Dr Jane Anderson

Dr Jane Anderson is an Associate Professor of Anthropology and Museum Studies at New York University. She co-founded ‘Local Contexts’, a collaborative project which supports Indigenous communities around intellectual property and cultural heritage. Her research interests include property law, cultural life of law, coloniality and colonial governance, Indigenous rights and sovereignty, repatriation and digital return, cultural property, heritage studies, and social change.

Professor Maria Aristodemou

Professor Maria Aristodemou is Head of School of Law at Birkbeck London, and a prominent critical legal feminist and cultural legal studies scholar. Her research interests include law and literature, law and psychoanalysis, and international law.

Mr David Barnden

Mr David Barnden is the founder of Equity Generation Lawyers and was previously Principal Lawyer with Environmental Justice Australia. He has argued two world-first cases on climate change risk before the Federal Court of Australia.

Professor Greta Bird

Professor Greta Bird is a founding member of the Law Discipline at Southern Cross University and a well regarded critical legal feminist and race theorist. The Professor Greta Bird Lecture Series in Legal Theory and Critique is held annually in her honour. Her research interests include multiculturalism and the law, Indigenous studies, law and society, feminist critique, and critical race theory.

Professor Daniela Carpi

Professor Daniela Carpi is Honorary Professor of English Literature at the University of Verona and co-editor of the esteemed journal Polemos: A Journal of Law, Literature and Culture, sponsored by Southern Cross University. Her research interests include renaissance theatre, critical theory, postmodernism, and the law and literature.

Professor Andy Chiu-Man Chung

Professor Andy Chiu Man-Chung is a legal academic who has taught at Shue Yan University (SAR HK), City University of Hong Kong, Charles Darwin University and James Cook University. He is affiliated with several prominent mainland Chinese universities. Andy's research interests include internet law, family law, human rights law, comparative legal studies, and legal philosophy.

Professor Andrew Clarke

Professor Andrew Clarke is a prominent legal academic and former law dean based at the Victoria University Institute for Sustainable Industries and Liveable Cities (Australia). He is also Adjunct Professor at Beijing's College of Comparative Law (China University of Political Science and Law). His research interests include corporate governance, corporate law, tort law, and risk management.

Professor Jodi Dean

Professor Jodi Dean is the Donald R Hartner ’39 Professor of Humanities and Social Sciences at Hobart and William Smith Colleges (HWS) in New York. A renowned political and legal theorist, she taught a unit entitled ‘Struggles, Movements and Idea of Communism’ at Southern Cross University's Summer Law School. Jodi's research interests include contemporary political theory, modern political theory, communism, theories of digital media, poststructuralism, psychoanalysis, feminist theory, and political theory and climate change.

Dr Gregory Durston

Dr Gregory Durston is a former Reader in Law at Kingston University (UK). A barrister, he is also the author of numerous books and articles, mostly on British legal history. In 2019, Dr Durston taught a popular intensive unit at Southern Cross University's Winter Law School. Gregory's research interests include criminal justice history, and English law of evidence.

Dr Allison Fish

Dr Allison Fish is an American-trained lawyer and anthropologist affiliated with the Centre for Policy Futures in UQ’s Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. In 2019, she taught an intensive unit on 'Wisdom, Traditional Knowledge and Intellectual Property’ at Southern Cross University's Winter Law School. Allison's research interests include the intersections of law, socio-cultural anthropology, and science and technology.

Associate Professor Sam Garkawe

Associate Professor Sam Garkawe was a longstanding member of Southern Cross University's Law Discipline and is a leading authority of victimology. Currently, he is affiliated with Jindal Global Law School in India. His research interests include international and national criminal justice, criminal law and procedure, and victims of crime and victimology.

Professor Peter Goodrich

Professor Peter Goodrich is a Professor of Law at Cardozo Law School and at New York University (Abu Dhabi), as well as the inaugural Dean of the Department of Law, Birkbeck London. He is managing editor of Law and Literature, and was the founding editor of Law and Critique. His research interests include legal history and theory, and law and literature.

Professor Michele Bratcher Goodwin

Professor Michele Bratcher Goodwin is Chancellor’s Professor of Law at the University of California (Irvine). A legal theorist of race, gender and the law and an expert on health law, she was the inaugural speaker at Southern Cross University's annual Professor Greta Bird Lecture Series in Legal Theory and Critique. Michele's research interests include bioethics, health law, constitutional law, justice and civil liberties, and legal theory.

