Using music recordings in teaching and copying sound recordings under licence

Playing music recordings

You may play commercially produced sound recordings in a classroom situation, provided the audience is restricted to students and staff.

Copying sound recordings

Under the Tertiary Music Licence, the University may copy music sound recordings within the repertoire of AMCOS and ARIA. Note: the licence does not cover the copying of music videos. A copy of the licence, and lists of publishers, ARIA licensors and labels, and PPCA licensors and labels, is available for staff.

Items appearing on ARIA labels may be copied. Both AMCOS and ARIA are involved because there are two copyrights in the recorded music:

  • the reproduction right in the musical composition, controlled by AMCOS; and
  • the reproduction right in the sound recording, controlled by ARIA.

Conditions of the licence are:

  • Making copies of audio recordings (e.g. CD, tape, vinyl) in any format, provided they are for educational purposes (analysis by students, listening examples, playing at a University event)
  • Making video recordings that include copyright music/sound for educational purposes (made by students as part of a course and played only at University events)
  • Making and distributing copies of audio/sound recordings in any form (digital or analog) - subject to marking requirements. These copies can be supplied only to students of SCU or staff for their own private and domestic use. These can be provided to students on CD, tape, etc., and via the intranet (but definitely not on the public site). Note that copies provided on the intranet can be streamed only, not downloadable.
  • Playing music on hold on University telephone systems.

The licence does not include

  • Systematic ripping or burning of CDs or copying of other media
  • Including video footage with a sound recording (e.g. you cannot copy a DVD of a film or performance on the basis that it includes music)
  • Photocopying print music above current Part VB arrangements
  • Copying music outside that represented by the publishers, ARIA licensors and labels, and PPCA licensors and labels
  • Using music in public performances (if outside the educational use definition)
  • Performing or making copies of grand rights works, ballets, etc.
  • Any advertising or promotional material, or any other matter intended to encourage the purchase, use or support of, or indicate an association with, particular goods or services must not be included on any recording made under this agreement
  • Reproductions of recordings other than ARIA recordings.

All copies must carry the following notice:

This recording has been made by Southern Cross University under the express terms of educational licence between it, ARIA, AMCOS, APRA and PPCA and may only be used as authorised by Southern Cross University pursuant to the terms of that licence.
and the following information:

- the title of each musical work

- the name of each composer, lyricist and arranger of the musical work; and

- if the recording contains an ARIA sound recording, the artist/group name and the record company label. You will need to check the list of publishers, ARIA licensors and labels, and PPCA licensors and labels to ensure that the recording is included under this licence.

If you wish to distribute copies of music or audiovisual material to students, you can use broadcast copies (i.e. the copies have to originally come from TV or radio broadcasts).