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NEW COLOMBO PLAN - Short Term Programs

Expand your view of the world and learn how we can make an impact on our region through a short-term study program. These programs are all supported by the New Colombo Plan, an initiative of the Australian Government to lift the knowledge of the Indo-Pacific region by supporting Australian undergraduate students to undertake a short-term study program in the region.

Programs are approximately two weeks in duration and numbers are limited. For more information please contact the academic supervisor listed below or exchange@scu.edu.au.

Marine sustainability in Northern Bali, Indonesia

September 2020
Unit: Independent Study – Science 2 (IST00451)


This project explores marine sustainability in northern Bali with a focus on marine biodiversity and marine debris.

Students will have the opportunity to view a range of environmental issues through the lens of local Balinese culture and participate in activities to help address key challenges.

While the primary activity is an audit of plastic waste in the environment to help monitor the effects of local management actions, the program also includes traditional salt farming; a sunrise boat trip to view dolphins; diving (for qualified divers) and snorkelling; Bahasa Indonesia classes; an ascent of Mt Batur; a plastic recycling workshop; and a visit to a village temple.

Academic Supervisor: steve.smith@scu.edu.au

Protecting globally valuable natural resources, Indonesia

September 2020
Unit: Independent Study—Science 1 (IST00451)

Group of people with lifejackets on aboard a boat

Students will conduct field projects, participate in workshops and lectures, and visit marine science facilities to explore the challenges of protecting globally valuable natural marine resources in Eastern Indonesia.

Field trips will include coral reef studies, mine site impact assessment, fisheries resource use and considerations of food safety and food security. Integration with students and staff at the University of Pattimura will provide a rich knowledge-sharing experience.

Academic Supervisor: amanda.reichelt-brushett@scu.edu.au

Understanding climate change and responses in the Pacific, Fiji

September 2020
Unit: TBA

island cove with blue water

In conjunction with the University of South Pacific, this project provides students with the opportunity to apply academic knowledge, in a real-world context.

It will also foster professional and cross-cultural relationships to develop through shared experience between students from Australia and other Oceania communities in the central setting of The University of the South Pacific in Fiji.

Students will experience the integration of indigenous, scientific and place-based knowledge from Pacific communities and explore various climate change and resilience initiatives in Oceania.

Academic Supervisor: ken.doust@scu.edu.au T: 02 6620 3492

Tropical marine biodiversity and aquaculture, Vietnam

June 2020
Unit: Independent Study—Science 1 (IST00451)

Group of people on beach with boats in background

This program involves a structured series of field trips complemented by lectures and project work.

It provides a deep insight into the importance of seafood in the Vietnamese culture, and experience the livelihood challenges in remote fishing villages, floating fish farms, land-based aquaculture farms, fishing ports, wet-markets, shipbuilding and a seafood-processing factory.

Based on the coast in Central Vietnam we visit a range of marine habitats including snorkelling on coral reefs and seagrass.

Integration with master's students at Nha Trang University enables knowledge sharing on a range of marine management issues.

Applications due 16th February 2020 for all enquiries contact the Academic Supervisor: kirsten.benkendorff@scu.edu.au


Download the 2020 New Columbo Plan - Vietnam scholarship flyer 
Download the 2020 New Colombo Plan Vietnam Aquaculture application

Way Kambas National Park Sumatra, Indonesia

February 2021
Unit: : Independent Study—Science 1 (IST00451)
Limited to 20 students


This project is set in the Way Kambas National Park (Southern Sumatra), which covers 1,300 square kilometres in Lampung province and consists of swamp forest and lowland rainforest.

The park still has a few critically endangered Sumatran tigers, Sumatran elephants and Sumatran rhinoceroses.

Activities include: Help the Elephant Conservation Centre to develop an education/interpretive program; Raising funds to help with conservation projects; Deploy and analyse data from camera traps and help design a system to protect them from poachers, elephants and fire.

Academic Supervisor: 

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