Adjunct Associate Professor Graham Jones

Research Interests

Portrait photo of Graham Jones

Associate Professor Graham Jones carries out research on natural sulphur aerosol substances (e.g. DMS) produced by microalgae present in corals, ocean phytoplankton and sea ice algae. These sulphur produced substances have an important effect on global and regional climate since they are oxidised in the atmosphere to produce cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) and low level clouds which significantly affect incoming solar radiation and cloud droplet concentration. These substances are linked to the carbon cycle and global and regional climate. Research carried out over the last 20 years has shown that the Southern Ocean, Antarctic Sea Ice Zone and coral reefs in the Great Barrier Reef produce huge amounts of these naturally produced sulphur aerosols potentially affecting cloud cover over these regions, sea surface temperatures and rainfall in the GBR. Associate Professor Graham Jones' academic research career at university spans 28 years. In this time he has produced close to 110 publications (many in special journal issues), conference papers and reports in human impact and climate change research, including six book chapters. He has over 3,000 citations with an h index of 30 (i10 = 46)(see “Graham Barry Jones Google Citations”).

Recent Research

2015-2018: ARC Discovery Grant “The Reef to Rainforest Study (R2R): The Great Barrier Reef as a significant source of climatically relevant aerosol particles”-$380,000. Co-Chief Investigator of a 12 researcher application with Professor Zoran Ristovski of Queensland University of Technology, CSIRO Marine (Hobart), Southern Cross University, University of Melbourne and the Bureau of Meterology.

Graham Jones, Mark Curran, Elisabeth Deschaseux, Yuko Omori, Hiroshi Tanimoto, Hilton Swan, Bradley Eyre, John Ivey, Erin McParland, Albert Gabric, Roger Cropp. (2018). The flux and emission of dimethylsulfide from the Great Barrier Reef region and potential influence on the climate of NE Australia. Journal of Geophysical Research: (Atmospheres), 123,

Invited Presentation at the “Aerosols, Climate and Marine Ecosystems Workshop, Rome, November 2018. Organised by the Scientific Committee for Oceanographic Research (SCOR) and the Surface Ocean Lower Atmosphere Studies (SOLAS) international research programs.