Tom Glaze


I attained a BSc majoring in biology, with a specialisation in marine science from the University of Auckland in 2011. Throughout the course of the bachelors, and two years following, I was employed as an aquarist at Kelly Tarltons marine aquarium, where my role included animal husbandry, maintenance and monitoring of life support systems and public education. I completed my MSc in environmental biology at the University of Eastern Finland in 2017. Here my focus was on the biological origins of HONO emissions from acidic peatlands. From 2015 to 2017 I worked as a marine biologist for Quicksilver Connections in Port Douglas, which largely involved public education, reef health surveys and guided snorkelling tours.

My current research interest and focus of my PhD at SCU is on nitrogen cycling processes within coral reefs. While the nitrogen isotopic signature of skeletal bound organic matter in corals may act as a historical proxy for the rate of N-cycling, the degree to which N-cycling processes from coral associated microbes modify this signature is yet to be evaluated. Through combining N-cycling process rates with functional gene marker analysis and metagenomics from live corals, I aim to assess the N-cycling community within the coral holobiont, and determine their potential contribution to the isotopic signature of nitrogen in coral cores.

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