Using Print (sheet) Music

Under tier two of the Tertiary Music Agreement we can now:

  • copy sheet music (physically or digitally) for
    • educational purposes (i.e. use in a course of instruction or research)
    • the purpose of giving a performance at a University event
  • store your digital copies on a password protected University platform like an LMS
  • allow staff and students to access those digital copies from a password protected University platform like an LMS.

Universities may only make copies for those staff and students who need them. You must not copy in excess of what is needed. By way of example, if you have 30 students in the class and one lecturer, you may make up to 31 copies in total, no more.
Only staff and students may use the copies made under this agreement. No one else must have access to them and they must not be lent to anyone including to another University.
Furthermore, copies must be destroyed when they are no longer needed. For example, the lecturer above makes 31 copies of a movement from Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring for use in her course Riot at the Ballet – Stravinsky and the Ballet Russes. The course runs in Autumn semester 2020 and will not run again until Autumn 2021. That lecturer needs to destroy the 31 copies she made for Autumn 2020 and then in Autumn 2021 make another batch of copies for the 30 students enrolled in that class.
Destroying copies includes disposing of photocopies or deleting digital files.

All copies that are made need to be marked or labelled with the following information:

Copy made pursuant to a licence between Universities Australia and AMCOS.
Title of work
Arranger (if applicable)

There are a few other restrictions around how copies can be made and used. They include (but are not limited to):

  • the copies must be made from a legal original score that is owned by the University – copies
    from lecturer or students’ own scores, or borrowed scores is not allowed, nor is copying
    from copies
  • all digital copies must be stored behind a password and must not be able to be accessed by the public or anyone other than University staff or students
  • Universities cannot make arrangements or change lyrics
  • Universities cannot sell, hire or otherwise make available any of the copies they make under this agreement other than as allowed above.