Download a PDF guide on How to Enrol into Units

How do I know what units I need to enrol into?

To find which units you should be enrolling into for each teaching period please check your course progression.

Consult your Course Progression

How do I enrol into units?

Adding a major or electives

  • Within My Enrolment go to Study Plans
  • Select the course with a status of the Admitted
  • Add your Major or Electives to your Study Plan
    Note: Not all courses require a Major/Elective to be added to your study plan. Please ensure you check your Course Progression
  • To view the Major/Electives available in your study plan click Choose
  • To add a Major/Elective to your potential enrolment list choose Add to Study Planner
  • If you are happy with your choice select Save Changes on Study Planner

Enrolling into units

  • After consulting your Course Progression, find the unit/s you wish to enrol into on your Study Plan
  • Select your desired availability combination for each unit and tick the checkbox on the right-hand side
  • Click Enrol at the bottom of the page
  • Before clicking Confirm your enrolment ensure you understand the warnings shown
  • Once you confirm you will be shown a confirmation page. Each of your successfully enrolled units will be shown with a green tick

If you are unable to self-enrol, see Unit Approval Requests.

Check your Enrolment and Census Date

  • Go to Current Enrolment on the left-hand side menu. You will find your Census Date for all enrolled units in all Sessions.

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