Dr Symon Dworjanyn

Research Interests

I work in the fields of marine ecology and sustainable aquaculture. I attempt to apply the culturing skills developed in aquaculture research to explore marine ecological and evolutionary ideas and to apply ecological theory to advance the development of sustainable aquaculture practices. A current research focus is the effect of ocean acidification and warming on marine invertebrates. In this research I use ecological and evolutionary theory to predict the future impacts of marine climate change on marine invertebrates, and to identify adaptation and mitigation strategies to limit ecosystem impacts. In the area of aquaculture I focus on sustainable sea urchin and seaweed culture. Other interests include seaweed and marine invertebrate chemical ecology and desert trophic ecology.

Major Research Grants

Australian Competitive Grants

ARC Discovery 2011
- $378 000. DP110105298 Impact of climate change stressors on calcifying and non-calcifying marine life stages: predicting tipping points for persistence in a changing ocean. Byrne and Dworjanyn

ACIAR 2010
- $958 000. Improved seaweed culture and post harvest waste utilisation in South East Asia Dworjanyn et al.

Other Grants

NSW Environment research trust 2010
- $197 000. Multi-generational impact of climate change on marine life histories. Dworjanyn et al.

Flora foundation 2009
- $17 590. Green caviar and Sea grapes: Targeted cultivation of high values seaweeds from the genus Caulerpa. Paul et al.