"I witnessed a powerful momentum for change at the UN and I am hopeful I can advocate for women’s rights here from the Northern Rivers."

Angela Powditch

Bachelor of Laws (Honours) graduate

Business with purpose, law with a difference and creative arts that truly inspire – three dynamic disciplines of the University under one roof. Our cohabitation has many advantages. We are able to approach a range of issues from completely different perspectives, not only within the Faculty but across the University.

We can combine our business acumen with a mission to deliver better healthcare, our legal expertise with ambitious engineering, our creative production with IT, education or sustainable living.

We are deeply invested in solving regional problems such as the creation of employment, the development of local industries, the protection of our communities and the enrichment of our cultural lives. The strong foundation of this purpose nurtures students as global citizens, with the skills and potential to contribute not only to their local communities but to human enterprise worldwide.