Screenrights Agreement Best Practice Guidelines

These Guidelines have been adopted by Southern Cross University in accordance with clause 3.4 of the 2019-2022 Statutory Licence Remuneration Agreement between Screenrights, Universities Australia and the Universities. 

Using copies of broadcasts

The statutory licence allows universities to copy and communicate, solely for the educational purposes of the university (or another university with a remuneration notice in place):

  1. broadcasts – (both radio and television); and
  2. the content of a broadcast that has been made available online by the broadcaster at the same time, or at substantially the same time, as the broadcast (e.g. content on SBS OnDemand, or ABC iView).

Copies of broadcasts made in reliance on the Statutory Licence must only be for used for educational purposes. They must not be made available to students, or by students, for any other purpose (e.g. entertainment). This limitation applies to copies made by Resource Centres (on behalf of the university) as well as to copies made by the university itself.

Marking requirements

Physical Copies

Pursuant to clause 3.4(a) of the Remuneration Agreement, universities are required to mark all copies of broadcasts in analogue form, or on removable media (e.g. DVD, CD, USB), made in reliance on the Statutory Licence, with a notice containing the following information:

Labelling Requirements

Program Name:

Broadcast Date:

Broadcast Channel:

This program has been copied under the Statutory Licence pursuant to s113P(2) of the Copyright Act 1968 for the educational purposes of the University.

Note: The above notice should be attached to the container in which the copy is kept (e.g. DVD/CD case, USB etc).

Communications – Linking and embedding of content from ClickView

To facilitate use of the Screenrights Statutory Licence, Southern Cross University Library subscribes to ClickView.

Library Staff curate subject specific collections to support the educational purposes of the institution. Students can access these collections from Library databases page via a Password protected link.

ClickView enables content to be embedded or linked to via the Learning Management System for delivery in individual courses. Lecturers are able to request specific content for inclusion in the Southern Cross University ClickView Library which can then be embedded in the Learning Management System for the educational purposes of the institution.

All usage is reported to Screenrights by ClickView.