Studying overseas

When students are studying overseas at an exchange institution they must remain enrolled at SCU in International Exchange units.

Students are required to CONFIRM your enrolment at your exchange institution with the Student Advice Team. Any changes to your approved Credit Transfer Agreement must be communicated to the Student Advice Team as a priority.

Changing subjects

It does happen that students have to or want to change their subject selection when they arrive overseas. Please remember that you only have approval for the subjects which were signed off by your course co-ordinator. Any changes will need to approved in writing by your course co-ordinator, you can find an amended credit transfer agreement at the document downloads page.

In case of emergency

Unexpected things happen when you are overseas, it is part of the fun of travel. However, if you find yourself in an unsafe or dangerous position take action quickly. The best place to seek immediate advice is at your host institution; they will generally have a support team as we do at SCU to help you. It is also recommended that you register your location with the Australian Consulate so that they are able to contact you in emergency situations. To register with the Australian Consulate go to:

International SOS membership is included to all approved exchange students, for membership details contact

Emergency contact for SCU students on Exchange +61 418 430 276


Before you leave Australia, make sure you have all required visas for any countries you intend to travel to whilst on exchange.