UniSights ’18

UniSights '18

Calling all students who love taking photos!

UniSights is a national video and photography competition for tertiary students. Share your perspective of student life in UniSights and you could win over $15,000 in prizes that includes industry mentorship and weekly giveaways!

In 2018, one of our very talented students from Southern Cross University, Steven Kwan, took out the top prize for the Video Category of the competition! See his awesome entry below.

The Truth Won’t Set You Free by Steve Kwan

University is such a social establishment. You are judged by a myriad of irrational criteria including how successfully you interact with your peers. You’re then stacked into a social hierarchy and subsets sharing similar interests. Lying (or white lies), are a social lubricant, and in my experience, a social norm. But what if you’re not neuro-typical? What if you always tell the truth? What if you react purely on a rational level without emotion? What if you only can process rational empirical information? What would be your university experience? The words wonderful, terrifying, enlightening, exhausting, enthusiastic, isolating, rewarding and soul destroying all apply. This contrasting range of adjectives, some of which appear to be antonyms, best describe my experience at tertiary studies. I understand the discombobulation you are experiencing. Maybe the best way of explaining it is to briefly look through my eyes and witness a typical day on campus. See what drives me, what challenges me, and some of the implicit complications that most people take in their stride. As a student part way through a Bachelor of Media with Screen Majors, I believed a short film was the practical choice for delivering some of my experience to you

Stay tuned for updates on UniSights ’19!

You don’t need to be an Arts or Media student to participate in this competition, if you can take a photo or video and you are currently enrolled, then get snapping! The competition attempts to draw out talents which may remain largely hidden otherwise and focuses on participation rather than elitism, so why not have a go?

No two experiences are the same when completing your tertiary studies, but someone can always relate. Capture your perspective of the ‘student experience’ in a still photograph or short video incorporating your campus. We are very fortunate at Southern Cross University to be surrounded by beautiful landscapes, culture and diversity, and we are excited to see what our talented students produce in future competitions.

Stay connected with UniSights ‘18 through the official UniSights Facebook page and the Southern Cross University UniSights Facebook event.

For further information and help with your entry contact Campus Services on campusservices@scu.edu.au.

Southern Cross University encourages its students to participate in these cultural competitions.