Dr Mary Graham

Dr Mary Graham is of Kombumerri and Wakka Wakka heritage. A Native Title researcher and First Peoples scholar and counsellor, she has lectured nationally and has worked for institutions such as the Department of Community Services, Aboriginal and Islander Childcare Agency, University of Queensland and the Foundation for Aboriginal and Islander Research Action. Her research interests include Aboriginal history, politics and comparative philosophy.

Associate Professor Susan Sage Heinzelman

Associate Professor Susan Sage Heinzelman is the Director of the Center for Women's and Gender Studies at the University of Texas at Austin, and is a former president of the Association for the Study of Law, Culture, and the Humanities (USA). Susan's research interests include law and literature, gender, and feminism.

Professor Jenny Hocking

Professor Jenny Hocking is a renowned biographer and political scientist. Author of the acclaimed two-volume biography on Gough Whitlam, she is the inaugural Distinguished Whitlam Fellow at the Whitlam Institute, Western Sydney University; a winner of the Fellowship of Australian Writers’ Barbara Ramsden Award; and a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia. Her research interests include political history, and politics and the law.

Professor Bonnie Honig

Professor Bonnie Honig is Nancy Duke Lewis Professor of Modern Culture and Media and Political Science at Brown University (US). She is a world-renowned political, legal and cultural theorist writing on, amongst other things, emergency politics, public things and democracy and its discontents. Bonnie's research interests include the operation of constitutions, legal norms, the centrality of rights, and cultural politics to help or hinder spontaneous and organised collective actions in democracies.

Dr Terry Hutchinson

Dr Terry Hutchinson is a member of the Queensland Children’s Court Committee. She previously served on the Queensland Law Reform Commission, was a long-serving Associate Professor in Law at QUT, and is a past Chair of the Queensland Law Society’s Equity and Diversity Committee. Terry's research interests include the sound use of the evidence base particularly in relation to children and youth justice.

Professor Rebecca Johnson

Professor Rebecca Johnson is a distinguished critical and cultural legal studies scholar, teaching at the Faculty of Law, University of Victoria (Canada). She is the author of the award-winning Taxing Choices: the Intersection of Class, Gender, Parenthood and the Law, and has led initiatives with the University’s Indigenous Law Research Unit. Her research interests include judicial dissent, cinema as a site of inter-cultural legal encounter, the economic imaginary, Indigenous legal methodologies, and sexuality.

Mr Lance Jones

Mr Lance Jones is Principal Practitioner at Jones Elferink Barristers & Solicitors and is an adjunct fellow and academic in the Law Discipline at Southern Cross University, where he teaches International Business Law and Conveyancing Law. He is the founder of Comrec Australia Pty Ltd, South Australia's largest private provider of developmental day options for people with intellectual disabilities.

Professor James Martel

Professor James Martel is a Professor of Political Science at San Francisco State University where he teaches political theory. He is an authority on the political thought of Walter Benjamin and, in 2018, presented a unit at Southern Cross University's Summer Law School, entitled ’Why the State Needs to Kill’. His research interests include American and European political theory, continental philosophy, legal theory, sovereignty and jurisprudence, anarchist politics and philosophy, critical race studies, and gender and sexuality.

Dr Conor McCarthy

Dr Conor McCarthy is Director of Philanthropy at the National Library of Australia. A literary critic and mediaevalist, his latest book is Outlaws and Spies: Legal Exclusion in Law and Literature (Edinburgh University Press, 2020).

Dr Chris McGrath

Dr Chris McGrath is a Brisbane-based barrister, practising planning and environmental law, mining law and climate law. His website, Environmental Law Australia, explores significant environmental litigation in Australia.

Professor Shaun McVeigh

Professor Shaun McVeigh is a Professor of Law at Melbourne University and has researched and taught at Griffith (Queensland), Keele (UK) and Middlesex (UK). He is widely regarded as a founding member of the British critical legal studies movement and is co-author of the germinal text, Postmodern Jurisprudence. Shaun's research interests include jurisprudence, health care, and legal ethics.

Professor Panu Minkkinen

Professor Panu Minkkinen is a well-known legal philosopher who holds the Chair in Jurisprudence at the University of Helsinki, Finland. His books include Thinking without Desire: A First Philosophy of Law (2009) and Sovereignty, Knowledge, Law (2011). Panu's research interests include legal theory, political theory, and law and the humanities.

