Distributing material via CD-Rom or email

Putting material on CD-Rom

Subject to the reproduction limits, you may distribute material to students in digital form on a CD-Rom. 

  • All material appearing on the CD-Rom must contain a warning notice attached to the individual copies
  • Copies without the notice are deemed to be illegal, and both the University and the individual producing the copies may be subject to legal action
  • Copies must also carry appropriate attribution
  • All material distributed in this way must be registered with the myReadings.

Distributing copyright material by email

You may distribute copyright material via email to students, provided:

  • the copying limits are not exceeded - this applies to all the material for a unit (for example, you cannot supply one chapter of a book on CD-Rom or hard copy and email a different chapter of the same book to students in the unit)
  • the copies are only supplied to staff and students of the University
  • the reproduction contains a warning notice
  • the reproduction carries appropriate
  • the copies are registered.

An alternative to attaching an item to an email is to register the item and deposit it in myReadings.