How often can I copy?

Text and graphic copying

Generally you are limited to one reasonable portion of an item for the unit you are teaching.

Broadcast copying (radio and television)

There is no limit to the amount or timing of broadcast copying that can be undertaken or distributed to students, provided you comply with the conditions of the licence.

Insubstantial portions

  • Amount - one page or 1% of total pages/total words
  • Material must appear consecutively (i.e. you can not select several passages from different parts of the work to make 1%)
  • As only one portion of a work may be communicated at once you must remove access to the first item before adding the second
  • Fourteen days must elapse between the making of insubstantial portions
  • They must be made on university premises for educational purposes.


You may copy a page of a book and distribute it to your class. But you can only do this from the same work once every 14 days.