The Centre for Coastal Biogeochemistry is able to offer a range of traditional environmental and ecological services as well as a range of state-of-the-art biogeochemical and modelling services. Field work is our speciality and we have access to a full range of boats, 4WDs, divers and sampling equipment. We have successfully undertaken projects in NSW, QLD, WA and Tasmania, including operations in remote areas such as the Ord River, Western Australia and Cape York, Far North Queensland as well as overseas in Europe and Asia. We often transport personnel, equipment, and samples long distances nationally and internationally.

Traditional environmental and ecological capabilities

  • Water Quality Monitoring and Analysis
  • Flow-weighted Sampling Programs for Estimating Catchment Loads
  • Automated Sampling and Monitoring Systems (data loggers)
  • Sediment Nutrient and Contaminant Sampling and Analysis
  • Acid Sulphate Soil Surveys and Analysis
  • Effects of Dredging and Spoil Deposition
  • Algae (phytoplankton, diatoms, blue-green) including Pigment Analysis
  • Seagrass, Benthic Microalgae, Mangrove and Saltmarsh Mapping and Biomass Estimates
  • Benthic Macrofauna Sampling and Analysis
  • Nutrient Source Mapping using Natural Abundance Stable Isotopes.

State-of-the-art biogeochemical capabilities

  • Pelagic Productivity
  • Benthic Nutrient Fluxes
  • Benthic Productivity (Seagrass, Benthic Microalgae, Macroalgae)
  • Benthic Respiration (Sediment Oxygen Demand)
  • Sediment Denitrification
  • Sediment N-fixation
  • Benthic Health Indicators (sediment p/r; denitrification efficiency)
  • Food Web Studies using Natural Abundance and Tracer Stable Isotopes
  • Ecosystem Health Assessments
  • Long-tern Strategic Plans to Better Understand how Aquatic Ecosystems Function.

Environmental Modelling

  • Sustainable Loads Assessments
  • Conceptual Models
  • Mass Balance Budget Models
  • Salt-balance Models for First Order Point Source Discharge Evaluations
  • Complex Hydrodynamic, Water Quality and Ecological Models.

Consultancy brochure

Cover of a brochure detailing the centre's consultancy services