Copying under educational licence for students offshore

The educational licence permits copies of copyright works to be distributed to offshore students. These copies may be on paper or on CD (with the appropriate warning notice). The students receiving the copies must be officially enrolled with SCU.

All copying must be undertaken within Australia, as it is under Australian law the copying is allowed to be done. Any copying undertaken in another jurisdiction is subject to the laws of that country. This means that if you intend taking master copies of course materials to an offshore teaching location, there needs to be provision in that country's copyright legislation for you to do so, and if required, a formalised licence agreement.

Online material and offshore students

Works may also be communicated online to offshore students, however the server holding the item must be located in Australia for the educational licence conditions to be valid. This means that you cannot host or mirror copyright materials on servers based outside Australia. All copyright materials communicated online must also be registered and placed in myReadings.

Using AV works offshore

Programs recorded off-air within Australia may be used in educational settings in Australia or offshore (i.e. you can take them with you). Whether you can copy off-air from an offshore location is subject to the laws of that country.

Broadcast copy tapes must be appropriately marked, as per the statutory licence for broadcast copies. Such programs may be also be communicated online, subject to the fixation of warning notices and the server being based in Australia.

While in Australia commercially produced items can be shown in class, the copyright laws of the offshore location may differ. Check the local jurisdictions.