Dr Matheus Carvalho de Carvalho

Research interests

I mainly take care of the IRMS laboratory but do research when I have time.

My main research interest has been to improve the understanding of photosynthesis and respiration by algae. In particular, I have developed, together with my colleagues Kai Schulz and Bradley Eyre, an approach to obtain new and old respiration estimates for the entire ocean:


I also have an interest in laboratory automation using AutoIt. This approach makes it possible to save money and time in the laboratory. I have written a book on the subject:


Recently, I have become a member of the editorial board of the journal HardwareX (Elsevier), about open-source hardware for research:


In collaboration with my colleage, Rachel Murray, I have created an affordable open-source microsyringe autosampler for liquid and gas sampling (OSMAR: Open-Source Microsyringe AutosampleR). This work has published in a peer-reviewed journal by Elsevier:


See the following link for a video of OSMAR in operation: