Copying from TV and radio - the Screenrights licence

Under the statutory licence agreement with Screenrights staff of educational institutions are permitted to copy from TV and radio and then use the copied material for the educational purposes of the institution.

These copies may be made at home or on University premises. All copies must be appropriately labelled, and technically become the property of the University. You cannot show unlabelled copies to your class.

Copies can be made from free-to-air radio and TV, cable services and pay services. Copies can also be made of podcasts of previously broadcasted material.

Educational purposes includes showing in class, retaining in the library for client use, distributing physical copies to students, or communicating digital copies online.

There is no limit to the amount of material that can be copied under this licence, provided all licence conditions are met.

Conditions of the statutory licence agreement

The conditions of our licence agreement are:

  • Copies must be for the educational purposes of the institution.
  • Copies must not be given to any institution or body without a Screenrights licence.
  • We can make copies of our broadcast copies for other Screenrights-licensed organisations (but we cannot lend our copy). We can also obtain copies from other licensed Universities and broadcast suppliers.
  • Digital copies must contain a warning notice if they are communicated to students (i.e. placed online). They must be accessible only to staff or students of the institution.
  • Copies and/or their containers must be marked, identifying the copy as being made under Part VA of the Copyright Act, the date the program was transmitted and the date the copy was made (see below).

Note that the licence does not permit copies to be made from commercially produced videos or sound recordings, even if the program content has been broadcast on radio or TV. It must be the broadcast version that is copied.

The warning notice on digital copies communicated to students must be obvious to recipients either before or at the same time as the digital copy is made available to them. The wording of the warning notice is available below.

Note that the protection against infringement afforded by Part VA will be lost if the copy is, with the consent of the University or its representative, used for a purpose other than the educational purposes of the institution; made, sold or otherwise supplied for a financial profit; or given to an educational institution which does not at that time have a remuneration notice in force.

Labelling requirements

All licensed copies in analog form must be identified as copies made under licence. The format of the label, in accordance with the Copyright Regulations, is provided below.

All licensed copies in digital form must carry a warning notice which must appear before or at the same time as the digital material appears on the screen. Links to the text of the warning notice are provided below.

  • Warning Notice for Digital Copies of Off-Air Recordings
    Warning Notice  for recordings copied under statutory licence (right click to download a local copy)
    File Size: 2.76Mb
    Frame Size: 400 * 300 pixels
    Play Length: 9.66sec
    Frame Rate: 15fps
    Compression: Cinepak Codec