Copying for educational purposes

Text and graphic works

Staff of educational institutions are permitted to reproduce and communicate portions of published literary, dramatic, musical or artistic works. This covers hard copy and digital reproduction and communication (e.g. placing online). This copying is done under the protection of the statutory licence agreement with Copyright Agency (CA).

The educational copying provisions are subject to a number of conditions:

  • Limitations relating to the amount of material reproduced and/or communicated must be observed (i.e. the 10% or one chapter guidelines)
  • All digital reproductions and communications must be registered with MyReadings, including items intended to be placed online as well as items distributed on CD or DVD
  • Material made available online must only be accessible by SCU staff and students through MyReadings. Such material must never be placed on public websites - all protection is then lost
  • Digital reproductions must carry warning notices and the source must be appropriately acknowledged
  • Material may not be sold for profit; however cost recovery is permitted.

Broadcast copies

Staff can also use any amount of TV and radio broadcasts for the educational uses of the institution, subject to certain conditions. Copies can be made in analog or digital form and can be placed online. Such copying and communication is conducted under the statutory licence agreement with Screenrights.


Commercially-produced music can be copied and distributed to students under a commercial licence with the music societies in Australia that control the reproduction and performance of music. As with broadcast and text licences, such use is subject to licence conditions.

The music cannot be placed online for download, however it can be streamed or distributed on CD. Note also that this licence cannot be used to reproduce and distribute songs that you have purchased online under a personal contract (e.g. from iTunes).

Using items not covered by statutory licence

Items that are able to be copied under statutory licence are restricted to specific categories and subject to strict limitations in size, as outlined above.

Amounts that fall outside the reproduction and communication conditions of the statutory licence will generally require permission from copyright owners.

Uses, other than educational use, may also require explicit permission from copyright owners, which require consideration of a number of issues.

Fair dealing is generally associated with personal use, for example use for research and study or for criticism and review. Please check with the Copyright Officer if you are unsure.