Professor Yvonne Brunetto


Her research has focused on examining the antecedents and work outcomes of different types of administrative and professional public and private sector employees.

Julia Caldicott

Dr Julia Caldicott


Julia teaches professional development and internship units and is the Work Integrated Learning Coordinator for the Faculty.

Dr Patrick Gillett

Lecturer (Teaching Scholar)

Course coordinator MBA programs. Pat is responsible for coordinating and supporting a large team of academic and professional staff to ensure the MBA aligns with the Faculty's strategic direction. He provides academic leadership in the areas of course planning, implementation and reporting.

Jennifer Harrison

Dr Jennifer Harrison

Senior Lecturer

Jennifer's current research interests are focused on financial literacy, financial well-being, financial advisor anxiety and, in the context of accounting and finance education, maths anxiety.

John Haw

Dr John Haw

Senior Lecturer

Casino and gaming management, facilities and risk management, professional development for managers.

Robyn Keast

Professor Robyn Keast

Professor, Public Management

Member of the Emeritus Faculty, Robyn has an extensive research portfolio, covering governance, government/community relations, social and public policy, police-corruption, interest-based negotiation and asset management.

Geoff Lamberton

Dr Geoffrey Lamberton

Senior Lecturer (Teaching Scholar)

Geoff was a corporate and chartered accountant before entering academia. He teaches ethics and sustainability and sustainable business management. His research interests include sustainability accounting and the ethical change required for the transition to a sustainable society.

Jackie Liu

Dr Jackie Liu


Jackie's research interests cover securities market supervision, carbon emissions, corporate governance, corporate reporting and earnings management.

Silvia Nelson

Dr Silvia Nelson


Silvia's research interests include Human Resource Management, health and nursing management and police management in public sector organisations.

Scott Niblock

Dr Scott Niblock


Scott’s research is driven by financial econometrics using time-series data and other empirical approaches. He is particularly passionate about funds management performance, behavioural finance, financial capability and wellbeing, responsible investing, and carbon markets.

Sharen Nisbet

Dr Sharen Nisbet

Lecturer (Teaching Scholar)

Sharen's research interests are focused on how tourism industry employers and employees can work together to develop and achieve shared goals, and the factors that facilitate or mitigate this.

Pascal Sherrer

Dr Pascal Scherrer

Senior Lecturer

Pascal’s main research interest is in sustainable tourism and visitor management in natural and cultural landscapes, addressing the areas of environmental, social and cultural impacts and their relationship.

Betty Weiler

Professor Betty Weiler


Member of the Emeritus Faculty, Betty has been a highly visible and proactive scholar, researcher and mentor in the field. She is one of the world’s leading scholars on the role of the tour guide.

Simon Wilde

Dr Simon Wilde


Simon teaches teach a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate units including Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and Competitive Strategy. Simon's broader research focus is in the areas of marketing (especially challenges faced by NGOs) and general regional development issues.

Kayleen Wood

Ms Kayleen Wood

Associate Lecturer

Kayleen is a lecturer in Taxation Law and Practice and is also a PhD candidate. Her research centres on student engagement with and motivation for learning. She has a background in professional accounting, academic project management, and teacher education.