Research themes

Research themes are being developed via consultations with the farmer participatory research networks, organic sector bodies and other industry partners and stakeholders. They will be regularly reviewed by the Industry Advisory Group.

The development of research themes for the Centre is ongoing; the following themes are likely to be included: 

  1. Crop and livestock breeding/selection for organic and low-input systems
  2. Crop management systems development (rotations, crop protection, fertilisation, tillage)
  3. Agricultural engineering (anaerobic digesting/composting for precision organic fertiliser production; sensor/GPS-guided mechanical weed control)
  4. Agribusiness and environmental economics
  5. Consumer studies and marketing
  6. Environmental and biodiversity impacts of traditional versus organic farming practices
  7. Social licence – impact and social perception of the organics industry
  8. Biological and ecological profiling
  9. Food composition and pesticide analyses; Environmental Analysis Laboratory
  10. Health and nutrition impacts of an organic diet compared with traditional diets