Seeking permission - some points to consider

Payment for print and digital copyright materials

The University pays yearly fees to cover copying print and text materials, and copies from TV and radio broadcasts, subject to compliance with the educational licence conditions.

It is difficult to estimate the cost of reproducing items that fall outside the licensing arrangements. The prices may vary depending upon the form of the material (on CDRoms or via the Internet) and the extent of the distribution (within Australia or overseas). In some cases there may be no charge. It is fair to predict however that, as the demand for electronic excerpts grows, so too will the cost. For this reason, the cost of material should be factored into your calculations. It may be necessary to negotiate further with copyright owners on payment, and to be prepared to find alternatives if the price is too high. Please consult the Copyright Office to explore options.

Be aware that statutory licensing agreements only cover material reproduced within Australia for the purposes of educational instruction. If material is to be copied overseas for distribution to students based outside Australia, separate agreements will have to be arranged.

Alternative items may be found in the range of electronic databases held within the Library. Links to existing electronic documentation may ultimately be simpler and cheaper than the process of digital reproduction.

Administrative considerations

Responses from copyright owners may take a few days; in some cases they may take considerably longer. Copyright owners will require details such as unit enrolment numbers, the format in which it is to be copied, etc. The period of approval may also be limited, so it will be necessary to re-apply when that period ends.

Records of clearance approvals, detailing actual items, length of licence, etc. will need to be kept. If you intend placing materials online or distributing to students on CDs, you will need to register the items and provide copies of the permission.

Locating owners

It may also take a considerable amount of time to locate the person who has rights sufficient to authorise your use. Needless to say, start early.

Avenues for locating owners are located in the Links section of this Guide.