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Tom Flanagan of NSW DPI plants Lady Finger bananas Credit Ben Holmes of NSW DPI

Southern Cross University's Centre for Organics Research is part of an innovation trial to increase the tolerance of Lady Finger bananas to the devastating Panama disease.

1 February 2022

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Kirsten Ellis and Martin Brook check sticky traps for macadamia lace bug

PhD candidate Kirsten Ellis from the Centre for Organics Research has set her sights on macadamia lace bug. Ms Ellis’ research aims to improve understanding of the lace bug’s ecology and identify beneficial predators and management practices to optimise predatory activity.

29 November 2021

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Professor Carlo Leifert

A new international study has found that adopting a healthy Mediterranean diet significantly increased pesticide intake, while changing to organic food consumption led to a substantial decrease.

1 November 2021

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Rust pustules on undersides of leaves

Centre for Organics Research Plant Pathologist, Dr Jay Anderson has joined a team of experts from across the eastern states to expand the range of crop protectants available to organic blueberry growers for control of blueberry rust disease.

19 October 2021

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Professor Terry Rose (centre) on regen ag field day with grazier Tom Amey

Working out how to extract an element from human waste in order to recycle it back into agricultural crops may not be everyone’s idea of fun, but when Professor Terry Rose starts talking about the phosphorus cycle, he lights up. 

13 May 2021

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