Shane McIntosh

Portrait of Shane McIntosh                     Shane McIntosh at work

Shane McIntosh's research interests include biomass biorefining, biofuels, biochemicals, nutrient recovery and recycling and waste valorisation. Research themes include:

1) Next Generation Biofuels- Advancing Australians biofuel industry

This research focuses on providing scientific information for the emerging 2nd generation Biofuels industry in Australia. Biofuels like biodiesel and bioethanol have been identified as a credible replacement to fossil fuels and can contribute to Australia’s long term strategy to improve its domestic energy security and greenhouse gas emissions. Research objectives are to identify potential Australian lignocellulosic feedstocks and provide an assessment of availability, sustainability and economic viability as well as to generate and evaluate bioprocessing strategies for the conversion of lignocellulose to bioethanol and other valuable biobased products.

2) Biorefining- Developing bioprocessing to bioproduct strategies

Biorefining takes advantage of diversification in organic feedstock components and employs a variety of technology platforms to maximize the value derived from those feedstocks by producing multiple valuable biobased products including bio- fuels, chemicals, feeds, fibre and energy. Generally, physical, thermal, chemical and biological processes are configured and combined to achieve a desired portfolio of value added products. Shane’s research objectives are to generate and evaluate these bioprocessing strategies for the recovery and recycling of energy, nutrients and fibre for the production of bioproducts.


  • B.Sc. Mammalian Cell Biology (1st Hons) – University of QLD 1993
  • PhD Pant Biofortification/ genetic engineering – Southern Cross University1993

 Recent projects

  • Project title: ‘Eucalypt Plantation Thinnings to Bioethanol’ (DAFF). 2010-12
  • Project title: ‘Cotton Ginning Trash to Ethanol and Co-products’ (CRDC). 2012-13
  • Project title: ‘Feedlot Manure to Bioethanol’ (Environmental Trust). 2013-14
  • Project title: ‘Integrated technologies for economically sustainable bio-based energy’ (Australia India Strategic Research Fund). 2013-15
  • Project title: ‘Bioethanol and higher value products from cotton gin trash’ (CRDC). 2014-17
  • Project title: ‘Energy and Nutrient recapture from solid wastes’(CRC –CARE). 2018-2019

 Recent publications  

  1. McIntosh S., Vancov T., Palmer J., Zhang Z., Doherty W., Yazdanic S and Sukumaran K (2016). Bioethanol production from Eucalyptus grandis by acid catalysed steam explosion and high solid loading SSF. Industrial Biotechnology. Accepted: December 25 2016/ Published: March 2017.
  2. Egbuta M., McIntosh S., Waters D., Vancov T. and Lei Liu (2016), Biological Importance of Cotton By-Products Relative to Chemical Constituents of the Cotton Plant. Molecules. Accepted: 26 December 2016 / Published: 6 January 2017.22(1), 93; doi:10.3390/molecules22010093.
  3. Zhang Z., Vancov T., McIntosh S., Basu B., Lali, A., Qian G., Hobson P. and Doherty W. (2016). Assessing dilute acid pretreatment of different lignocellulosic biomasses for enhanced sugar production. Cellulose. Vol 23, 6, pp 3771-3783.
  4. McIntosh S., Zhang Z., Palmer J., Wong H., Doherty W. and Vancov T. (2016). Pilot-scale cellulosic ethanol production using eucalyptus biomass pretreated by dilute acid and steam explosion. Biofuel, Bioprod. Bioref. Vol 10, 4, pp 346-358.
  5. Rijil, D., Vancov T., McIntosh S., Ashwatha N. and Stanley G. (2016). Process options for conversion of Agave tequilana leaves into bioethanol. Industrial Crops and Products. 84: 263-272
  6. Vancov T., Schneider R.C.S., Palmer J., McIntosh S and Stuetz R. (2015). Potential use of feedlot cattle manure for bioethanol production. Bioresource Technology. 183: 120-128.
  7. Vancov, T.; McIntosh, S.; and Palmer, J. (2015). Chapter 23: ‘Conversion of Eucalypt Forestry Residues to Biofuels’. Volume 7​:​ Bioenergy of the Series "Energy Science & Technology” (12 Vol. set). Eds J.N. Govil, Stadium Press LLC, USA.
  8. McIntosh S. and Vancov T. (2014). Ethanol production from cotton gin trash using optimised dilute acid pretreatment and whole slurry fermentation processes. Bioresource Technology. 173: 42-51.

 Fields of research

  • 100301 Biocatalysis and Enzyme Technology
  • 100302 Bioprocessing, Bioproduction and Bioproducts
  • 100303 Fermentation
  • 100305 Industrial Microbiology (incl. Biofeedstocks)

 Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification (ANZSRC)

 Research interests

  • Biofuels & BioEnergy
  • Integrated Biorefining
  • Pretreatment & enzymology
  • Fermentation