PhD students

Name Year completed Thesis title

Shahadat Hossain

1997 Hydrology and suspended sediment transport in the Richmond River Catchment and Estuary, NSW Australia

Lester McKee

1999 Hydrology, water quality, nitrogen and phosphorus transport, and mass budgets for the sub-tropical Richmond River Catchment-Estuary system, Australia

Angus Ferguson

2002 Nutrient cycling in shallow sub-tropical estuaries, New South Wales, Australia

Jennita Gay

2002 Pelagic and benthic metabolism in three subtropical Australian estuaries

Arthur Webb

2003 The effects of natural populations of epi and infauna on the biogeochemistry of shallow and intertidal estuarine sediments in subtropical eastern Australia

Perran Cook (UMel)

2003 Carbon and nitrogen cycling on intertidal mudflats in a temperate Australian estuary

Peter Davies

2004 The study of coastal ecosystems using satellite imagery

Brendan Logan 

2011 Applying paleolimnological techniques to sub-tropical east Australian estuaries 

Jo Banks (UMel)

2011 Exploring the links between nutrient cycling, macrofauna and environmental influences in estuarine sediments

Damien Maher (Chancellor's Medal)

2012 Carbon cycling in south-east Australian estuaries

Elisabeth Deschaseaux

2014 Dimethylated sulphur compounds in Acropora corals: antioxidant response and implications for climate regulation

Tyler Cyronak (Chancellor's Medal)

2014 The changing carbonate chemistry of coral reefs

Douglas Tait

2015 Nutrient transport, modification and fate in a carbonate sand coral reef lagoon

Daniel Harrison (USyd)

2016 Nutrient cycling in Sydney Harbour

Hilton Swan

2017 Investigations of dimethylsulfide biogeochemistry relevant to the CLAW hypothesis at Heron Island, southern Great Barrier Reef

Philip Riekenberg

2017 The transformation and fate of microphytobenthos carbon and nitrogen within subtropical intertidal sediments

Rachel Murray (Chancellor's Medal)

2017 N2O cycling in tropical mangrove-dominated estuaries: Insights from continuous, real-time N2O measurements and isotopomer analysis

Judith Rosentreter

2017 CO2 and CH4 emissions from mangrove-dominated estuaries and tidal creeks

Edwina Tanner (USyd)


CO2 fluxes and carbon budget for Sydney Harbour

Natasha Gafar


Understanding and predicting coccolithophorid calcification in a changing ocean

Natasha Carlson Perret 2019 N-fixation and denitrification in seagrasses

Laura Stoltenberg

(Chancellor's Medal)


Coral reef sediment dissolution in a changing ocean; insights from a temporal field study

Coulson Lantz 2020 The Impact of Anthropogenic Stressors on Coral Reef Carbonate Sediment Metabolism and Dissolution
Victoria Hrebien 2021 Isoprene emissions from coastal benthic habitats
Michelle Simone 2021 Using stable isotope tracers to determine the impact of climate-related stressors on carbon and nitrogen cycling
Nicola Camillini 2021 Carbon and nitrogen cycling in seagrass ecosystems
Jian-Chih Chan (Kenji) 2021 Nitrogen cycling in subtropical estuarine sediments
Sorcha- Cronin-O’Reily (Murdoch) 2021 Benthic community structure, health and function of a microtidal estuary in south-western Australia
Roisin McCallum (ECU) 2021 Using stable isotopes to trace carbon sources in a small Mediterranean estuary
Jacob Yeo 2022 Unravelling the drivers of greenhouse gas emissions in Australian estuaries

Anita Perkins

2022 Degradation and remineralization of detritus from macroalga (Ecklonia radiata) and the potential role of fungi


Name Year completed Current position
Angus Ferguson 2005  Senior Scientist, Department of Environment and Climate Change
Arthur Webb 2005  Senior Visiting Fellow, University of Wollongong's Australian National Centre for Ocean Resources and Security (ANCORS); private consultant
Geoff Kerr 2007  Retired
Sergio Halpern 2014 Marine Biologist at Save the Med Foundation, Spain
Perrine Mangion 2014 Research and Development Engineer at Hydrô Réunion, Reunion Island
Tyler Cyronak 2014 Assistant Professor Georgia University, USA
Philip Riekenberg 2014 Postdoctoral Researcher, NIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research, Netherlands
Isaac Santos 2015 Professor University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Douglas Tait 2015 Senior Lecturer, SCGS
Christian Sanders 2015  Senior Lecturer, NMSC
Brendan Kelaher 2015  Professor, NMSC
Symon Dworjanyn 2015  Associate Professor, NMSC
Damien Maher 2016  Associate Professor, SCGS
Naomi Wells 2021

Lecturer, Lincoln University, New Zealand

Hanieh Farid 2021  
Natasha Carlson Perret 2021 Research Chemist, The Manildra Group