Become a School Host for Orientation

Orientation School Hosts

The School Host program invites 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students currently studying at SCU, and who are available in Orientation, to apply for the School Host Program and assist commencing students to get started at SCU.

Role of School Hosts

  • To attend the School Host Orientation training day prior to orientation provided by the Orientation team.
  • To welcome commencing students from their school at each campus.
  • To guide commencing students from their school to the venue of their School/Course Information Session.
  • To liaise with school staff and the Orientation Coordinator prior and during orientation.
  • To present a testimonial during the Course Information Session of their experiences so far studying at SCU and of their course (optional and arranged with School).
  • To assisting to host a school lunch with the school staff after the Course Information Session.
  • To invite and assist in hosting commencing students from their school to join them again in Get Connected Week (Week 2).
  • To provide a welcoming face in a potentially strange environment


School Hosts: how are you identified?

The Orientation School Hosts will be identified by wearing different coloured t-shirts corresponding to the School's academic dress colours.

Arts and Social Sciences School Host
Arts and Social Sciences
Business and Tourism School Host
Business and Tourism
Education School Host
Environment Science and Engineering School Host
Environment, Science and Engineering
Gnibi College of Indigenous Australian Peoples School Host
Gnibi College of Indigenous Australian Peoples
Health and Human Sciences School Host
Health and Human Sciences
Law and Justice School Host
Law and Justice
SCU College - School Host
SCU College


School Hosts need to be available for the compulsory training at their campus. This training will be a morning of information and team building exercises. Lunch will be provided on the day.

Benefits of becoming a School Host

  • Induction to the role as School Hosts will include some leadership training conducted by the orientation team which will benefit School Hosts in their role and future career paths.
  • Your will receive a certificate of participation for your resume
  • It is a chance to make new friends and networks.
  • Doing something positive by assisting commencing students at SCU.
  • You will receive a $50 gift voucher at The Co-op to assist with purchasing textbooks.

If you would like to become a School Host, please contact the UniLife team on (02) 6620 3220 or email

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