Strengthening Approaches to Parent Partnership in Schools



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Parental engagement with their child’s education is a key influence on educational achievement and wellbeing at school. Respectful, reciprocal relationships between home and school are central to notions of ‘partnership’. Correspondingly, many schools and school systems seek ways to strengthen formal and informal links between home and school.

Building on an earlier collaboration with the CCYP around the Wellbeing in Schools  ARC research, the Lismore Catholic Schools Office commissioned a project aimed at developing and trialling a Parent-School Partnership Framework and identifying a strategic approach to embedding it within and across schools.

The project has involved extensive literature and document reviews to draw together the evidence on ‘best practice’ around parent-school partnership to inform the development of the Framework. This evidence was then worked through collaboratively with a project advisory group comprised of personnel from the Catholic Schools Office and a range of schools. The draft Framework was trialled in several schools and is currently being introduced across all schools in the Lismore Diocese.


Research Team

Investigators: Prof Anne Graham (CCYP, SCU), Dr Mary Ann Powell (CCYP, SCU).

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