Dr George Pavlich

Dr George Pavlich holds the Henry Marshall Tory Chair and is Professor of Law and Sociology at the University of Alberta (Canada). Born in South Africa and educated there (Wits) and in Canada (SFU, UBC), he is a prominent socio-legal scholar and the author of many books on crime, restorative justice and sociology. His research interests include social theory, socio-legal studies, restorative justice, the sociology of law, and critical criminology.

Ms Angela Powditch

Angela Powditch is a Southern Cross University Law alumna and a human rights advocate who is passionate about gender equality and female empowerment. In 2018, she was a delegate at the UN's Commission on the Status of Women and she is a graduate of Oxford University's International Human Rights Law Summer School.

Professor Renata Salecl

Professor Renata Salecl is a Slovene philosopher, criminologist, author and legal theorist. A senior researcher at the Institute of Criminology at the University of Ljubljana, she holds a professorship at Birkbeck London, and is a visiting professor at King’s College, London. Each year, she teaches an intensive unit on ‘Law, Psychology and Psychoanalysis’ at Southern Cross University's Summer Law School. Renata's research interests include legal theory, continental philosophy, criminology, psychoanalysis, neuroscience, anxiety, and emotions and the law.

Professor Austin Sarat

Professor Austin Sarat is the William Nelson Cromwell Professor of Jurisprudence and Political Science at Amherst College (US). One of America’s most prominent socio-legal scholars - and an indefatigable campaigner against the death penalty - he is a recipient of the Ronald Pipkin Service Award from the Law and Society Association (US) and the Lasting Contribution Award from the American Political Science Association. Austin's research interests include state killing, lawful lawlessness, cause law, and cultural and social life of American law.

Professor Brad Sherman

Professor Sherman is a leading authority on intellectual property (IP) law, and critical and cultural legal scholar. He is a Professor of Law at the University of Queensland and, in 2015, he received an ARC Laureate Fellowship for his project on IP law in relation to food security. Brad's research interests include intellectual property law, and intellectual property and food security.

Associate Professor Jill Stauffer

Associate Professor Jill Stauffer is Director of the Peace, Justice and Human Rights Program at Haverford College (US) and is on the board of Voice of Witness, a non-profit book series around human rights crises. Jill's research interests include human rights, rule of law, philosophy of law, and rhetoric and responsibility.

Professor Marc Stears

Professor Marc Stears is Director of the Sydney Policy Lab at the University of Sydney. He was previously Professor of Political Theory at the University of Oxford and Chief Executive of UK think tank, the New Economics Foundation. Between 2012-2015, he was Chief Speechwriter to the UK Labour Party. Marc's research interests include democratic theory and the history of ideologies and social movements.

Professor Christopher Tomlins

Professor Christopher Tomlins is the Elizabeth Josselyn Boalt Professor of Law at UC Berkeley (US). An eminent legal historian, author and teacher, his books have been honoured by the American Society for Legal History and the American Historical Association. His research interests include Anglo-American history and the law around colonisation, freedom, slavery, migration, and civic and societal identity.

Associate Professor Amelia Thorpe

Associate Professor Amelia Thorpe is a lawyer, academic and specialist in planning and environmental law at UNSW. Having previously studied architecture and city policy, her research engages notions of space and its regulation. Amelia's research interests include urban governance, legal geography, cities, and public participation.

Professor Karin Van Marle

Professor Karin Van Marle is one of South Africa’s most prominent legal theorists and teaches jurisprudence in the Department of Public Law at the University of the Free State in Bloemfontein. Her research and writing are inspired by and embedded in feminist theory. Karin's research interests include critical theory, legal philosophy and jurisprudence.

Professor Ian Ward

Professor Ian Ward is a Professor of Law at Newcastle University (UK) and a distinguished law-and-literature specialist. He is an editorial board member for Law and Literature, Law and Humanities and Polemos: A Journal of Law, Literature and Culture, sponsored by Southern Cross University. Ian's research interests include law, literature and history, and English constitutional history.

Professor Alison Young

Professor Alison Young is the Francine V. McNiff Professor of Criminology at the University of Melbourne, where she is Research Convenor in the Future Cities Research Cluster. A distinguished scholar of law, criminology and cultural studies, she is a founder of the Urban Environments Research Network, a global, interdisciplinary group of academics, artists, architects and activists. Her research interests include graffiti, street crime, urban governance, and social change.