Jian-Jhih Chen (Kenji)

Research interests

Jian-Jhih Chen I completed my B.S. at National Kaohsiung Marine University (NKMU), Taiwan and undertook investigations into carbon dioxide emissions at three different universities in 2012. After graduating from NKMU, I obtained my M.S. at National Sun Yat-sen University, majoring in particulate organic carbon (POC) flux in the ocean. My master thesis was to prove that a short-term sediment trap deployment could be used to estimate POC fluxes in the different marine environments.

I started to be a research assistant after receiving my M.S. in 2014. My project was to explore the carbon and nitrogen storage in seagrass meadows. In the meantime, I also participated in an underway system project of inorganic carbon parameters including pCO2 and pH.

Soon, I am to be a Ph.D. student at Southern Cross University, Australia. My project will investigate the Greenhouse Gas emissions along with air-water exchange and interaction between sediment and aquatic environment in estuaries, particularly exploring the pathway of N2O. To better understand their effects and biogeochemical responses in different estuaries, I have to clarify and quantify the relative production of N pathways such as nitrification and denitrification.