All students commencing a course in or after 2022 in a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) must maintain a successful completion rate of 50% or above.

A low completion rate is failing more than 50% of the units you have attempted. Your completion rate is assessed calculated after completing 8 units in a Bachelor course or higher or 4 units in a course lower than a Bachelor, such as a Diploma, Associate Degree, Undergraduate Certificate or Enabling course.

Importantly, after reaching the threshold, your completion rate will be assessed for every unit you attempt until finishing your course, so you must maintain a successful completion of 50% or above throughout the duration of your studies. Find out more about completion rates.

Download a PDF guide on How to Enrol into Units

How do I know what units I need to enrol into?

To find which units you should be enrolling into for each teaching period please check your course progression.

Consult your Course Progression

How do I enrol into units?

Adding a major or electives

  • Within My Enrolment go to Study Plans
  • Select the course with a status of the Admitted
  • Add your Major or Electives to your Study Plan
    Note: Not all courses require a Major/Elective to be added to your study plan. Please ensure you check your Course Progression
  • To view the Major/Electives available in your study plan click Choose
  • To add a Major/Elective to your potential enrolment list choose Add to Study Planner
  • If you are happy with your choice select Save Changes on Study Planner

Enrolling into units

  • After consulting your Course Progression, find the unit/s you wish to enrol into on your Study Plan
  • Select your desired availability combination for each unit and tick the checkbox on the right-hand side
  • Click Enrol at the bottom of the page
  • Before clicking Confirm your enrolment ensure you understand the warnings shown
  • Once you confirm you will be shown a confirmation page. Each of your successfully enrolled units will be shown with a green tick

If you are unable to self-enrol, see Unit Approval Requests.

Check your Enrolment and Census Date

  • Go to Current Enrolment on the left-hand side menu. You will find your Census Date for all enrolled units in all Sessions.

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