Natasha Gafar

Research Interests

Natasha GafarI completed a Bachelor of Marine science at the University of Tasmania at Hobart in 2012. Following this I completed a Masters in Marine and Antarctic science in 2014 that focused on examining the effects of temperature on the growth and interaction between different morphotypes of the coccolithophore Emiliania huxleyi.

In 2015 I was accepted into a PhD project at Southern Cross University in Lismore. My current research focus in this project is examining the effects of climate change on coccolithophores. As part of this work I am developing a physiologically-based model to predict the response of growth, calcification and photosynthetic rates to changing carbonate chemistry (CO2), temperature and light. The hope is that this model will assist in determining how different coccolithophore species will respond under future ocean conditions. My work is also aiming to expand the currently available knowledge on coccolithophore responses to climate change by assessing the response of so far under-studied, oligotrophic coccolithophore species to ocean change.