Faculty of Health Southern Cross Model Transition Information

This webpage is dedicated to providing you with up-to-date information regarding the transition for Faculty of Health students to the new Southern Cross Model for 2023.

For more information please see the Southern Cross Model page.

Online Health Transition Enquiry Form

1.Open your study plan in MyEnrolment 2.Locate your course progression. 3. Confirm when units are available and plan 4. Enrol in units for the entire year

G'day Health students now that enrolments are open and we're moved into the new 2023 course structure we've just got a few quick reminders to help you with the enrolment process. We know that you'll be at different stages in your course. So simply follow the course progression to know what you need to study next. You can locate your progression by clicking on the course structure button. [Graphic shows location of course structure button on course web page]. Make sure you're looking at course information for 2023 and please remember to enrol in all units for the entire year and that you'll only be studying two units per six week term.


Frequently Asked Questions

Follow the below steps.

  1. Open your study plan in My Enrolment
  2. Follow the 2023 course progressions on the course webpages for your course 
  3. Plan the terms you will be studying in – refer to Key Dates / Teaching Calendar
  4. Enrol in your units for the entire year

Are you still unsure how to enrol? Contact Client Services.

We have done this for you. Your course coordinator has mapped the unit content to ensure the units remaining on your Study Plan meet the learning outcomes for the course.

Refer to Key Dates / Teaching Calendar for all teaching periods.

  • I have a Summer Term 2023 unit – summer term commences 9 January 2023
  • I am starting in Term 1, 2023 – studies commence 6 March 2023
  • I have units that are in Dual or Tri terms – ensure you refer to the calendar and weeks of study required in these terms.

  • To retain full-time status under the Southern Cross Model, students will need to undertake a full-time load which is defined as 75 per cent of a normal study load for Services Australia payments.
  • You will need to undertake six units over the course of the year, with at least three units of enrolment across the first half of the year (Terms Summer to 2) and at least three units of enrolment across the second half of the year (Terms 3–5).

Allow for 20–25 hours of study per unit per week.

One week before studies commence, learning sites are available. Ensure you refer to Module 0 which covers everything you need to know about your unit.

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