarsh or Tidal Wetland video competition

New This Year!

All conference delegates are encouraged to submit a very short (~15 second) video showing themselves with their favourite mangrove or saltmarsh.  It can be an individual tree, saltmarsh meadow or intertidal system.  In the video can you say:

“This is my favourite [mangrove] / [saltmarsh] because . . . . .”

Can you also sign the release document DPI Fisheries image release 2021 so that we can use the footage in a montage honouring the most amazing intertidal places we love to work in.

If you love lots of different mangrove and saltmarsh (who doesn’t) you may enter multiple times!

Prizes will be awarded for the BEST video.  So, get creative and show us why your tidal wetland is top of the tree.

Contributions must be accompanied by a completed and signed DPI Fisheries image release 2021

Find out more about the Australian Mangrove and Saltmarsh Network (AMSN).